Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Advice on Animal Logo – Correct Use of Characters to Portray Business

Faunas have contributed largely in brand identity letter heads, visiting cards, etc, either it be a large scale business or a small one…

It is an apparent preference to use an animal logo for your business if it is associated somehow with that fauna. You might have this fauna in your corporate title or maybe you deal in faunas or fauna products. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to use a fauna for a beauty salon!

Understand your character well:

Before beginning, I would like to make sure that you understand the use of symbols. You should understand that you can only use fauna in your brand mark design if your business is somehow associated with a fauna. There should be some sort of link between the name and the image.


Birds, unlike faunas, are a different story. You can use birds in a brand mark design to show growth of a business, to portray development, and that the business is moving forward and is booming. But faunas like cats, dogs, mice, or any other type, need to be given a little thought before placing them in the design.

Images are a symbolic way of representation:

Images give a meaning to the text in the emblem. An inappropriate fauna figure in the emblem might change the entire perception of the customer. He might start associating your business with the figure, and misinterpret the type of services you are providing. So, be very careful while placing fauna figures in your brand mark design.

Make accurate choice of character:

Universal animal logo designs are usually used to describe character and type of the business and services. A lot of different emotions can be expressed using faunas. For example, an owl can be used to represent insight and intellect, devotion by using a dog, femaleness by using a cat, cunningness by using a fox and mischievousness by using a bunny. Your character should correctly portray the perception of your brand mark. I have an idea, before using an fauna in your brand mark design and getting it wrong, research and read your fauna character in detail and then decide whether this fauna character matches the profile of your company or not. Use a swan to illustrate grace, a horse for pace, a bear for authority, a lion for royalty, a ladybug for fortuity, an elk bull for arrogance, a duck to say entertainment and amusement, or a shark for ferociousness.

Therefore, you must be very careful while selecting your fauna character. The character must be able to portray the meaning of your brand mark correctly, without giving the customer or the viewer the wrong sense of the business.

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