Tuesday, October 6, 2009


World Wide Web is the most important thing of the current world of internet, which is making us enable to reach the world on a single click. Since when the internet started to grow after the end of 20th century the world wide web number has also increased in huge amount for about thousands to millions and reaching up to trillion because now every one can access and generate a website gathered with a localize information. As the website business grows, the familiarization increases. So the need of making your website in a stand alone position the most of the corporate web sites started to design there web design logos. The good example of professionally designed logos here could be Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Orkut etc.

Therefore, the need of a web logo takes you to the skills wanted for designing attractive logos are as under:

1. An excellent web designer can sometimes is not able to create the best logo design due to lack of logo designing knowledge. So the first thing in designing a logo is that you must have an effective graphic and logo design skill and having a relevant education towards it.

2. Creativity and a flare of design abilities makes you differ from the most designers.

3. Research and knowledge of the target market is important that help you design a result-oriented logo.

4. Basic design concepts and the initial image of the logo must be in mind, which helps you to tweak many imaginative themes on it.

5. Sketching must be done whenever any idea punches up your mind using different color or even different formatting styles.

6. Always keep your brain focused to the client requirement and the profile of a website to achieve the ultimate goal.

7. It is very important that the logo can be effectively work in black in white version also as it can be copied or faxed whenever it is needed to.

8. Fun and funky, sleek and professional, a good visual design goes a long way to projecting the desired image and increasing the effectiveness of a website.

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