Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Logos and Designs - Types of Script based Logos Designs

Script based logos designs are the most antique form in the world of logos and design. These are also the most widely used logotypes in the history of logos and design without much doubt. At first, script or text based logos designs were limited to writing the name of a company or brand in a simple or different way for that matter. With the passage of time, logos and designs were brought together and became an art form where logos became designs and designs became logos.

Some script logos designs bear certain shapes to depict the message of a company or brand. These logos designs may be triangular scripts, circles, squares or have some unique contours. A number of script logo designs are composed in different directions for example vertically, diagonally and in opposite directions also.

Certain script logos designs are composed in such a way that they portray an image of sorts.

Another form of script logos designs is created by writing them in a manner that enables the script to be read in more ways than one. These logos designs are called ambigrams which can be read as the same word or a different word either by rotating, flipping or spelling them backwards. Specialist logos designers can be found in the field of logos and design who deeply concentrate on ambigrams as their medium.



The sphere of logos and design unlimited and more information about typographical logos designs will follow in upcoming articles.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Hire Professionals to Create Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is the blend of reliable visual rudiments that are worn in your marketing materials. A crucial brand identity kit consists of a logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope. It can be vast to contain a Web site, brochure, folder, flyer, or any other professionally designed pieces.Hire a professional logo designer to create identity of your company. Because they offer authentic and stand out logo designs like business logo design, corporate logo design, company logo design and many more in your budget.

The very first obsession that catches the viewers’ eyes when they open any website is the logo of the organization. Brand uniqueness of a company is highly influenced by its attractive logo. A firm or a company or even an entrepreneur needs professional logo design. Business logo magnifies the company image and influence business identity to a great extent.

A professional logo design is the product of shear hard work which is sandwiched in with all the technicalities like attractive colors and shapes done with a concept in mind.

Hire a dynamic logo design company experiencing in all types of logo designing jobs. Comprised with team of logo designers that can create business logo, icon design, and corporate logo and customized logo design.

If you think that your logo should stand out from your competitors then you can depend upon the professional logo designers. A one time initial investment now can create an ever lasting image of your business.

Is just a URL or Web design is enough to make your customer recall your website?

In an emerging world of technology, where internet became one of the most important part of our life and provided us with a facility of reaching all around the globe in just few clicks only. The identity of a website to maintain is getting rare and scarce. So there is always been a need to make your separate mark in the internet world where trillions of web sites making their entry every single second.

Let's have a look at one of the most neglected properties of a website. Well, am talking about a Website logo design. Most website owners fail to appreciate the importance of a logo in bringing more and more customers to there site. Because of so much website traffic the viewer doesn’t have a strong memory to remember the same website he/she visited almost an hour back but a web design logos can play a flaggy role in memorizing the URL.

Generally, a web logo gives your site a unique feel and will attract more users because of its unique design.
Just like in other online businesses, a web site ought to have a flexible and prominent logo that keeps tweaking to some extent, all through the year to keep members entertained and persuade them to visit your site now and again.

Always change your web site logo occasionally as it brings the freshness and uniqueness to your website. For example, it might be your web site's anniversary, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day etc. Reflection of these events gives your website a boost.

But keep in mind that you should not completely change your logo from the first form. Leave the basics as they were, just adding few new features related to the occasion or holiday can do your work.

For Halloween you can use pumpkin or some scary image, for Valentine's Day- there must be roses around your logo, for the New Year – the New Year gift hamper with sweets and chocolates can make your way to the viewer desire.

Two of the best examples of greatest logo management are YAHOO and GOOGLE. They put so much attention to their logo by constantly changing it to reflect the occasion. Perhaps you should take time to do something like that on your web site since the main aim of launching a web site is to attract more and more viewers.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


World Wide Web is the most important thing of the current world of internet, which is making us enable to reach the world on a single click. Since when the internet started to grow after the end of 20th century the world wide web number has also increased in huge amount for about thousands to millions and reaching up to trillion because now every one can access and generate a website gathered with a localize information. As the website business grows, the familiarization increases. So the need of making your website in a stand alone position the most of the corporate web sites started to design there web design logos. The good example of professionally designed logos here could be Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Orkut etc.

Therefore, the need of a web logo takes you to the skills wanted for designing attractive logos are as under:

1. An excellent web designer can sometimes is not able to create the best logo design due to lack of logo designing knowledge. So the first thing in designing a logo is that you must have an effective graphic and logo design skill and having a relevant education towards it.

2. Creativity and a flare of design abilities makes you differ from the most designers.

3. Research and knowledge of the target market is important that help you design a result-oriented logo.

4. Basic design concepts and the initial image of the logo must be in mind, which helps you to tweak many imaginative themes on it.

5. Sketching must be done whenever any idea punches up your mind using different color or even different formatting styles.

6. Always keep your brain focused to the client requirement and the profile of a website to achieve the ultimate goal.

7. It is very important that the logo can be effectively work in black in white version also as it can be copied or faxed whenever it is needed to.

8. Fun and funky, sleek and professional, a good visual design goes a long way to projecting the desired image and increasing the effectiveness of a website.