Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Logos and Designs - Types of Script based Logos Designs

Script based logos designs are the most antique form in the world of logos and design. These are also the most widely used logotypes in the history of logos and design without much doubt. At first, script or text based logos designs were limited to writing the name of a company or brand in a simple or different way for that matter. With the passage of time, logos and designs were brought together and became an art form where logos became designs and designs became logos.

Some script logos designs bear certain shapes to depict the message of a company or brand. These logos designs may be triangular scripts, circles, squares or have some unique contours. A number of script logo designs are composed in different directions for example vertically, diagonally and in opposite directions also.

Certain script logos designs are composed in such a way that they portray an image of sorts.

Another form of script logos designs is created by writing them in a manner that enables the script to be read in more ways than one. These logos designs are called ambigrams which can be read as the same word or a different word either by rotating, flipping or spelling them backwards. Specialist logos designers can be found in the field of logos and design who deeply concentrate on ambigrams as their medium.



The sphere of logos and design unlimited and more information about typographical logos designs will follow in upcoming articles.

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