Monday, October 31, 2011

A Jungle Full Of Awesome Ideas for Cost Free Animal Logo

There is no doubt that the most brilliant and unforgettable business icon designs are also the most plain in appearance. You want your company identities to be recognized straight away, acting as a terrific bookmark in the minds of the viewers. A passer-by will normally just give a momentary glance to the business icon, and an exceedingly intricate business icon will make that opportunity superfluous.

Why do most companies prefer using jungle creatures in their business icons? How can they relate to the business? That is the main art and the technique of the art. Faunas are cute to look at and are easier to remember. That is why most companies prefer using them in their business icons. And somehow make them relate to the business or its nature.

Following are some excellent animal logo ideas that you might find handy while creating your business design:

1. The creature should relate to the company and its business in every sense:

Different creatures can be used to represent different characteristics of the business or its owner. For example, if you want to symbolize faithfulness, the image of a dog is the perfect representation because a dog is known and recognized worldwide as the most loyal creature. For sovereignty, it’s a lion. For cunningness, you can use a fox and for inscrutable nature of a female, cat is the perfect representation. Try to find out the sense or meaning you want to describe through your business icon.
Remember one thing, besides the business and the message, also keep in mind the target audience while you are designing. Try and highlight the most prominent feature of the company by using the most appropriate creature. Like, for instance, for speed you can use a cheetah, and for strength, a rhinoceros.

2. Use fonts according to the creature’s nature:

The typescript should be complementary to the fauna used in the design. You can also apply two different types of fonts, keeping in mind that they should go with the understood nature of the creature. If the nature of the creature is sweet and easy going, you can use something swirly and thin lined. But if the creature is known to be ferocious in nature, then the font should be bold and dark, thick lined.

Free animal logo can be very interesting to use if you know the right kind of application. But still if you don’t have any ideas, you can always hire a professional!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Famous Animal Logos – Reaching the Ultimate Height of Creativity and Innovation

It is not new, that people use creature names or illustrations for themselves or others. You might have heard of these phrases all your life: ‘strong as an ox’, ‘tall as a giraffe’, ‘big as a bear’, ‘quick as a cat’, or ‘clever as a fox’.

Today, this usage continues, mostly in the field of designs. We, humans, have a habit of using mammal representations to portray different characteristics of each other. This usage has given us full advantage in the world of business as well. At first, I was confused. I thought how can we use animals in our business identities, something so serious? But then when I concentrated on its advantages, I realized it actually was a great idea.

I have seen many using the image of an elephant in many famous animal logos. This image in the business icon illustrates strength and hugeness, and also reliability. Similarly, many car companies use images of a horse, or leopards to symbolize speed and liveliness.

You cannot use just any type of icon with any type of business. It is very important that the illustration should associate appropriately with the type of business. If your business is relating to water, or is of aquatic nature, then you can use aquatic mammals. Such mammals that have the qualities similar to that of your company, like swiftness and growth.

I can name a hundred best animal logos that are very popular on the web world, and that use animals as a part of their symbol. Some of them are as follows: MSN (uses a multicolor butterfly), Lacoste (uses a crocodile), Jaguar and Puma (use a leopard), Swarovski (uses a swan), WWF (uses a panda), Twitter (uses a blue bird), Spiderman (uses a spider), Playboy (uses a rabbit), Red Bull (uses two bulls), and Bacardi (uses a bat).

As you can see for yourself that the above mentioned icons are some of the most popular that are recognized all over the world. The illustrations used in them are illustrating different characteristics of the business. For example, the multi colored butterfly is for telling the customer or user that he will get a wide range of options here.

Other than the illustration, there are more important things one should consider. These are the font type, font size, color of the font, format of the image, etc. All these factors are important parts of a great design.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Awesome Ideas on Effective Instant Marketing of Brands with Animal Logo

Symbolization is being used world-wide, in many countries, to symbolize something or the other all the time. Different creatures signify different emotions and feelings for people in different countries. For example, the cow signifies the Dharma in India. Therefore, many corporations in India use this symbol repeatedly. The use of this symbol is very common all over India.

Sometimes the creature is just used to signify different aspects of the company, such as, power, strength, speed, loyalty, faithfulness, or some other characteristic relating to the company. And the other times the creature is the part of the business icon only because the company deals in it, or it is a part of the company name.

However, making unique and cool animal logos is not an easy task. There are so many business icons with creature images prevailing in the industry now, and almost all of them are pretty good. But you want your design to be the best, a design that surpasses the expectations of the crowd and diverts their attention from other business icons towards itself. For that you will have to experiment with many designs to finally come up with a design that will stand out in the crowd.

Recently, the use of the human face and drawings of creatures are being used intensively to express and describe the nature and different aspects of the brands with animal logo. If you really want your business icon to be extra ordinary, you can use a human face expression, or an emotive image of a creature. This will make the business mark design interesting and attractive.

Birds work great for business marks because they symbolize many optimistic attributes such as liberty, perception, nimbleness, liveliness, and pleasure. Probably the most popular bird business icon today is the Twitter icon as it shows up on nearly all web pages, but there are several other great bird business icons prevailing in the marketing industry.

In order to make you business mark look designed by a professional, you will have to balance all the angles of designing properly. Consider every feature of the design and make sure that that aspect is appropriate. Everything should be perfect and pertaining to the design and the choice of the creature. The mood of the creature and the nature of the business should properly be reflected in the symbolic representation and the font style.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Animal Logo BMX – A Logo That You Can Never Easily Forget!

“I told Whiteboy the idea and he drew up the Griffin Brand mark. There was never a doubt from day one that we would use that brand mark and name to represent us.”

- Ralph Sinisi

Branded racing bike riding has been a great success since their first debut in the 1970s. The desire to ride bikes in free style and perform amazing bike stunts has invaded our computer screens in the form of online games, available for free on the net.

With this reputation, the brand needed a brand mark to represent itself to the world in a more dramatic way. For that they required a brand mark that will dazzle the world with its looks. They wanted a strong and bold presentation of themselves. So, after a lot of brainstorming they settled on an animal logo BMX - an eagle with horns!

They wanted something that will represent all the qualities of their brand and of the bikes as well. They wanted depict strength, speed, and innovation! So, an eagle with horns seemed as the best idea. It was actually a mixture. A mixture of an eagle and a bull, I guess. But, it did the trick!

The brand mark was so popular that it was worn as tattoos, and on t-shirts! It gave the riders more value and a sense of priority. It played well, very well. This figure was used to describe anything crazy related with the riders and racers.

The brand mark described everything from wildness to speed. These were the qualities common of all the riders and racers of the branded bikes. The wild animal logo of an eagle with horns made them look cooler. So, they started wearing them on tee fronts. These bikes got a lot of promotion and publication because of the brand mark. This means that the creature brand mark performed very well and was an instant success.

The eagle portrayed speed, and the bull’s horns were meant to portray aggression and strength. The purpose of the brand mark was to make the riders feel that they will feel like an eagle soaring in the sky as soon as they mount the bike and ride it. This is why it was also used in big races. The brand mark increased the familiarity of the brand and gave it a name of its own, a name that cannot be forgotten very easily.

The brand didn’t need to remake their brand mark because it was imprinted in the minds of the customers and they loved it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Advice on Animal Logo – Correct Use of Characters to Portray Business

Faunas have contributed largely in brand identity letter heads, visiting cards, etc, either it be a large scale business or a small one…

It is an apparent preference to use an animal logo for your business if it is associated somehow with that fauna. You might have this fauna in your corporate title or maybe you deal in faunas or fauna products. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to use a fauna for a beauty salon!

Understand your character well:

Before beginning, I would like to make sure that you understand the use of symbols. You should understand that you can only use fauna in your brand mark design if your business is somehow associated with a fauna. There should be some sort of link between the name and the image.


Birds, unlike faunas, are a different story. You can use birds in a brand mark design to show growth of a business, to portray development, and that the business is moving forward and is booming. But faunas like cats, dogs, mice, or any other type, need to be given a little thought before placing them in the design.

Images are a symbolic way of representation:

Images give a meaning to the text in the emblem. An inappropriate fauna figure in the emblem might change the entire perception of the customer. He might start associating your business with the figure, and misinterpret the type of services you are providing. So, be very careful while placing fauna figures in your brand mark design.

Make accurate choice of character:

Universal animal logo designs are usually used to describe character and type of the business and services. A lot of different emotions can be expressed using faunas. For example, an owl can be used to represent insight and intellect, devotion by using a dog, femaleness by using a cat, cunningness by using a fox and mischievousness by using a bunny. Your character should correctly portray the perception of your brand mark. I have an idea, before using an fauna in your brand mark design and getting it wrong, research and read your fauna character in detail and then decide whether this fauna character matches the profile of your company or not. Use a swan to illustrate grace, a horse for pace, a bear for authority, a lion for royalty, a ladybug for fortuity, an elk bull for arrogance, a duck to say entertainment and amusement, or a shark for ferociousness.

Therefore, you must be very careful while selecting your fauna character. The character must be able to portray the meaning of your brand mark correctly, without giving the customer or the viewer the wrong sense of the business.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Advices on Making Successful Architecture Logo Designs For Your Company

There’s a new trend in fresh artists. The trend of going overboard in the pursuit of making outstanding Architecture logo designs. It is true that the icon should be attractive and eye catching, but this does not mean that you over do it with styles and colors.

If you really want to grab the attention of the viewers and potential customers, then your icon must speak the appropriate language. This means that your business icon should be able to convey the intended message properly. Too much styling and too many colors will make the business icon ambiguous. The intended message will be confused.

A company’s success depends on its reputation in the market. And a new business has to build its reputation in the industry. And for that you will need an instrument, or a tool, that will communicate your efficiency and sincerity with work to potential customers. Your business icon will have to follow some rules if you want it to successfully survive in the industry.

First of all, it should be clear and understandable. The viewer must understand and predict the message of the brand mark when he first looks at it. He doesn’t have to concentrate on its message, or put a lot of strain on his mind to get the meaning of the brand mark image. For that you will have to keep you brand mark as simple as possible. Don’t include many swirls and waves. And use simple fonts. Moreover, the image should also be simple and clearly visible when black and white. Keep the lines of the image moderate, and try not to include too many details in the image.

Once your brand mark is ready, you are ready to show off in the vicinity. You can be sure that your objective of creating a brand mark will be accomplished. Your emblem will be one of the best Architect logo. In the world of such tough, severe competition, it is hard for a new idea to survive. You’ll be surrounded by many unique, good, and innovative brand marks. But your challenge will be to produce something that surpasses everything and stands at the top of the heap. It must be unique among all the others, yet very simple and understandable. It shouldn’t consist of any such feature that is common in all the others. Only then will the customers will be able to notice your brand mark and differentiate it from the rest.

Promote Your Company in A Remarkably With an Enhanced Architecture Logo

Promotion has become a necessity for structural planning and construction business. And it is only architecture logo that can play an important role in reaching to the audience and communicating to them the aspects of the company and its objectives. Architectural companies or agencies are very important when it comes to planning the structural model of a building. Every business differs from the other in many important and significant ways. So their brand marks should also differ. Every emblem should speak for the company it represents. A brand mark is the only reliable way of reaching and communicating with the valuable customers.

While making the business icon you should strictly keep in mind that the business icon should relate to the symbol in every aspect.

Different Architecture logo designs made by new artists almost look alike. This is because inexpert artists depend heavily on templates and illustrative brand mark drawings. The icon should include images that relate to the business and its nature. The kind of business and its objective or future goals should reflect in the illustration. Otherwise the main purpose of the brand mark would be lost. Furthermore, before commencing your brand mark project, you should conduct a full research of brand marks so that you have a record of all the icons that are common to those of your opponents.

You emblem should be unique and its features should stand out in the crowd. If you also use those ideas that other people have already used in their brand mark drawing, then you can never be successful. Your drawing should be very different from that of your opponents. If you really want a heart winning brand mark, then you must put in extra amount of brain storming and hard work.

The next important aspect of brand mark drawing, that is very vital to this business, is the color combination of the brand mark. Many people go for those colors that they think are the best, according to their personal likes and dislikes. And this becomes the most common mistake committed by the artists. Color has a lot of influence on the business icon and the viewer’s perception. Whether the customer is aware or not, he is responding to the colors of the brand mark in a psychological or emotional way. Colors play a very important part in determining how the customer feels when he looks at the business icon.

For more detail on Architect Logo.