Thursday, December 29, 2011

Car Logos and Names –Types of Brand Marks and Their Description

An automobile brand title is a symbolic representation of the features of the automobile. Today, the automobile market is swarmed up with various different car logos and names. How are these helpful in the industry? They help in differentiating your brand from the others, and give you an identification of your own. In some instances, brand logos are used more often than the titles. This is mainly because brand marks reflect the personalities of the owner and characteristic features of the product. If you really want to appeal your target audience, and bring in more potential customers, than you have to put in a lot of brain storming in to the project. Generally speaking, there are three basic forms of automobile brand marks – symbolic, textual, and combination.

In symbolic brand marks, especially designed symbols or icons are applied to the brand mark. There is not text, only a pictorial illustration of the features of the brand. The illustration could be anything, it could be an abstract art of some sort, an image of an animal, or whatever is suitable to the brand title. But the condition is that the image or illustration should relate to the features of the vehicle. Because there won’t be any text to describe the meaning of the illustration and its concept, so this job is to be done by the image alone. Popular examples that are using symbolic illustrations are Citroen, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, and Subaru.

In textual style brand marks, either the whole title is used or a part of the title is used as a brand mark. Usually, in this type of brand marks, what really matters is the font. The typeface of the brand mark should be very clear and easy to understand. The reader must not squint in order to read the text, and must immediately relate to the brand title. Smart car logo designs prefer using only the initials, while others prefer whole titles. Initials are more preferable when the brand has a large title. Popular examples of textual brand marks are Fiat, Mazda, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet.

Combinations of symbols and text are also very common in the industry. Many brands use a symbolic representation with their titles or initials. When both the symbol and the text are applied together in a brand mark design, it is called a combination emblem. Popular brands using this type of brand marking are Audi, Alpha Romeo, Skoda, Lamborghini, Lotus, Rover, and BMW.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Discussion of the Important Factors of a Successful Car Logo

How would you explain a car logo, what terms would you apply to describe it? Would you refer to the pictorial representation on your tee front or the sticker on your automobile? Consider what your answer would be, but keep in mind that these emblems or the design only does not make up for the success your brand identity would get. There are many other things that are involved, namely, the strategies of marketing that you have devised, the experience of the artist who is de4signing your brand mark, the message that your brand mark is going to convey, the illustrative image, and the promised quality. All these terms make up for the success of a single brand identity. It is not an easy task to design a company identity.

Through your brand mark, you are promising your clients that you will provide them the best service and the best quality product. There are various ways by which you can represent your company through visual presentation. There are various clever tactics that you will have to apply in order to get success in your objective.

Every automobile company has a brand mark and some have become more popular than others. Many have never been redesigned since the time they were made, and other car logos have been modified to keep up with latest designs and trends. The most important factor of successful designing is that the design should be very simple, yet sophisticated and elegant. It should have a unique style that is characteristic to it, and the quality of standing out in the crowd.

Most people, even if they are not familiar with the real design of an automobile brand mar, they are familiar to the brand identity mark of the automobile, which is also termed as a “marquee”. The automobile marquee that is almost certainly known finest all over the world is the Ford symbol which has not been altered much for over 100 years now and is merely a stylized edition of the Ford name. This brand mark has all the qualities of a successful brand name. Its design was so perfect that it never required remodeling and is still considered the top brand mark design of all times. Its design never got outdated, only a few newer versions of the design have been invented with little changes than the original design.

This design is an exemplary design for all the new artists who can follow the simplicity rules that this design has followed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Car Logo Stickers – The Most Effective Idea for Guaranteed Promotion

Car logo stickers are known by many different names: auto decals, vehicle graphics, and vehicle wraps. It is a very good idea to stick a vehicle wrap on your vehicle that contains the brand mark of your company, which must be your company’s vehicle of course. The brand mark must be placed at such a spot on the vehicle where it will most visible, where the passersby can see it more easily. In fact, you can place the decal any where you want.Following are some ideas on you can put a decal on the vehicle and at what spots.

1. Hood – this is the par where the decal would be most prominent, not only for the passersby but also for other drivers who will be viewing it from their rare view mirrors. I would suggest that you invert or revert the image so that the drivers who are seeing it from them rare view mirrors can see it properly and correctly.
2. Rear – while you are driving, or are waiting in a jam, how many number plates do you notice and try to make sense out of them by making words or word games? By putting your Brand mark decal on the rare of your vehicle, you are giving every driver behind you something interesting to look at.
3. Sides: these have the largest surface are for exposure, and you can use this space as a canvas for Painting the Brand mark. This will make everybody notice who is driving at your side and will catch definite attention, even when the vehicle is parked.
4. Roof- If your company vehicle spends most of the time in the city area with tall edifices; citizens looking down and out of windows will be able to look at it very clearly as you drive by or park in the area.
5. Everywhere! – This was obvious, wasn’t it? If you can’t make your mind on one or two spots for placing or sticking vehicle wraps, cover the whole thing with your company brand mark decal! What can you give you better promotion? It will give full exposure and your brand mark will be visible from everywhere. In principle when a vehicle wrap is wrapped on the whole body of the vehicle or lorry, they’re known as vehicle wrap.

If you use this car logos list of placing the decal, after some innovations and imaginations of your own, you will be able to promote you brand name very successfully.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Best Use of Car Logo Images in Brand Mark Designing

Before beginning your design, as an artist, you should first consider what would be the possible applications of the brand mark. And then you should make up your mind about the design, its format, its features, and size. As the brand mark that you are designing is for an automobile, so you should first understand all the features that are characteristic to that particular brand or company. The common features that are distinctive of a vehicle are speed, luxury, comfort, and similar. Now a day’s people want to expensive and luxurious autos just for the sake of upgrading their status symbol. So your design should also look classy in that sense, that it matches the standard of the gleaming beautiful vehicle.

The kind of vehicle you drive speaks a lot about your character, standard of living and tastes. Transport vehicles are not just a mean of transportation any more but are also a class differentiator that distinguishes the rich from the middle class and the poor.

But how do these automobile companies set themselves apart in the industry, given there are so many manufacturers.

Their car logo images design makes all the difference for them.

Automobile manufacturers spend many hours and days brain storming for the appropriate vehicle brand mark icon that illustrates their company in all the ways. There are many ways of making your brand mark design one of the best. You will have to select an icon that perfectly illustrates the qualities and features of your automobile. You can use any type of an icon; it can be an animal, for example. And if you cannot come up with a proper icon then you can use the textual style of making a brand mark. You can simply make use of your brand title, or if the name is too big, you could use its initials.

Several car logos pictures have used complicated designs to symbolize their product which says volumes to you, speaking everything relating to the automobile brand. For instance the Alpha Romeo emblem illustrates the city of Milano’s, court of arms and the Ferrari emblem is an illustration and an honor to the well known Italian air force pilot who sacrificed his life for the country in World War I. Many manufacturers have also applied animal illustrations like a bull or a big cat to relate with animal qualities to their brand. Their brand icons depict power; strength and poise through the fauna that they have selected to represent their brand.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sports Car Logos – An Effective Way of Promoting Your Car Brand

Sports automobiles are a very effective way of depicting style, luxury, and speed. This is a symbol of wealth and luxury. Sports automobile stickers, when used for promotion of business, they can never go unnoticed. Every individual on earth admires a sports automobile. And this type of automobile sure gets a second glance. And if you have a decal of your brand mark pasted on its shiny and gleaming surface, it sure will get quality exposure.

This type of advertising, all car logos, is more suitable if you are the owner of a sports automobile company. Otherwise it would look very odd and unrelated. Just imagine – a diapers sticker on a BMW sports automobile! Not acceptable, the public will reject the idea as soon as it is introduced in the market. If you are a manufacturer of sports automobiles, then you can use the decal of your brand mark to promote your brand name and business.

This job does not end here. After selecting the appropriate automobile for your trade mark decal, you have to decide the typeface of the brand mark, the colors, and size of the decal. Usually professionals know all this stuff and they are experts in making sports car logos, but if you decided to do it yourself than you will have to put in some research and study. Because, obviously, you would not want your sports automobile to look like a clown with a colorful and unprofessional looking trade mark decal on its face.

Well, come to think of it you’re on the highway anyway and you’re going by thousands of pedestrians and drivers of other automobiles, so why not make most use out of the circumstances and use your gas to its fullest. Furthermore, automobile window decals cannot be missed that easily, because everybody notices and admires a sports automobile and a decal looks more terrific on it. Knowing the good points of a automobile window sticker or other forms such as political decals on bumpers make it even more rational and realistic, and become a motivation for the customers and clients to become interested in your brand and might even purchase one.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Logo Design Do-It-Yourself – Can You Guarantee Your Design Will Be Best?

A successful company is known world-wide by its brand mark draw. Do you want to know the important elements of a brand mark’s success? If you have decided to go with a logo design do-it-yourself, then I must share a word of caution with you. I am not implying that you don’t understand the factors of a logo’s success. But understanding them and applying them are two different things.

The software growth and online internet market is bombarded with various upgraded and cheap applications that facilitate freelance designers and Logo design DIY, providing with every type of tool of designing a brand mark. Do not take art work as science, because art requires a lot of creativity and talent.

A desktop application can never give the satisfaction a human brain can give. Because the software is not running on its own, right? You will have to operate it. And when you are not qualified for designing, how can you create a brand mark that will be your company’s identification?
Professionals also use tools of designed, but their brains are specially wired in order to make fabulously awesome draws that relate to a company or a profession in every aspect possible. Instead of downloading, or purchasing, a free or low-cost application, it is better to hire a professional designer that charges less amount of money.

Designers are accustomed to the usage of tools and techniques and they know better than us which element is to be applied where. Before working on your company’s brand mark a designer will first study your company, he will interview you, so that he can get his hands on every type of information he can get regarding your company.

By now I think I have convinced you enough that rejecting the idea of hiring a professional designer and using a DIY application is a very bad decision to make. At least, make some effort to know some more about professional designer and how they perform in reality. Talk and discuss to your friends or colleagues who have taken the services of an expert designer and ask them to share their experiences with you. And if you are satisfied with the discussion and want hire a professional, then immediately go to a drawing agency and fill up a review form.

I can guarantee you that your draw, which will be made by an expert, will be far much better than what you might have made. You will be screaming at the top of your lungs, saying, “My logo design is the best!”

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Brain Storming Tutorial Exercise to Make Your Own Logo Design

If you are an amateur designer, and if you are anything like I was when I freshly started in this career, then you would definitely need tutorials to guide you correctly. When you start to make your own logo design, either you are doing it for your own company or you are designing for somebody else, you will be under a lot of pressure. To cut down the pressure, it is suggested that you divide the task into several small exercises. This will decrease the pressure of work and give you more time to concentrate on any one aspect of the symbol.

I am sharing one brand mark tutorial exercise which would change the way you brain storm on your business icon and it will end up looking professionally made.

1. Think of a word or a character that relates to your business:

This first point is about coming up with a word that is relating to your business or your company. The word can be a quality, character, element, etc. This will become the foundation of your brain storming process. If you have come up with the word, then you can proceed with the next step.

2. Using mind mapping, project new ideas relating to the word:

You can begin with simply writing the word in the middle of a paper and then start linking words that come to your mind. What I used to do to make my own logo design, I used to write the word in a cloud and then link other clouds to it with relating ideas, thus forming a branching network like structure. For example if the word is water, then the relating words might be drops, moisture, clouds, rain, pond, wet leaves, rainbow, etc. If you are not good at brain storming, then you can use software for min mapping. There are several applications and techniques available now.
3. Next, sketch a basic image of your word:

Draw the first image of the word that comes to your mind. It will be basic and imperfect. But right now perfectionism is not necessary. Draw the simplest image that you can relate to your word.

4. Develop your business image:

You are just doing this exercise to come up with ideas for your logo. Experiment with different shapes, colors, and fonts. You can even try connecting your words with the images. If you are creative, you will successfully link your image with the text so that it looks like one effect is pouring into the next one.

In this way you can come up with many different ideas and images. At the end of this exercise you can select the image, or idea, that you think is the best and relates most to your business. This technique of commencing your drawing broadens your mind and opens the door for creativity for you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Create Your Own Logo Design with the Help of a Professional

All businesses, either new or old, must have an emblem representing them. This symbol or icon of the company provides a pictorial representation for the customers and clients. If you scan the companies around you, you will notice many chic logos. It has become a necessity in the modern age for businesses.

New businesses always have to face challenges posed by experienced business men who have been ruling the market since a long time. Only with a perfect picture and professional illustration, you can think of competing with the older companies that have been in the market for years. This is the only way of attracting customers and clients your way, in spite of the killing competition.

It is always recommendable to hire a professional to design your brand mark image. This is because though you may be able to make your logo design your own way, your art cannot match the standard of an expert. There are several important points that cannot be forgotten while designing a brand mark.
The most important contribution that a logo makes is that it attracts consideration and leaves a good and long lasting impression on all types of customers. If the brand mark is impressive, a buyer might consider meeting you. So, to accomplish you goal of making an emblem, you have to work efficiently with the designer and perform some research. The easiest way to begin with is going through some readymade designs and considering every option that you come across.

While designing your own logo design with the expert, you have to keep in mind that the emblem is not only going to appear on the stationary and business cards, but also on everything else that is related to the company. That includes uniforms of the workers, company vehicles, letter heads, and etcetera. Therefore, your emblem must be of vector format so that it does not lose its resolution, after scaling, where ever it is applied.

The emblem should maintain the simplicity so that is easy for the customers to remember and recall it. The color and font should be appropriate and relevant to your business type. Apart from being unique, the font should be easily readable. Hence, to make a logo that is remembered for ages you need an experienced and skilled designer. Get a designer that surprises you and your competitors with an outstanding design, a design that is so attractive and impressive that no one can miss noticing it!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Find Distinctive and Attractive Styles for Making Your Online Logo Design

Brand mark, in my point of view, will always remain the most important component if you want to promote your company and your brand. This also goes for those companies which mostly run on the web, are web-based. The boom in technology has increased the competition in advertising industry. Therefore, if you want your business to survive, you have got to get a professional looking and unique logo design online.

If your business is running mainly on the web, then it is all the more difficult to create an appropriate brand mark. This is because a lot of factors come in to consideration in this case. Scalability of the design is the most important factor that cannot ignored. As your business mainly runs online, your target audience consists mainly of those customers who use internet. Therefore, your brand mark must be attractive so that it lures many users towards your page.

Brand marks, that are applied on the web pages, come in very interesting styles. Following are some of the examples of styles of online logo design:

Badge styles:

Badge shaped brand marks are very popular in business industry on the web. There is a quality that is common to almost all badge styled brand mark, and that is that they resemble the play button. Most of the web pages are created to engage the customers by offering such products that require customers’ attention. For such kind of web pages, this style for brand mark is very compelling.

Speech bubbles:

Besides the many social networking sites available on the net, the internet universe has also maintained the importance and popularity of countless chatting applications and forums. And of course, the purpose of this kind of entertainment is to allow the customers, or users, to interact with each other without any trouble. Hence, the speech bubble type of brand marks is very popular among such sites. This is because these represent communication and relate well to the business.

Simple font:

Nothing can beat a brand mark design that is original and simple. Unique is another aspect of a popular brand mark that cannot be ignored. For this reason, to attain ultimate uniqueness, some web companies come up with new writing styles that become their signature and resemble no other. These new fonts become the distinct characteristic that relates to only that web company. The famous examples are Facebook and Yahoo.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Features a Free Logo Design Program Must Have To Facilitate Designing

Free logo design program makes it easier for you to create your own brand mark. Now there are a number of free softwares that can create brand marks of various shapes, sizes and colors. But, if you want to squash the software for all the benefits, then it must have the right tools for designing.

Following is the list of TOOLS that designing software MUST have:

Application Integration:

The software must be able to build all the images and icons in vector format.

No matter which format you create your brand mark in. it must be easily convertible to vector, so that later on you don’t face scaling problems.
Various file formats:

You are going to use your business icon at various places. So the image should be available in all the required formats, example jpg.

Special Effects:

All applications provide with special effects. Before downloading or using an application online, first read the specific features of the software to make sure that it contains all the tools that you require for your icon.

Special effects are a very great tool to make your icon look smart. You can add many effects depending on the type of brand mark you are making.


These have equal impact as the graphics. These also come in various different and fancy forms. Your application might give you some options, but you can also download new ones from the net.

Template and collections of symbols:

Many types of best logo design program provide with free templates you can work on. You can modify the readymade icons and change them according to your taste and requirements. This will save a lot of time that might have otherwise gone in thinking of something new. But you must make sure that the design that you created from the template must be unique and there must be no resemblance to any other company icon.

Scanner Support:

This is particularly handy if you are not comfortable with drawing on the computer. You can draw your design on a paper and scan it to use in the application.

These designing softwares require a lot of free space and power – one of the disadvantages of these applications. Your personal computer must be able to support the software and supply enough hard disk space for its storage and performance.

These softwares are only recommended if you have some designing background and have some knowledge and skills for brand mark designing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Logo Design Program Or A Professional – Make Your Decision Very Wisely!

Thanks to many logo design programs, now we can create our own business icons without having to spend so much money on professionals. Not only are they easy to use, but they are cheap and save time too.

But if you take an expert designer’s opinion about these softwares, they don’t share the same thoughts as many of us. They think that using a logo design program is foolish, and business owners must hire professionals for logo making.
You know what? They might be right!

These softwares are a good option but not for
everyone. Let’s see how you can decide whether you must use software or hire an expert.

What is your budget?

If you have the kind of money that it takes to hire an expert designer, then you must definitely go for it! A designer has years of experience and practice and understands the elements of brand mark making better than you. He can guide you with the choice of colors and fonts. If you can afford a designer then you must!

But, if you are starting a new business then definitely you will not have so much money to invest in a designing agency. You will require saving every penny and investing only in very important areas of business. If this is the case, then you can try using software.

Do you require complicated brand guidelines?

When you see a large company spending a large amount of money on a brand mark design, you might think that he’s crazy! The truth is, designers don’t charge only for the design but also for guidelines and marketing strategies. They guide you with how to apply the brand mark in the most beneficial way. If you are a small company, then definitely you would not require to waste money on this. You could simply make a simple DIY brand mark.
Is your business related to arts or photography?

If your business is related to arts, and your customers are photographers or artists then you will have to hire a professional. Because these type of customers usually pay a lot of attention on the presentation of a company. If your appearance is impressive, they might want to work with you.

Have you ever tried using a designing application?
If you have a designing background and you think that you can create an outstanding brand mark for your company then there is no need to hire a professional. But if you have never designed a logo before and you don’t have the skills and creativity of art, then you must spend some money and hire a professional.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Keep Your Customers Loyal To Your Brand by Successful Logo Branding

Brand mark is the face of a company or an organization. This, most important fact mentioned in the logo branding guidelines, is mostly ignored by most of the fresh designers. It is the main representation of your brand and company’s identity. If a designer understands this concept and accepts the importance of a brand mark, only then it will be able to make a brand mark that will perform its duty at its very best.

Logo branding is not an easy task, and requires intensive research. Either a designer is a freelancer or working as a part of an advertising company, he has to do a lot of research on the company and its business to make a brand mark that succeeds in accomplishing its goals of attracting more customers and retaining the old ones.

For a successful logo branding design it is necessary that the name of the organization is also a successful one. The name should be strong and recognizable without requiring any captions. It should be able to support itself, even without the help of the brand mark. A successful name and a successful brand mark are the two main factors that decide the number of customers that a company is going to get.

A brand mark not only attracts customers but also helps them in opening up, expressing themselves more openly. It builds trust in them, communicating with them in such a way that a bond is created between the organization and the customers. It attaches the customers to the brand by an invisible, but strong, string.

While designing a brand mark a designer must take special care that it is unique and does not resembles somebody else’s logo. If this happens, this would create confusion in the minds of the consumers between two brands. You will not deny the fact that you do not forget a beautiful face for a very long time. This is the effect that a brand mark should have on the consumers. They should be able to remember it for a very long time. They should be able to recall it very easily.

The purpose of a brand mark is to build a strong relationship between the consumers, or clients, and the organization. It is a representation of the brand and its quality. The customers will decide, by looking at the brand mark, whether they can trust you or not. Therefore, the design should relate to your business and must be able to communicate with the customers properly.

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Jungle Full Of Awesome Ideas for Cost Free Animal Logo

There is no doubt that the most brilliant and unforgettable business icon designs are also the most plain in appearance. You want your company identities to be recognized straight away, acting as a terrific bookmark in the minds of the viewers. A passer-by will normally just give a momentary glance to the business icon, and an exceedingly intricate business icon will make that opportunity superfluous.

Why do most companies prefer using jungle creatures in their business icons? How can they relate to the business? That is the main art and the technique of the art. Faunas are cute to look at and are easier to remember. That is why most companies prefer using them in their business icons. And somehow make them relate to the business or its nature.

Following are some excellent animal logo ideas that you might find handy while creating your business design:

1. The creature should relate to the company and its business in every sense:

Different creatures can be used to represent different characteristics of the business or its owner. For example, if you want to symbolize faithfulness, the image of a dog is the perfect representation because a dog is known and recognized worldwide as the most loyal creature. For sovereignty, it’s a lion. For cunningness, you can use a fox and for inscrutable nature of a female, cat is the perfect representation. Try to find out the sense or meaning you want to describe through your business icon.
Remember one thing, besides the business and the message, also keep in mind the target audience while you are designing. Try and highlight the most prominent feature of the company by using the most appropriate creature. Like, for instance, for speed you can use a cheetah, and for strength, a rhinoceros.

2. Use fonts according to the creature’s nature:

The typescript should be complementary to the fauna used in the design. You can also apply two different types of fonts, keeping in mind that they should go with the understood nature of the creature. If the nature of the creature is sweet and easy going, you can use something swirly and thin lined. But if the creature is known to be ferocious in nature, then the font should be bold and dark, thick lined.

Free animal logo can be very interesting to use if you know the right kind of application. But still if you don’t have any ideas, you can always hire a professional!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Famous Animal Logos – Reaching the Ultimate Height of Creativity and Innovation

It is not new, that people use creature names or illustrations for themselves or others. You might have heard of these phrases all your life: ‘strong as an ox’, ‘tall as a giraffe’, ‘big as a bear’, ‘quick as a cat’, or ‘clever as a fox’.

Today, this usage continues, mostly in the field of designs. We, humans, have a habit of using mammal representations to portray different characteristics of each other. This usage has given us full advantage in the world of business as well. At first, I was confused. I thought how can we use animals in our business identities, something so serious? But then when I concentrated on its advantages, I realized it actually was a great idea.

I have seen many using the image of an elephant in many famous animal logos. This image in the business icon illustrates strength and hugeness, and also reliability. Similarly, many car companies use images of a horse, or leopards to symbolize speed and liveliness.

You cannot use just any type of icon with any type of business. It is very important that the illustration should associate appropriately with the type of business. If your business is relating to water, or is of aquatic nature, then you can use aquatic mammals. Such mammals that have the qualities similar to that of your company, like swiftness and growth.

I can name a hundred best animal logos that are very popular on the web world, and that use animals as a part of their symbol. Some of them are as follows: MSN (uses a multicolor butterfly), Lacoste (uses a crocodile), Jaguar and Puma (use a leopard), Swarovski (uses a swan), WWF (uses a panda), Twitter (uses a blue bird), Spiderman (uses a spider), Playboy (uses a rabbit), Red Bull (uses two bulls), and Bacardi (uses a bat).

As you can see for yourself that the above mentioned icons are some of the most popular that are recognized all over the world. The illustrations used in them are illustrating different characteristics of the business. For example, the multi colored butterfly is for telling the customer or user that he will get a wide range of options here.

Other than the illustration, there are more important things one should consider. These are the font type, font size, color of the font, format of the image, etc. All these factors are important parts of a great design.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Awesome Ideas on Effective Instant Marketing of Brands with Animal Logo

Symbolization is being used world-wide, in many countries, to symbolize something or the other all the time. Different creatures signify different emotions and feelings for people in different countries. For example, the cow signifies the Dharma in India. Therefore, many corporations in India use this symbol repeatedly. The use of this symbol is very common all over India.

Sometimes the creature is just used to signify different aspects of the company, such as, power, strength, speed, loyalty, faithfulness, or some other characteristic relating to the company. And the other times the creature is the part of the business icon only because the company deals in it, or it is a part of the company name.

However, making unique and cool animal logos is not an easy task. There are so many business icons with creature images prevailing in the industry now, and almost all of them are pretty good. But you want your design to be the best, a design that surpasses the expectations of the crowd and diverts their attention from other business icons towards itself. For that you will have to experiment with many designs to finally come up with a design that will stand out in the crowd.

Recently, the use of the human face and drawings of creatures are being used intensively to express and describe the nature and different aspects of the brands with animal logo. If you really want your business icon to be extra ordinary, you can use a human face expression, or an emotive image of a creature. This will make the business mark design interesting and attractive.

Birds work great for business marks because they symbolize many optimistic attributes such as liberty, perception, nimbleness, liveliness, and pleasure. Probably the most popular bird business icon today is the Twitter icon as it shows up on nearly all web pages, but there are several other great bird business icons prevailing in the marketing industry.

In order to make you business mark look designed by a professional, you will have to balance all the angles of designing properly. Consider every feature of the design and make sure that that aspect is appropriate. Everything should be perfect and pertaining to the design and the choice of the creature. The mood of the creature and the nature of the business should properly be reflected in the symbolic representation and the font style.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Animal Logo BMX – A Logo That You Can Never Easily Forget!

“I told Whiteboy the idea and he drew up the Griffin Brand mark. There was never a doubt from day one that we would use that brand mark and name to represent us.”

- Ralph Sinisi

Branded racing bike riding has been a great success since their first debut in the 1970s. The desire to ride bikes in free style and perform amazing bike stunts has invaded our computer screens in the form of online games, available for free on the net.

With this reputation, the brand needed a brand mark to represent itself to the world in a more dramatic way. For that they required a brand mark that will dazzle the world with its looks. They wanted a strong and bold presentation of themselves. So, after a lot of brainstorming they settled on an animal logo BMX - an eagle with horns!

They wanted something that will represent all the qualities of their brand and of the bikes as well. They wanted depict strength, speed, and innovation! So, an eagle with horns seemed as the best idea. It was actually a mixture. A mixture of an eagle and a bull, I guess. But, it did the trick!

The brand mark was so popular that it was worn as tattoos, and on t-shirts! It gave the riders more value and a sense of priority. It played well, very well. This figure was used to describe anything crazy related with the riders and racers.

The brand mark described everything from wildness to speed. These were the qualities common of all the riders and racers of the branded bikes. The wild animal logo of an eagle with horns made them look cooler. So, they started wearing them on tee fronts. These bikes got a lot of promotion and publication because of the brand mark. This means that the creature brand mark performed very well and was an instant success.

The eagle portrayed speed, and the bull’s horns were meant to portray aggression and strength. The purpose of the brand mark was to make the riders feel that they will feel like an eagle soaring in the sky as soon as they mount the bike and ride it. This is why it was also used in big races. The brand mark increased the familiarity of the brand and gave it a name of its own, a name that cannot be forgotten very easily.

The brand didn’t need to remake their brand mark because it was imprinted in the minds of the customers and they loved it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Advice on Animal Logo – Correct Use of Characters to Portray Business

Faunas have contributed largely in brand identity letter heads, visiting cards, etc, either it be a large scale business or a small one…

It is an apparent preference to use an animal logo for your business if it is associated somehow with that fauna. You might have this fauna in your corporate title or maybe you deal in faunas or fauna products. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to use a fauna for a beauty salon!

Understand your character well:

Before beginning, I would like to make sure that you understand the use of symbols. You should understand that you can only use fauna in your brand mark design if your business is somehow associated with a fauna. There should be some sort of link between the name and the image.


Birds, unlike faunas, are a different story. You can use birds in a brand mark design to show growth of a business, to portray development, and that the business is moving forward and is booming. But faunas like cats, dogs, mice, or any other type, need to be given a little thought before placing them in the design.

Images are a symbolic way of representation:

Images give a meaning to the text in the emblem. An inappropriate fauna figure in the emblem might change the entire perception of the customer. He might start associating your business with the figure, and misinterpret the type of services you are providing. So, be very careful while placing fauna figures in your brand mark design.

Make accurate choice of character:

Universal animal logo designs are usually used to describe character and type of the business and services. A lot of different emotions can be expressed using faunas. For example, an owl can be used to represent insight and intellect, devotion by using a dog, femaleness by using a cat, cunningness by using a fox and mischievousness by using a bunny. Your character should correctly portray the perception of your brand mark. I have an idea, before using an fauna in your brand mark design and getting it wrong, research and read your fauna character in detail and then decide whether this fauna character matches the profile of your company or not. Use a swan to illustrate grace, a horse for pace, a bear for authority, a lion for royalty, a ladybug for fortuity, an elk bull for arrogance, a duck to say entertainment and amusement, or a shark for ferociousness.

Therefore, you must be very careful while selecting your fauna character. The character must be able to portray the meaning of your brand mark correctly, without giving the customer or the viewer the wrong sense of the business.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Advices on Making Successful Architecture Logo Designs For Your Company

There’s a new trend in fresh artists. The trend of going overboard in the pursuit of making outstanding Architecture logo designs. It is true that the icon should be attractive and eye catching, but this does not mean that you over do it with styles and colors.

If you really want to grab the attention of the viewers and potential customers, then your icon must speak the appropriate language. This means that your business icon should be able to convey the intended message properly. Too much styling and too many colors will make the business icon ambiguous. The intended message will be confused.

A company’s success depends on its reputation in the market. And a new business has to build its reputation in the industry. And for that you will need an instrument, or a tool, that will communicate your efficiency and sincerity with work to potential customers. Your business icon will have to follow some rules if you want it to successfully survive in the industry.

First of all, it should be clear and understandable. The viewer must understand and predict the message of the brand mark when he first looks at it. He doesn’t have to concentrate on its message, or put a lot of strain on his mind to get the meaning of the brand mark image. For that you will have to keep you brand mark as simple as possible. Don’t include many swirls and waves. And use simple fonts. Moreover, the image should also be simple and clearly visible when black and white. Keep the lines of the image moderate, and try not to include too many details in the image.

Once your brand mark is ready, you are ready to show off in the vicinity. You can be sure that your objective of creating a brand mark will be accomplished. Your emblem will be one of the best Architect logo. In the world of such tough, severe competition, it is hard for a new idea to survive. You’ll be surrounded by many unique, good, and innovative brand marks. But your challenge will be to produce something that surpasses everything and stands at the top of the heap. It must be unique among all the others, yet very simple and understandable. It shouldn’t consist of any such feature that is common in all the others. Only then will the customers will be able to notice your brand mark and differentiate it from the rest.

Promote Your Company in A Remarkably With an Enhanced Architecture Logo

Promotion has become a necessity for structural planning and construction business. And it is only architecture logo that can play an important role in reaching to the audience and communicating to them the aspects of the company and its objectives. Architectural companies or agencies are very important when it comes to planning the structural model of a building. Every business differs from the other in many important and significant ways. So their brand marks should also differ. Every emblem should speak for the company it represents. A brand mark is the only reliable way of reaching and communicating with the valuable customers.

While making the business icon you should strictly keep in mind that the business icon should relate to the symbol in every aspect.

Different Architecture logo designs made by new artists almost look alike. This is because inexpert artists depend heavily on templates and illustrative brand mark drawings. The icon should include images that relate to the business and its nature. The kind of business and its objective or future goals should reflect in the illustration. Otherwise the main purpose of the brand mark would be lost. Furthermore, before commencing your brand mark project, you should conduct a full research of brand marks so that you have a record of all the icons that are common to those of your opponents.

You emblem should be unique and its features should stand out in the crowd. If you also use those ideas that other people have already used in their brand mark drawing, then you can never be successful. Your drawing should be very different from that of your opponents. If you really want a heart winning brand mark, then you must put in extra amount of brain storming and hard work.

The next important aspect of brand mark drawing, that is very vital to this business, is the color combination of the brand mark. Many people go for those colors that they think are the best, according to their personal likes and dislikes. And this becomes the most common mistake committed by the artists. Color has a lot of influence on the business icon and the viewer’s perception. Whether the customer is aware or not, he is responding to the colors of the brand mark in a psychological or emotional way. Colors play a very important part in determining how the customer feels when he looks at the business icon.

For more detail on Architect Logo.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Special Goes Into Making A Professional And Unique Logo Design?

Creating a unique logo design won’t take any hard efforts, indeed it is the easiest thing you will ever come across. The only thing which matters in a brand mark identity to make it standout from the crowd of logos is the company’s unique selling proposition commonly known as USP.

Companies usually fails to makes it mark due to a fragile and weak USP. They don’t have anything new to sell that becomes their weakness in the market. People wants something new and refreshing, similarly they want to see a new and unique logo design idea especially when there is so much going in the market where nobody has time for nobody.

USP is any idea that differs you from the rest of the businesses and if it is used on your logo, it would be itself be very unique. Now to put the whole idea on a logo, one has to make sure, the designer is expert in his field. The whole thing will go well if your selection of a graphic designer is good.

Before going to a professional graphic designer, you must make sure of the following things:

1-What is so unique about your business? If you make juices then as yourself, why people would buy your product if they have several options there.
2-What do you basically want in your logo design?
3-What type of logo you want?
4-What is your budget? Can you afford big graphic designers or companies?
5- What kind of appeal you want to throw from your corporate identity? Is it humorous, serious, emotional or what?
6-Make everything clear in your mind especially when it is about online graphic design company as you can’t meet them face to face.

No matter you have a high or low budget; the only thing that should matter is to get professional logo designs that that can make a huge mark. Think, think and think before you decide anything. Smart business owner knows how to get a great corporate identity out of even a very low price tagged graphic designer.

But not everyone is smart enough to get professional logo designs done in a minimum amount of bucks possible, so here the solution can be to get your corporate identity from a reputable online graphic design company in town. They have credibility, resources, online presence, hundreds of graphic designers and loads of packages to offer you.

All in all, you are in business world then you have to create one brand recognition device not matter what. Therefore, make sure it is created by an expert’s hand to make sure everything goes good in the end.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Much Important Is To Get A Professional Logo Design?

What does the word, professional means?

The definition:

A person who is characterized by the ethical and technical standards of a profession is a professional. Therefore, there must be some difference between a professional and an amateur because he is not in any way characterized by any profession.

Now you know the difference…

When we talk about the graphic design industry, logo is the most common thing we can come across. In the preponderance of so many companies, a logo is an utterly important marketing vehicle to ensure a business standout from the rest.

There are various other reasons to get a professional logo design which are as follows:

1-An expert will design a much perfect corporate identity than any other amateur graphic designer. Amateurs are the ones that are inexperienced and don’t know how to come up with a brand mark that is unique and original.

2-He is creative and genius, therefore, he will surely be able to come up with a very creative concept. Though creativity is a built in phenomenon but they are trained for that. They know how to make the most of their creative skills.

3-He has an eye for art because he has spent a considerable amount of time in this field. Therefore, you can expect them to be the experts.

4-As a professional corporate identity will be drawn by an expert and trained person, he will render to piece of art that is memorable, unique and special.

5-He knows what colors, image and fonts would be suitable for the logo. A logo that will be culminated would be totally in accordance with your wishes and business requirements.

6-He knows the market trends. He knows what is the ongoing latest logo fashion in the market to be used while designing a corporate identity for your business? That way, the logo of your company would be outstanding and will have the ability to compete with the latest logos in the market.

7-He knows how to conduct a market research so as to get an idea on what your competitors are doing. After the thorough study of the competitor’s logo, he will be able to design a unique piece of brand mark identity that will help your business standout from the rest.

8-Last but not the least; they are someone you can rely on because they are trained professionals while you are not. If you will try to do it on your own by using free online logo design makers and softwares, you will not be able to come up with something of value.

Now that you the benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer, you should consider hiring their services.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Comparative Analysis Of Various Logo Designing Options

A question that has been in debates for years is: who is more worthy of logo designing; freelance or online logo Design Company?

Your business styles and substance is depicted through your logo design. It is an entrance door to your shop. A prospective client is always interested in getting the overall idea of your brand, product or service beforehand because it is about their hard won cash.

Developing logo design is not that necessary but getting professional online logo designs is important. Notice the thin line between both the terms. Apart from freelancers or online graphic design companies, there are other ways to get your hands on them. Do you want to have a look at them?

1-Advertising agencies:

You are a start up business owner; can you afford an ad agency? If you are an established business owner then you can hire them to run a huge ad or marketing campaign. Price range is therefore is very high as they are more into running ad campaigns.


Everybody wants to do his work on his own and that’s a good thing as well but it is not applicable in case of logo designing. The cheapest solution you will ever come across but remember, you get what you pay for. You never know if your logo is up to the mark and can show high quality results.

3-Freelance graphic designers:

I would not recommend them but they are at least better than the preceding options. Therefore, you can hire them if you don’t have a good amount of money in your pocket. They can help you get creative logo designs but there is no full-proof guarantee for that. If you are lucky enough, you will get a brand mark identity of your dreams otherwise not. Get smart if you can’t invest much money into it.

4-Online logo design companies/websites:

The best idea to get your future brand mark identity in your hands within a very short period of time. They are professionals and know this art like the back of their hands. You can call them a short form of advertising agencies with a comparatively cheaper rate. Price range may start from $ 59 to $1500 and the benefits you will get will be incomparable with any other option of getting creative logo designs.

Therefore, now you have gone through the comparative analysis of all the options through which you can get your brand mark identity. Now you have to decide and choose the way to go to get your future brand recognition device. A piece of advice is; seek our knowledge and guidance before you go for anything.

Four Must Use Ideas To Come Up With The Creative Logo Design

Do you want to create the best logo design?

You don’t have enough money in your pocket and your business needs a unique identity so that you can at least make some money out of it. What should you do now?

First off, see how much you can spend on this corporate identity for even if you try thousand times, you cannot come up with a brand mark the way professional can do. Now, the thing that you should do is to check your pocket, there are thousands of online graphic design companies that are not only affordable but good as well. Even if they are not good, you can deliver them creative ideas to be used in the corporate identity.

Lets discuss some ideas that you can use in your corporate identity:

1-Use of negative space:

Negative space is an effective use of white space. Graphic designer use it to create immensely creative and unique ideas. Oftentimes, logos are only made of white and black color so interestingly that one cannot take his eyes of it.
But not everyone can make a good use of white color for it requires extra amount of expertise and genius to use it. Therefore, make sure that the graphic design service or designer you are going knows a good use of it.

2-Use of 3D images:

3D is in. You can make a good use of 3D effects and images if you really want to leave a good touch to it. Today most of the graphic designer is using this technique to make a simple logo look more attractive and unique. A survey has shown that a normal eye looks for a longer time of 3D image then an ordinary logo image.

3-Use of shadows:

Shadows make a creative logo design look more interesting and alluring. You can simply use the initials of your company name or its full name with a shadow in the background to give a more sophisticated touch to it. That way, you will not only show the seriousness of your business but how decent and sophisticated you are.

4-Hidden messages:

You can use various techniques to show hidden messages so that a viewer spends a considerable time to solve the puzzle. This will memorize the logo in his minds and that will be good thing for your brand. You can not only play around with shapes but numbers as well. Search on Google to dig out various ideas for using hidden messages.

Therefore, the more you will search, the more you will get ideas to draw your future brand recognition device.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Lance Logo Designer – Are They Blessing Or A Curse For Business Owners?

What makes a logo designer the best? How about finding the best graphic designer? Is freelancer a better option than a graphic design company?

The debate goes on and one of freelance graphic designing because with many advantages, there are disadvantages as well. You cannot ignore these facts so if you are start up business owner and want one corporate identity for your business but running out of your official money than free lance logo designer will come as a blessing for you.

But is he really a blessing, you ask?

1-He is not there with you:

Can you reach out to him when needed? No!

There is no way you can tell where he is and what he is doing with your money and logo. On the other hand, a professional graphic design company is there all the time to provide support if their clients need.

2-He can run away any moment:

The biggest downside of getting things done online is that you have to pay your hard won bucks beforehand receiving a product. This lowers the overall credibility of online shopping and also of freelance graphic designers.

3-No guarantee:

Who’s going to take his guarantee? You are paying him blindfolded with no idea what will happen next. Therefore, the best way to deal with it is to see if they have a sturdy online presence or not.

4-He can be an amateur:

As indicated earlier, nobody can guarantee him therefore; one cannot say that if he is an amateur or an expert. You cannot see him and meet face-to-face which can increases the chances of online fraud.

5-They don’t offer packages:

You approached him and he told you the amount you are going to pay of the corporate identity. That’s it! You don’t get a chance to select a package as per you own business and budget requirements.

6-No customer support:

A professional graphic design service will be there for you 24/7, therefore the customer support will be commendable. On the other hand, free lance logo designers would most probably be sleeping at night and so won’t give you proper customer support.

7-Not registered:

Some of the freelance graphic designers are no doubt registered and working professionally but majority of them are not. Here, the question arises whose going to take their responsibility, you?

Therefore, you cannot just go and hire a free lance graphic designer without getting the knowledge about them and if you do that you will be destroying your own self and business with your hand hands.

Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Important Qualities An Expert Graphic Logo Designer Should Have

What are the attributes an expert graphic designer has?

You may be asking this question as well if you are a business owner and on a hunt for a graphic designer to get your corporate identity. A logo is a face of a business that helps it standout from the rest, therefore, getting it done from an ordinary designer would result into an ordinary design concept that is no way good for your business.

So to search for the best, you need to know what best is. Following are some of the traits of a professional graphic designer that you should read.

1-He is not only trained but has an eye for art:

You may be creative as well as it is an in-born talent but that would not make you a graphic logo designer. He is trained professional so he knows how to deal with a corporate identity better than anyone else in the world. Now how to find out if the graphic designer is capable enough to draw your company corporate identity.

Check out if the designer has a sound reputation.
Check out the companies who were his clients before. You can contact them as well to dig out information.
Most of all check out the portfolio.

2-He will show out and out professionalism:

Have you ever had a discussion with a professional person? If yes, then you will instantly find out if the graphic designer is taking his clients professionally or not. In case if you haven’t then check how he treats you. If you are satisfied with the way he treats you, you can surely go with the option.

3-Creativity at its best:

He is creative, intelligent, experience. These traits will definitely set him apart from the rest. He knows how to transform a vision into reality.

4-Knowledge about the latest logo fashion, print, electronic industry:

He is up to date not only with the design trends but industries as well. He should what he must incorporate in an accounting business logo and cosmetics logo. He is a sound person with sound knowledge.

5-Sense of balance, layout and presentation.

A great graphic designer will know how to convince a client with the logo he has created because the knowledge posses are not with the client. Therefore, what he will suggest is good.

6-Exceptional business knowledge and skills:

If all the clients are from business industry then he must have a sound knowledge about the business world so that he can efficaciously deal with them. If he has a complete logo design team then it would be even better.

7-Excellent communicator:

That said, if he has knowledge and skills, he will be able to convince and communicate all the ideas to his clients.

Hence you cannot find a perfect graphic designer for there is nothing like perfection in this world but you can find out the best suitable graphic designer for your business at least by reading the above told points.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can A Corporate Logo Designer Take Your Business To The Next Level?

What are the advantages of a corporate logo designer?

Why do you need a pro to design your logo?

The essentiality of a good logo design for any business is unquestionable. A company name written in simple black fonts will not hold as much appeal to the customers as a graphically illustrated company name will. Whether your business is home based or enjoys online presence, a professional website logo designer will help you create an image for your company that would convey the right message to its target audience.

If you think that a brand becomes successful overnight, then you are wrong.

Behind all the successful brands, like Apple, Adidas and Puma, hard work is involved. Having a great image or illustration to represent your brand identity certainly helps in the brand’s success.

So, can a good company logo give you an edge over other brands?

The answer is yes!

So how can you lead the rat race with an awesomely designed logo image?

Here’s how.

1.A logo designed by a pro is well researched; tried and tested:

The whole process is not as simple as it appears. It involves gathering information of the client company’s products and values, conducting proper market research of the target audience’s preferences and choices and then comprehending them in the form of an image and text so that the final choice is a depiction that appeals to both the client company and the customer. Some of the professionals even conduct research groups and test audience to assess how the logo will perform in the market when launched. That is a job that cannot be conducted while sitting at home; which is why you need a pro to handle the task.

2.A pro knows the market trends:

They’re called professionals for a reason; and the reason is that they know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the industry. He knows which colors and effects are fashionable, which aren’t and knows how to use them according to the business nature of the client company or their preference. For example, a website logo designer designing a symbol for corporate company will use completely different font styles and colors than he would for a social media company.

3.Quality output is assured:

Try and design a logo on your own through the cheap logo generators that can be easily found online and then visit any corporate logo designer website and have a look at his sample portfolio. The difference in the quality of the output will be surprising. Also, one of the most prominent difference between a professional image and a do it yourself project is that a professional logo design can be resized, enlarged or minimized, and still it wouldn’t lose its essence while the other will look completely distorted.

So remember, companies will always work under constrained budgets but that does not mean that the most important feature of your business, that is the logo design, should be ignored. On the contrary, a company image that is designed with skill and proficiency can help bring more customers to your business. Bear in mind, that a great logo is an asset to the company, not an expense.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Should You Go With The Idea Of Hiring An Online Company Logo Designer?

Everything is going online today because it provides high-end results with the comfort of your home plus with the zero investment if renders, many of the people have also established their online business which is indeed a very good thing. That way they can earn sitting on their couches.

According the report issued by United States Department of Labor in 2006, approximately twenty five percent of graphic designers enjoys additional job in the same field or in another occupation. That way, an average yearly income goes around $46,750. If you are lucky and has a streak of creativity sparking within you, then graphic designing would be the best profession for you.
Now there are two types of company logo designer:

1-Online graphic designers
2-Running a local establishment

Graphic designers running a local establishment may come with a huge cost for a client as they have to cover every cost from fixtures to electricity bills to payrolls etc. and still nothing much gets into their pocket. On the contrary, online companies earn much better than them but still comes with a very low cost for a client as they don’t have to take care of other expenses.

This way, online logo designer not only earn a handsome profit but make their clients very much satisfied in the end. Therefore, online company logo designer is always recommended for a business owner who wants to get a perfect corporate identity for his company.

The biggest advantage that a business owner can get by hiring an online graphic designer is that you can get their service, no matter in which country you resides or they are. Just fill out the creative brief form and you have hired them as your company logo designer.

The biggest negative approach about them is that online companies are fraud that is they will run away after getting money from you and as they don’t have any local establishment, you cannot trace them. There are many ways to save you from the possible fraud. The best one is to go only for those companies that have a high credibility in the market. You can check it by various means including testimonials, forums, by contacting their old clients, by asking your friends and relatives etc.

If you have noticed, there is just one downside of hiring an online company’s service while so many advantages of hiring them so you must weigh all the pros and cons before finalizing anything.

Hence, online logo designer will come with very low cost and other benefits that other graphic design companies may not serve you with.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Is The Cost Of Hiring Business Logo Designers?

Budget is the only thing that matters when one go out on shopping. Similarly, you have to keep in mind your budget as well when you are shopping for a corporate identity. People often believe that if they won’t store millions dollars for a corporate identity, they won’t get a good return.

That is not the case actually!

You can get an amazing brand mark identity even in 10 bucks because it depends on the sheer creativity that a graphic designer posses. If I say that you have to be lucky to get a standout brand mark identity then I wouldn’t be wrong.

Business logo designers or services may charge you differently which may be in accordance with their market reputation. Lets examine them according
Large agencies:

They may charge in between $ 25,000 to $50, 000 just for a logo design. Can you believe it? You must have fallen off from your chair but let me inform you that there are many reasons of charging higher than you expect. The reasons may be:

1-Big market reputation
2-Big graphic designer team working behind the scenes which means many creative minds working on the same project that will obviously result into a great brand mark identity.
3-Unlimited revisions are one of the best policies that big logo design agencies are providing these days. As they are charging much, client has every right to change the design as per their own requirements.
Mid size agencies:

They are especially aimed at catering small businesses, therefore, business owners who doesn’t have that much money in their pocket always go with this option. They can charge somewhere in between $59 to $1000. The best thing about them is that they offer various logo design packages to provide convenience for their clients. They can select whatever package they find suitable for their business logo requirements. Most of the times, big companies also approach them to get their big brand marks because of the convenience they renders.
Small companies:

You can expect a single graphic designer working on more than two or three projects at a time. That way, chances are very few of getting a unique corporate identity not only because of a single graphic designer working on this project but also due to his divided attention on different projects. These companies don’t mind taking many projects at a time, no matter, if they have resources or not to deal with the situation. Small company logo designers or services can start off with minimum $ 10, cheap isn’t it?

Thereby, you can now decide on your own which way to go!

Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Pick the Perfect Business Logo Designer for Your Brand?

Your brand image is a graphical representation of your company and its features. Since it is the first impression to the customer, it is quite necessary to make sure that you create the right image. You may have several choices on how to create the perfect logo for your brand. You can either create it yourself through the logo generators that can be found online quite easily or you can hire a professional to do the job for you.

What can a custom logo designer give you that logo generator software cannot?

How about a little a little exclusivity and class?

If you do the job yourself, you save time and money but also compromise on your brand image as the effects and images that are usually found online are very generic and can be used easily by others. Therefore, using the online generators gives no exclusivity to your brand mark identity.

So the appropriate choice would be to opt for a pro. But should you just close your eyes and pick any business logo designer to do the job for you?

No. That would be a big mistake.

A pro may be able to do the perfect job for you but finding such a pro is also not an easy task.

So how can you find a professional who can create the perfect brand mark for you?

Use the World Wide Web. It isn’t one of the most popular communication mediums for no reason. Start with Google and then research each of the logo design company websites carefully. You can also contact your friends and family to recommend a brand mark designing company for you. Another popular way nowadays is to use the social media for such tasks. Study the packages and the sample portfolio that they have offered. Shortlist the websites those are most appropriate according to your preferences and budget.

Then make the contact.

Nowadays, most of the companies provide their 24/7 contact numbers and their online contact/query form which they respond to within a specified period. You can also judge the company based on how efficiently and swiftly they respond to you. If they don’t make the contact in the specified period, strike them off your list. They aren’t committed to the job.

But the story does not end there.

Then there is the process of getting to know the designer and letting him know about your preferences so that you both are on the same wavelength and there are no confusions or conflicts later. Even if you have decided on a package with its predetermined features, here are a few questions that you need to clarify beforehand:

1.Is the company providing you with a satisfaction or money back guarantee?
2.Are there any hidden charges in the package? Some companies charge additional charges for different file formats or for concepts etc. it is important to clarify all such details before the project commences.
3.Will they offer any discount if you opt to do any future projects with them too?
4.Has the company won any awards and prizes? That can tell you the company’s worth in the industry.

Only, after you have received a satisfactory response to these queries, will you be able to do select a logo designing company to create your brand mark identity.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

8 Simple Steps OF Designing The Perfect And Worthwhile Logo Design Website

Are you new to the logo designing business and trying to design your own website?

What are the main constitutes that a good logo design website should have to make it look professional and appealing?

For a logo design firm that has online presence, it is very important to design it just the right way so that it is attractive, informative and reflects a positive image of your business. When a potential customer visits your website, he should be able to trust your business easily.

So; how to create the perfect website for your logo design business?

Here are the following things that a good logo design website must have:

Overview of the company:

Even a one pager on the background of the company; its vision and values will make it easier for the customer to know you. Remember, the customer trusts you with its brand’s value and he will not give you business unless he feels that he can trust you. Through this page, show your customer what a compassionate, innovative yet professional company you are.

Sample portfolio:

Give a wide range of some of the projects that you’ve worked on in the past or are working on. Make sure you put only the best samples and that the portfolio caters to a wide range of different fields of business. This will give the customer a clear view of your innovative side.

A good range of logo design packages:

Make sure that the packages you offer cater to a wide range of companies, from the smallest to the largest. That way you are increasing your target market. Start the lowest package with competitive prices and features and then work your way up.

A customer testimonial/feedback area:

Are you confident enough in your work? Then, keep this as an open forum for the customers to post their feedback. Trust me; this is the first section that a potential client will want to visit if he is interested in doing business with you.

Easy contact details:

Providing just a simple email address is not enough. If you really want to capture a client, then why not give a 24/7 toll free number as well so that the customer can reach you whenever he wants. You can also provide an online query or complain form to make the contact process easier. Also commit to your turnaround time to acknowledging the customers query or complaint; how efficiently you get back to the customer with a solution will make or break the deal. Most of the clients judge a logo design firm with how well they treat the clients on their first contact. So better take care of that part.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the usual queries that a potential client may ask you? Why not list them down with answers to make the customers and your life easier. This saves time on both the parts.

And easy guideline to how the whole logo designing process works:

You can provide a step by step process here as to how the logo designing process works; from the creative brief to the final delivery and payment process. This helps avoid confusion for the client later.

And of course terms and conditions to protect your business:

Mention the privacy policy, the copy right issues and warranties here. This is one of the most important parts of the website as clearing mentioning the terms and conditions will help you avoid potential legal issues in the future.

Hence, if your logo design website has these constitute, then it is catering to the masses. And that increases the logo design company’s chances to get a potential customer.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Seven Crucial Steps To Choosing A Perfect Logo Design Service In Town

There are literally so many out there which can be obviously very much confusing for the business owners who want to get their corporate identity designed from a professional’s hand. It takes a lot to determine which logo design service is the best one and thus, business owners usually end up on unreliable and untrustworthy graphic design company.

Steps to select a professional graphic design company:

1-Take a pen and paper, list down all the graphic design companies that you think should come in the count. There should be at least ten companies in the list that are the best in town and if you are going for online one’s then there is no need to restraint your search to your town.

2-Start from the most reputed one. Check the price and packages offered by that company but keep in mind your budget. Compare it with their packages and see if hiring it would be suitable for you.

3-The companies that are unaffordable for you should be kicked out of the list. That way the list will be much shorter. Another thing that you should check is their portfolio. If there is anything worthwhile there.

4-After getting rid of the companies that doesn’t have a sound portfolio, you should check their professionalism. Do they satisfy you from this angle? Professionalism can be checked by analyzing their website, contacts etc.

5-Another thing to be noted is the feedback clients usually given by them to be published on the company’s website in the form of testimonials. You can check them to have an idea of their service.

6-Check forums, your friends and relatives to gather as much information about them as possible and see what are the results. That way you will be able to reach a final conclusion. I hope two or three companies are left in your list.

7-The final point is about checking their customer service. A company which isn’t good in handling their potential clients will not be able to deliver a good results, I am sure. Therefore, it is wise to contact them by which ever means they have provided. See how they talk, how they response because this will show their level of professionalism.

Many of the logo design services that have a big name in market often treat clients with having low budget very badly which is not good of course. Every company is there to earn good but that’s not an excuse to neglect employees possessing a low budget. Therefore, this can be a great point to weigh the credibility of a graphic design company.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Logo Design Help For Graphic Designers to revive the magic of designing

You are new to this business world and you don’t know how to come up with a corporate company identity? What can you do to get a formidable business brand mark identity? This following logo design help will be definitely useful for both entrepreneurs and graphic designers for it will guide theLinkm to culminate a brand mark that will set their business apart from the rest.


Some graphic designers often neglect the basic use of paper sketches as they think themselves to be the king after spending a considerable amount of time in industry but that’s not the solution. With time the quality of their logo design decreases but price increases and here come the downfall.

2-Step by step drawing:

Often times, after preparing a wholesome idea, a graphic designer tries to complete it in a matter of seconds by using all the elements together at the same time that results in the loss of quality and creativity. An intelligent and hard working designer will follow the logo design process from the top to bottom to ensure proper and high-ending designs.

3-Images, use of clipart:

What can be worse than using predefined images and clipart in a logo design? Often time graphic designers make such a mistake so as to wind up the work in a minimum amount of time possible. Clipart are just like images, in fact they can be worse than that.

4-Use of vectors:

The best ongoing trend is the use of vector images because a logo has to be used at various mediums from logo design websites to business cards and as a logo in a vector format is scalable, it can be used everywhere with ease.

Whether you are a graphic designer or a business owner, you must make sure that a corporate identity you are going for or designing is made up on vectors so that they can be used anywhere from a business card to hoardings to letter heads to a logo design websites.

5-Drafts and revisions:

Again I would say that whether you are professional graphic designer or a small business owner, you have to keep this in mind that here the phrase doesn’t fit at all,” First impression is the last impression”. Here, more are the revisions; the more are the chances that the final design concept is perfect.

Thereby, there are so many important points that a graphic designer and even a small business owner should keep in mind if he wants to get his corporate identity done in a perfect manner.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let The Experts Handle The Job Expertly – Opt For Logo Design Firms!

A logo design is a brand’s face. That is the first thing that a customer looks at and judges your brand through. If the logo looks unprofessional and messy, then that is how your company is too. So that definitely increases the pressure to design the right logo to represent your brand.

So, would you rather risk your brand’s identity by letting some amateur design your logo or would you rather opt for one of the professional logo design companies?

Which one is better, you ask?

Let’s find out:

1.If you want professionalism, logo design firms can give you that:

A logo design firm does things the only way they know how – professionally. From the process of getting the client to fill in their creative briefs to the market research as to what the client wants from the designer till the final out, the procedure is handled with utmost proficiency and expertise as compared to an amateur who is new to the field and is taking a chance with your brand logo design.

2.They aren’t called experts for no reason:

There’s a whole psychology that goes behind how a color reflects on your mood. You might not know that but the experts do. Plus, the best part about getting a logo designed by an expert is that they know exactly how to comprehend the right colors, text and images to reflect your company values to your brand logo.

3.Since there are no cheap softwares or generator involved in the process, the logo design is unique and exclusive:

Exclusivity and uniqueness is one of the most important factors while designing a logo design. How will the customer differentiate your brand from others if even your logo isn’t different? The biggest disadvantage of using free or almost free online logo generators is there is a predetermined set of fonts, effects and images. The images or effects that you use, someone else might use the same ones later. If you were in the customers’ shoes, would you like to do business with a firm that cannot even come up with their own exclusive logo design?

4.By opting for the professionals, you’d get a logo design that is high quality:

The main difference between logo designs created through cheap softwares and created by logo design firms is that the cheap softwares produce just that – cheap logos. They may be looking good on your computer screen now but try resizing them. Enlarge or minimize your logo design and then you’ll see the difference. Your logo design will look distorted and simply ugly. But the logo designs produced by the professionals are high in quality, which does not lose their original essence when resized.

5.Getting your brand logo designed by the professionals is a confidence booster:

Getting the company logo designed by the professionals will boost your confidence in your brand. So, let the experts handle the job that they’re good at so that you can concentrate on running the business.

So, in conclusion, there may be a lot of ways to design your own brand logo design; whether its designing it on your own through a cheap logo generator that only have a few limited predetermined options of effects or images or whether it’s through a logo design software that is so difficult to use that you’d probably need classes to run it; the best and most successful option is to hire one of the professional to do the job. They may cost you a pretty penny today but trust me, the return is swift and three fold.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Common Myths and Falsehoods Unveiled About Online Logo Design Agencies

People talk about everything from a girl’s dress to weather to neighbor’s last night fight to the latest movie release. Similarly, Industry and business affairs are invariably the topic of discussion for centuries, whether good or bad. I guess public relation came out of as a blessing for companies to cope with negative publicity.

Anyhow if we talk about logo design agencies, it has been the part of graphic design industry for ages and now is a serious business. People loves talking about them as well, some in bad while some in good. Lets talk about the negative propaganda that I noted everywhere.

The price is not right:

That is they always charge more. Graphic design companies charge so high that an average person with limited resources and budget cannot afford. That is so Linknot true, there are so many companies out there that charges differently from each other. Its up to a researcher to find out the most affordable one for him because every business owner has a specific criteria for his budget, logo, his business etc.

Bad investment:

Why do you want to invest your hard won cash in such little piece of drawing that even a layman can come up with? Friends usually react like that this when one asks for an advice. For them, getting a logo design from a professional graphic design company is a bad investment but they forget that it is a face of company that has to be dealt well otherwise they will risk their reputation.

No customer satisfaction:

Once they get paid, they don’t bother for their customer satisfaction. The only thing they need is money and when they get it they leave their customers and their logo alone. Have you ever seen unlimited revision package on various graphic design company websites? This is merely done for the customer satisfaction so how can anyone say now that a logo design agency doesn’t care for their valuable customers.

Hidden charges:

Logo design packages that are often offered to the clients are often blamed to charge clients with extra money especially the online one. Everything is given on the pages with description so how come they can charge you with extra bucks.

They are fraud:

Online e-commerce, e-businesses and e-shops comes with many advantages but there are some disadvantages as well. The greatest one is to do the payment beforehand which pops up many questions in the customers. Therefore, it really becomes difficult for an online graphic design company to build credibility.

Hence, you should avoid the above told myths about any logo design agency and hire them to get state of the art brand mark identity.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Logo Maker Software – Not A Smart Person’s Choice!

“Genius ain't anything more than elegant common sense”
How true this phrase is!

Today not everybody is a genius; it means no one uses his/her common sense to get to the crux of the matter. I guess this is the reason, free logo maker software are a buzzword today. People don’t give in thought before going for such free options that are of course no way good for their business reputation. To put it in another way, they don’t use their common sense and those who do, make a mark through their professionally designed logo design.

Can you convince yourself about designing a corporate identity for your company? Do you have any plausible explanation for this?

It is might possible that you don’t know the answers to the preceding two questions. You can further read the article if you want the answers.
Did you use to get a top rank in arts?

No doubt you were good but ask yourself if it is a plausible justification of claiming yourself a graphic designer. You know you can’t do that, may be this is why; you went for free logo maker download but can you come up with a high-ending logo design that only a professional graphic design can create?

Do you think you are creative?

Again no doubt you are creative but can you bear software that takes all the creative freedom from you. With zilch creativity how would you be able to create something that you always dreamt of?

Do you want to use blue color?

Well, that is just an example. You might want to use red, white or black as well, its all up to you but can you expect a predefined logo templates to allow you the use of colors as per your own requirements?

Colors are a subtle way of transmitting message into the sub-conscious minds of the viewers; therefore, a person has to be really smart when playing with colors. With free logo maker download, you won’t be able to draw a logo containing colors that are according to your business nature and your own desire.

If you have ever downloaded it, you might encounter already colored clipart drawings that are no less than a school painting, therefore, you will have to use them as it is which is the greatest tragedy more than the novel, Romeo and Juliet.

Hence, answer the three questions posed above to elucidate your minds about the use of free logo makers or softwares. The final choice is yours!