Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Car Logo Stickers – The Most Effective Idea for Guaranteed Promotion

Car logo stickers are known by many different names: auto decals, vehicle graphics, and vehicle wraps. It is a very good idea to stick a vehicle wrap on your vehicle that contains the brand mark of your company, which must be your company’s vehicle of course. The brand mark must be placed at such a spot on the vehicle where it will most visible, where the passersby can see it more easily. In fact, you can place the decal any where you want.Following are some ideas on you can put a decal on the vehicle and at what spots.

1. Hood – this is the par where the decal would be most prominent, not only for the passersby but also for other drivers who will be viewing it from their rare view mirrors. I would suggest that you invert or revert the image so that the drivers who are seeing it from them rare view mirrors can see it properly and correctly.
2. Rear – while you are driving, or are waiting in a jam, how many number plates do you notice and try to make sense out of them by making words or word games? By putting your Brand mark decal on the rare of your vehicle, you are giving every driver behind you something interesting to look at.
3. Sides: these have the largest surface are for exposure, and you can use this space as a canvas for Painting the Brand mark. This will make everybody notice who is driving at your side and will catch definite attention, even when the vehicle is parked.
4. Roof- If your company vehicle spends most of the time in the city area with tall edifices; citizens looking down and out of windows will be able to look at it very clearly as you drive by or park in the area.
5. Everywhere! – This was obvious, wasn’t it? If you can’t make your mind on one or two spots for placing or sticking vehicle wraps, cover the whole thing with your company brand mark decal! What can you give you better promotion? It will give full exposure and your brand mark will be visible from everywhere. In principle when a vehicle wrap is wrapped on the whole body of the vehicle or lorry, they’re known as vehicle wrap.

If you use this car logos list of placing the decal, after some innovations and imaginations of your own, you will be able to promote you brand name very successfully.

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