Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Social Networking Websites – The Victims of Spam You Should Be Aware Of? (Part 1)

One way or other, the social media websites have neither proven to be friendly nor unfriendly for online users. There is no single social media website in the world that is free of spamming. Spamming has flooded the online world of social websites and now has become one of the most fundamental problems that every social network needs to resolve. Here are the 10 most famous social websites that are victims of spamming which you should be aware of:

1. Spam vs Facebook:

Who is not aware of Facebook? But the website is most primarily targeted by hackers and scammers. Here is the list of Facebook spam that you should know about:

• IQ Quiz on Facebook contains advertisements that hold spam, once you click an advertisement; you are shifted towards a site that may ask you to answer 10 questions that are relatively easier to answer. Once you answer these questions, you are asked to enter your phone number; if you entered your phone number correctly; then $10 bill per week will be added directly to your phone bill through this scam.

• Sometimes, you may receive an instant message from one of your international friend who tells you that he/she has been robbed and doesn’t have a wallet, so, need money. Use your common sense how in the world your friend is being able to access you on Facebook. Can’t he access via phone to inform you? This type of scam is created by international fraudsters who hack your friend’s account.

• A fishing scam is another threat to Facebook. A hacker is the one responsible for this kind of spam who stole user’s account and send spam messages like” Check out this funny video” by redirecting the user to the fake Facebook login page.

• KOOBFACE worm is another gift of Facebook which is in fact a virus. You would receive a message in your Facebook account which will contain a link that may lead you to the video where you are being asked to upgrade the flash player by downloading the file. Once you’ve downloaded and install the file, you are retrieved back to Facebook and similar messages are sent to your friends by the virus, “KOOBFACE worm”.

To be continued…

Friday, May 28, 2010

twEEt-to-grEEt-business-success ;-)

Twitter has become one of the top social networking applications of the current era. Twitter is basically a micro blogging technology that allows users to quickly update their status, usually containing a very limited number of characters but for business owners it can work like a genie of the lamp that can make your all business wishes come true. How, I will explain below.

1. Twitter allows you to introduce your business on the internet to billions and trillions of people.

2. Twitter allows you to post updates about your business or products in one click.

3. Twitter allows unlimited number of people to become your “follower” and see each of your business or personal update.

4. Twitter is an interactive application that allows people to reply back to each of your post.

5. Last, but the greatest thing about twitter; IT’S FREE!

So after getting familiar with Twitter’s great benefits you want to join twitter right! So, here’s how you quickly setup an account on twitter in 5 steps;
1. Choose a name: create the account name by your company’s name to make it easier for people to find you.

2. Create a profile: put down all the information related to your product or services in the profile section.

3. Add an Icon/Avatar: add your company’s logo to in the icon box.

4. Link to your official website: give your official website’s link in the URL section so people can be redirected to your official page.

5. Follow: follow people with similar interests and media personalities to explore more and be more notable.

You are all settled up! Now, all you need to do is to start tweeting to give greeting to the arriving business success.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Read This And Hire The Ideal Logo Design Service For Your Company

I have never seen anyone denying the fact that a business logo is one of the most unavoidable assets of any company’s business branding. A logo design is something that provides you such unique features that help your business to achieve the ultimate goals of your dreams. In the present time, getting a logo design is really easy, but to get a nice and cost effective one is indeed the hardest thing to achieve.

As there are so many logo and graphics designers available in the graphic design market, it has become difficult to trust on one and there is only one way to hire a logo designer, and that is by using your instincts. Your instincts are something which won’t let you down, because this is a situation where you can’t trust on anybody just if anybody tells you to believe him that he is the best, right! This is where your inner instincts come to play.

Even so there should be couple of things that you can’t leave on your instincts and which should be analyzed by working on them. What you need to do from your side before hiring a logo designer is explained below:

• As a first step; you have to look at the portfolio section on the designer’s website you wish to hire. There, you will get a chance to look at their art work, which will help you in judging their expertise.

• As a second step; you should communicate with the designer at least twice. This will give you an idea of how they deal their clients and if they give you the importance you deserve; the logo design service got a major point there!

• As a 3rd and final step; Have a final detailed conversation about price and packaging and turnaround time, then if you feel satisfied, Hire them.

I am sure after reading this piece of writing, finding the right logo design service won’t be a problem for you anymore.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rocking Logos of Rock Bands

Huge stages with Flash lights, Music instruments along with the rock band artists having funky guitars, freaky hair styles and cool tattoos; these were the things that drove me crazy when I was a kid. I still remember the first concert I attended. I stood for 6 hours in the middle of the crowd without a single moment of tiredness, watching my favorite rockstars rocking the stage. It was a great time, but one of the things that made those rock bands as great they are, were their rock band logos.

Rock band logos represent the rock bands in the best way that you get the real feeling of that band’s genre and each and every time you look at those logos you find yourself lost in the magic of those bands. This is what a rock band logo can do for a rock band. Just look at the logos of Alter bride, Metallica, Greenday, Linkin Park, 3 doors down and AC/DC they are the best examples of rock logos that depict the hardcore music element in them, which is the core of rock logos.

When you search for rock band logos, you won’t get any useful information about the rock band logo ideas and techniques but all you will get is the different rock band logo’s images. Why you can’t find enough info? Well, there are many reasons for that. First off, there are no set rules for designing a rock band logo, as they can be made with any type font, images, or colors. A rock band logo can be made with abstract designs, 3D type fonts or freaky images; in fact you can do anything that you want with your rock logo; and I believe that’s the best thing about rock logos.

There is a misconception; that all the rock bands or music band’s logos must have music instruments in them, which is obviously wrong. As I mentioned earlier, there is no set rules in music logos and one can come up with a total bizarre logo theme that hasn’t been tried before. However, if we talk about the most used elements in rock band logos we would mention; shades of Silver and red colors, free style type fonts, distorted images, skulls, electric guitars and angel wings. If we talk about making sure the success of a rock logo, it would only be the “uniqueness” that would lead the rock band logo to the ultimate peaks of success.

 Read more about the world's top 10 rock band logos. Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Logo Design Process Of A Coffee Shop

I love logo designing, and love to express my feelings and experiences through graphical elements and logos. Being aware of the fact that the curiosity to know “how the logos are made” is in many people, I come up with “logo design process” articles. In these articles I show how I and my company design different logos by using different methods and tools. This time, it’s the turn of a coffee shop logo design. So let’s begin:

Getting Started:

First I started off with a new document in my logo design software by setting the width to 2.4167 (inches), Height to 1.2778 (inches) and resolution to 250 (Pixels/Inches). I set the document name to logo_design_process. (Figure.0)

Step 1:
By picking the pen tool from the tool box, I drew a double lined coffee mug outline. (Figure.1)

Step 2:
I selected the Gradient tool to fill up the mug’s outline. Selected shades of gray and clicked in the white area between the mug outlines. (Figure.2)

Step 3:
After filling the color in the border, came the coffee substance part. First I drew that by the pen tool then filled it with brown color with a white shiny glass effect on the left side of the mug. (Figure.3)

Step 4:
Now, I created the smoke coming out of the coffee mug and filled it with brown shade. (Figure.4)

Step 5:
As a next step I picked up the text tool and by selecting a font I typed the first part of the coffee company name. (Figure.5)

Step 6:
Selected a different font and continued with typing the coffee company name with their slogan beneath. (Figure.6)

Step 7:
Added the most important part of a logo; the background. I again chose a brown shade for this part as it seemed concordant to me. (Figure.7)

Finally, Flatten down all the layers and saved the file in Jpeg format.

This is how I made the Coffee shop logo, which was one the simplest logos I have made and this is the reason why I chose this one to show you in the logo design process. If you liked it, please drop your comments below.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why A Custom Logo Design But Not A Regular Logo?

A custom logo design is something that should be considered as a primary logo option for your business. there are many reasons why a custom logo design is far superior than a regular logo design, on top of the list is that a custom logo design gives your company the look your company deserve, and in such a manner that your logo depicts the most appropriate theme and message of your business firm. At the other hand, a regular logo design is something that is made without putting down all the business theme elements on the canvas just for the sake of money and time saving. This is why a regular logo design does not give a company the benefits it deserves.

Now talking about the custom logos, let’s see how the basic elements of logo designing should be incorporated into a custom logo design:

• Try different sizes to prevent future tribulations:
Your custom logo design should be made in a manner that it resizes well at any size, whether it’s huge and placed on a truck or as tiny as on a badge.For example Fargo Logo Designs for famous for their font and size selections that fit well on any back ground.

• Make it to use with different backgrounds:
A custom logo design should be finalized after checking with different backgrounds so whenever you need to put it on a place where the logo doesn’t go in accordance with the current background you can change its background without a second thought.

• Make sure your custom logo design works well in black and white too:
Here’s why a custom logo is best for any business. With a custom logo design you have got the authority to create it in a black and white mode. For me, a black and white logo is the best one to work with because of the reason that the most important thing in a logo design is its design but not its colors, so when you work in black and white it lets you easily add colors later on.

Hence, these are the reasons why a custom logo design is essential and you should follow the given pointers to make yours.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do You Know What Is A Blog, And The Difference Between A Blog And A Web Site?

If you don’t know the difference between a website and a blog, or cannot explain it to anyone when asked; you aren’t the only one. Many entrepreneurs don’t know the exact difference between regular website design and blogs and this is why I came up with this piece of writing.

I am myself a web developer/blogger for so many years (not exactly a blogger some years back as there was no concept of blogging at all) and I always had this problem of updating the data base or information on an existing website whether it is the price changes of products or services, new product versions info or business updates. The biggest problem in web site updating is that you have to put the updates on the existing pages by editing the pages or either uploading new pages by an FTP program or a web uploader tool. It was quite a mess for all the web designers out there till the concept of Blogging came in, then; everything got changed in an instance.

A blog, previously known as a web log or an online diary was launched in early 90s but wasn’t much known until 2007. In the early blogging times the blogs weren’t free to use and therefore only few businesses attained blogs for their promotions, also for the fact that there were only fewer options and tools for blogging those days which didn’t allow marketers or business persons to fulfill their business needs. In 2007 Google launched the all new “BLOGGER” ( which had so many cool and handy features along with the great news that it had become FREE!!! Although the company that made blogger “free to use” in February 2003 was Pyra Labs (Pyra Lab was the company that actually launched blogger On August 23, 1999 but it wasn’t in the shape how the blogger is in right now). When it got transferred on Google servers people rush towards it as Google was considered one of the most trustworthy companies on the World Wide Web, entrepreneurs decided to make blogger a part of their business instantly.

Today, Blogging is a part of every business, and every person who wants to show something to the world, whether it’s his passion or his achievements, blogging has become a vital part in our lives. Blogging has made our tasks easier then the complicated web site designs where posting comments, votes and updates were really difficult. Now we can easily communicate with people on blogs and add all of the things that we could add on web sites by web designing like images, JAVA scripts, HTML coding and more in a lot easier way.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stationary Design- An Effective Marketing Tool For Your Business

Business stationeries plays a key role in overall branding of your company, it basically talks to your potential customers and general public on behalf of your company. Business stationeries include business cards, letter heads, envelopes etc.

Business cards are the first most important thing in stationary design. It is the first impression that you leave on your prospective customer and as it is said that the first impression is the last impression. For example, if you are in a rush and as you don’t have a business card, you provided your contact information on a paper, imagine what would he think about you and your business?

So I will not be wrong if I say that business card is your corporate identity, your prospective customer will judge you by that business card so it should be something that is both impressive and unique.

Another important stationary design is a company’s letter head. A little piece of paper has an enormous impact on your business marketing so don’t ever underestimate its value. Most of the people now consider a letter head as an important ingredient alongside your logo.

In order to increase the credibility of your business, one should know the importance of distinctive stationary design. Most of the small companies ignore the importance of business stationeries as they have just dipped their toes into this business and they believe that it will cost them too much.

Thereby, you cannot deny the importance of stationary design in the overall marketing strategy for your business. In order to stand out in a huge competitive crowd one must consider stationary designs as a major part of your business marketing strategy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Use My Body As Your Logo!

You have heard about banner, TV and paper advertisements, but there’s a minor chance that you know about the kind of advertisement I am going to tell you. It’s the body advertisement AKA live advertisement!

In this kind of advertisement a person gives you an offer to put your logo on any of his/her body part (of his/her choice) on a particular cost with a certain time limit contract to keep that logo intact on his/her body. Yes, I know it sounds insane but it’s damn real and you got to believe it and if you don’t, check this video out:

Still don’t believe? Check out this website: As a matter of fact this is not the only site but there are many sites dedicated to this thing which you can find by looking up on Google. Even these kind of crazy auctions are available on eBay! If you search on eBay, you will definitely find one, or many crazy nuts selling the opportunity to put your logo on some visible part of their body in the form of a “henna tattoo” for up to a three month time span. Prices can vary around $1000-$50,000; based on the person and the part of the body, as a forehead will cost you more than the back of a hand.

Last night, I found an auction on eBay which goes like this;

“Hi, my name is Daniel and I can place your company’s logo, personal logo or slogan on my forehead with a henna tattoo for 2 months. With this auction, also there is a guarantee that I will spend at least 2 hours in public view per day, and distribute flyers & business cards to anyone who asks about the artwork. No swear word or morally objectionable material will be acceptable. Tattoo colors are limited to black, reds, browns, yellows and oranges.”

You read that? Wasn’t it crazy? Well if you ask me I’ll say HELL YES! It was crazy. Now, if we talk about the benefits and detriments which can be encountered by this “new advertisement era”, there would be many. But as I see it, there are more disadvantages than the gains. When we can put our ads on TV and banners then why should we go for a thing like this? Where TV or banner advertisement can get the fast reaction of people, body advertisements can be a total loss deal as mostly people ignore guys and girls with strange fashion styles and therefore they would take this “live advertisement” as an another weird fashion. As I believe nobody would ask them what the heck that logo is doing on your neck or hand or forehead, as no one likes to get involved into any kind of trouble to ask someone about his weirdness and get knocked down on the spot. What do you think? Is it a foolish advertisement technique or a wise and successful futuristic deal!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WEB DESIGN- The Pearl Of The Online Ocean

In the current point of time, one of the most important parts of a business is a website. It doesn’t matter if your company is small or large or what kind of products or services you have. The internet has become the most crucial part of every business and this is why every company wants to have its own web design and today if a company doesn’t have a website for its promotion then it spoils its entire image in the market place.

With the help of a website you can tell your potential customers about your products and services and thus can mention your latest information. But the most important thing is that your web design should be attractive and impressive, so that the viewers feel fondness for surfing on your website.

Now, after deciding that you want to acquire a web design, you need to find a well established web design company to design your website in the finest manner. When you start searching for the best web designing company, the internet will help you a lot in tracking down the right web design firm. When searching for the web design services, there are a couple of things that you should take care of;

Use Samples – When searching, you may select some samples that would suit to your company profile which are available on the Website of different Web designing Companies. When you have done this, the next step will be to select the text and select the color of your choice.

Place an order- When you have chosen your web designer, show your selected samples to them and tell them about your exact ideas which you want to put in your web design because the web designer can only design your website if he is completely aware of your needs and requirements.

SEO – Lastly, you should make certain that your website is visited on regular basis and visitors of your site are able to find your web pages easily. For this purpose, your web designer should help you because search engine optimization is a very difficult task to perform and can only be achieved by highly skilled professionals.

After going through all of these steps you would be easily able to attain a great web design that would help your business to glow like a pearl.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

8 Proven Ways to Look for the Best Graphic Design Company

Choosing the right graphic design company has always been a problem for small business owners, as there are countless graphic design companies present in the market. You can choose from a wide array of options i.e. from freelancers to big design companies. So the question that arises here is how to select the best one out of them. Thus, I decided to provide some pointers to choose the right kind of Design Company for you.

1. Do a thorough research work:
Either you are looking for a graphic designer over the internet or from any recommended sources; you need to make sure it suits your requirement. The best way as I feel is the internet; there are thousands of designing services available there. Search for them, but don’t just dive in the pool, do a thorough research on them.

2. Only go for experienced graphic designer companies:
Small and inexperienced graphic design companies are usually careless, so I’m sure you don’t want to lose the credibility of your business at any cost. From the list of graphic design companies you have selected, short list them by getting rid of inexperienced ones.

3. See which graphic designer suits your budget:
Cost of a design highly depends on two factors: The experience of the graphic designer and what do you exactly want from them, if you need something out of ordinary then you need to invest handsome amount of money. So after this key point, your list must be more shortened, eliminate those who doesn’t fit into your budget.

4. Ask them to provide you with the samples:
Why not ask them to provide you with the samples; this is how you will get to know the quality of their work, then you can decide on which way to go.

5. Check the history of the design company:
This will help you a lot in finding the right kind of Design Company, trust me. Get rid of those companies which don’t have a good past record. Check out the testimonials and if possible contact their past clients to get some feedback.

6. Select the one which best suits your requirement:
Prepare a detailed brief consisting of what you actually want from the whole process, consult the graphic designers and see who is best at meeting your requirements. Give them a clear vision about your desires and they will surely create a good design for you. Thus, your list must be now more shortened then before!

7. See who accepts your deadline:
Tell them what you basically want from them and in how many days. Sometimes graphic design companies take too much time to design one simple logo, you must take care of this issue. Tell them about the deadline and see if they agree to it.

8. You are done with the final elimination:
Have a look on your list, see how shortened it is now. I am sure you don’t have many design companies left on your notebook. Consult them and get your work done in no time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated." Paul Rand

A logo is not as simple as people take it. Maybe sometimes a logo can be made simply, but most of the times the designer has to go through a lot of difficulties in order to come up with a unique and effective logo design. This is why a logo designer must be aware of the intrinsic aspects of a logo design. He also should be aware of the branding strategies that need to be included in a company’s logo design to give the company advantage in advertising their products and services in a more effective way. Further, a logo design company or logo design expert should be conscious of the requirements of various media spheres on which the corporate logo will be based on.

Each medium, whether it’s electronic, web-based or print, has different requirements. All in all, the aim of having a logo is to make the clients catch up the maximum extent of information. If a client cannot make head or tail from your business logo, then you might better not have it. An uninteresting logo is totally of no use to a client. The logo design consultancy should be adequate to produce such logo designs that bring out the nature while heightening up the business. A business logo is essentially a piece of graphic that expresses to the viewer all that the business stands for.

In the current point of time, every corporate is aware of the significance of the logo design. It is not painless to achieve the right kind of development trend without having a business image that can help the company grow in the right direction. A logo design consultancy can produce logos for companies which customers can easily attach with their brands. The business might be small in size but when it comes to marketing, if it has the right kind of strategies it can be looked as a huge corporate in the eyes of the clients. Every successful businessman will agree that a business logo is an ineluctable part of a company and no business can possibly outlive in today’s cutthroat business world without having a good logo design.

Thus, all your marketing plans will be of no value without a business logo whether it is websites, business cards or vehicle advertisement paint jobs.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Design Logo Prices Aren't Always High, Good Logo Designers Will Design You A Great Logo In An Affordable Price

We can’t deny the fact that sometimes when we require a good logo design logo price stops our way. This happens because many designers charge extremely high logo design prices to cash their experience, fame and expertise. However; this is not the case with “every” logo designer. There are many professional logo designers available too who will design you a cost-effective logo that is just according to the standards of your business.

Now, the problem is to find a logo designer who will design you a nice logo in an affordable design logo price. There are 3 ways to find one;

1. By looking into newspapers/magazines:
Newspapers and magazines are a good way to find and hire professionals but the problem is; there are many things which are hidden or not shown by the advertiser, which leaves an uncertainty about whether the designer is trust worthy or not.

2. By asking friends, family or co-workers if they know a good logo designer:
Asking to your friends, family or co works would come out as the best consequence as they of course won’t lie to you. Therefore, if they would know a logo designer who is trustworthy they will let you know. This is the safest way for getting a nice logo without letting the design logo price come to your way.

3. By searching on Internet:
On internet, you can probe about every single information that is related to the logo design firm you are deciding to hire, whether it’s their profile, past/present project samples, success stories or the testimonials.

Where many companies are spending thousands of dollars on their logos, why are you standing behind? I am not saying that you should sell your house to pay for your logo design; all I am saying is that you should just come out of the “this is all the money I will spend on my logo” box to get a worthy logo design that can give your business a rise that any other ordinary logo won’t. After all your business is extremely precious for you and you should not take chances with it by getting a poor logo design just to save couple of bucks, I am sure you got my point, right!

Thus, if you wisely look up for a professional logo designer, design logo price won’t be a barricade in your trail anymore.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So Many Look-Alike Logos Exist, But Those Silly Designers Keep Cloning!!!

Once again, Here I am to expose the biggest logo rip offs in the history of professional logo designing. Today is the turn of a logo which is…well…I am sorry; today is the turn of diverse logos that resemble each other in higher extents. I am talking about the logos of Quark, Alcone, Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers, Sterling brands, Designers network, Akademiks, Midas, Moen, Dream weaver and many more. The major and most famous ones are the logos of Quark, Alcone, Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers.

It’s funny when designers copy someone else’s logo designs and claim their work to be “ORIGINAL”, hah, what a lame joke. May be the audience is fool or those designers are just too smart. Lets first look at what Glen turpin, the corporate communications director of Quark says in a press release;

“Our new logo is radically different from our old logo, that’s why it’s the perfect symbol for the new Quark. Our company has changed dramatically. Like our new logo, once people catch a glimpse of who we are today and where we’re going, we’ll be impossible to ignore.”

What in the blue hell is she talking about??? She calls quark logo “different”? She calls it a “perfect symbol”? God! Somebody ask her if she had her eyes closed when her designer came to her with the Quark logo that she thinks it’s something “different”. But yeah, somewhere I do agree with her quote that because of Quark’s logo she and her team will be impossible to ignore. Look; we are talking about it! In a good way or bad, it’s a different story.

Same goes with the other designers who made all those lookalike logos such as Sterling brands, Designers network, Akademiks, Midas and more. Take a glimpse at some of those lookalikes;





The biggest similarity between all of these logos is the letter “a” in lower case which is typed in Bauhaus 93 font (some says it’s in the veer girl font). This letter “a” is the base of all these logos with little bit of alterations in the type font and symbolisms (which definitely can’t spare those copycat designers).

It’s nearly impossible to figure out who copied who, as there are so many logos with the same designing. All we can do is to be careful when we get our logo designed by a professional logo designer. And keep our fingers crossed until the designer comes up with the logo. Who knows if the logo designer comes up with the NIKE logo claiming that it’s his own “unique” artwork!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Buy logo, Obtain Success

Nowadays, the competition between companies has reached to such great heights that the companies are ready to do just about anything to make their products better than any other. That’s why it is necessary to get the best logo design for your business. A logo design can really help your business in getting immediate recognition, that’s why you should think many times before buying a logo or hiring a logo designer.

A company logo design is very essential for your business as it can help in selling your products or services to the masses in a very efficient way. The logo will be used on just about every marketing material that you can think about, whether it is the business cards, brochures or any other sort of stationary. When you buy logo that is good enough to illuminate your business you win half of the business battle.

In view of the fact that a logo will be used extensively, it is imperative to create such logo design that can be easily added to all of your business material (stationary, banners, business cards etc), which can be only done if you buy logo instead of downloading a readymade logo design.

A readymade logo design can never be fit in all of your business stationery as it is already designed with certain features and elements. If a pre-made logo just suites your website “it’s more than enough” as pre-made logos are not reliable because there are not so many options available to edit them. Hence you should buy logo that is custom made and not premade.

There are many online and offline logo designing companies exist from which you can choose the best one. The things that you should look before hiring a logo designer are mentioned below:

• When you pick a logo design service and decide to buy logo from them, you should take a look at their logo design samples to make sure you are making a right decision.

• The credibility of a logo design consultancy is one of the most important things that you should consider before handing over your logo project. As credible a company would be, as better services it would provide.

• Lastly; everybody who wants to get a logo definitely has to meet a logo development deadline. Asking the turnaround time will help you a lot when you have lesser time left to get your logo done.

You must follow the given pre-requisites before you buy logo from any logo design company.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Service Industry Logos Designs

Review: Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Article title: Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Publication Date: March 12th, 2010

A rock band looks incomplete without a funky rock logo design. Every band’s success depends on how it interacts with people. A rock band logo plays a major part in the interaction between the band members and the audience. If the band logo is cool and portrays the enthusiasm that every rock band possesses, it’s a success. There are many great examples of rock band logos which were created in the most appropriate way and for that reason made a great impression on people, and still hold the same charm. Some of the most popular band logos are; 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Metallica, Rolling stones and Van Halen.

Top 10 Rock Band Logo covers all the ideas that were behind the most famous rock band logos. Therefore this article has become a “must read” for you. Click here to read this awe-inspiring piece of writing.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Review: Top 10 Web 2.O Logo

Writer: David
Article title: Top 10 Web 2.0 Logo
Publication Date: March 20th, 2010

In the current era of sky touching technologies, no one can deny the efficiency of web 2.0 technology. Whether you want to host a website or create blogs/ forums, the tool you have got is Web 2.0. Web 2.0 services let business and individuals perform online activities such as managing the company accounts, editing website homepages or publishing new blogs on the daily basis.

You must read the “Top 10 Web 2.0 Logo” article because it covers the most successful web 2.0 logos which will eventually tell you how Web 2.0 technology is important to provide ease to your business tasks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Business Logo Design: Foremost Asset Of A Brand

Every business wants to reach its target market in an effective way. For this purpose, a business team makes different plans and strategies. To make a good name in the market a business needs to portray its image in a way that people can easily understand what the business is all about and remember the name of company for long term. To portray a company’s image, a business logo is one of the foremost assets that play a vital role. A logo is used to convey the branding message to the audience and also lets them remember the brand name in good thoughts.

As a logo holds high worth for a company, there is no option to take chances about it by giving it to be designed by an unprofessional logo designer. A logo must be created by a designer who holds the utmost expertise in the logo design field and should have prior experiences of designing complex business logo design. Also, he must be creative enough to give your ideas a physical image by merging all the important elements of your business theme into a logo.

In today’s time there are numerous logo design companies exist, but best of them is the one that offers you great business logo designs along with greater customer support. The logo design company that provides good customer services is the one that respects its clients and give them high attention by providing fast but effective services. Also they don’t empty your pockets and charge according to the efforts they put on your logo.

A good business logo design must hold some key features. There must be an ideal blend of images, colors and fonts so that it looks nice and appealing to the customers. A business logo must be one of a kind so it can differentiate the company from other competing brands.

In a nutshell, a nice logo brings great benefits to a company and without a logo a business can be left unidentified.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can’t Recognize The REAL Logo Designers? Here Are The 5 Fool Proof Ways To Find And Hire The Best Logo Designers

In the current time, the search for good logo designers is really tough. Since there are hundreds of logo design companies that exist, its complex to decide one of them to get your logo designed. Now, it’s up to your decision making skills how you recognize the best of them for your precious business logo design. In this article I’ll tell you the characteristics of dependable logo designers which you can note down to distinguish the best logo designers among the crowd.

1. Professional logo designers are confident:

First impression is the last, and there is no way for a company to do the right job later on if it makes a bad impression at the very first time. For the reason that the professional logo designers are always confident no matter how intricate logo design project comes in their way, they try to serve their clients in the best way possible.

2. They are antiquated:

The number of years of a designer or the designing company in the market holds huge importance. As this is an era of extreme survival it’s almost impossible for a skulduggery company to survive for a long time. Therefore an antiquated logo design service gets the bonus points.

3. They have high quality logo design samples:

The best way to make a conclusion about a logo design company’s expertise is to ask for their logo design samples. Good logo design companies keep all of their designed logos data saved, whether they are the huge corporate logos or the miniature businesses logos. If they show you unique and appealing designs you can easily trust them.

4. They offer good Prices, packages and discounts:

The price part is one of the most crucial parts of a logo designing process. Famous logo designers create great logos but they charge you large sums of money to cash their experience and name. At the other hand, there are many “not so famous” logo designers who create excellent logos and charge very less amount of money as compared to the famous logo designers. These logo designers are the right choice as they provide good services in lesser charges.

5. They don’t lie about the turnaround time:

Lastly comes the turnaround part. Every person who needs to get his logo designed always has a deadline to meet. It is highly crucial to ask the logo designer how much time he is going to take to get your logo done. Different logos take different turnaround time according to their content and a good designer is the one who does not cheat by giving a fallacious early turnaround time to hook you up.

Thus, these were the 5 fool proof ways to recognize a Real logo designer which will ultimately help you getting your logo done in the best way. Good luck!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Search Out The Best Logo Design Services To Change Your Business Fortune

Every business person wants a business logo. Whether his business is on a huge scale or it’s just a miniature company providing any sort of services. As any other business needs a logo design your business needs it too, because your business must mean a lot to you. So the question that comes to take place here is; How to get a logo that would be artistic and unique but affordable. The only honest answer to this question would be; “by logo design services”.

Professional logo design services are the ones who know exactly what to do with your logo as they are in the logo design business for a long time and hold a lot of experience in this field. If you don’t have a slight idea about how to design your logo or what elements to put in it, in this scenario the professional logo design services will play their best part. As they have worked on countless logos of different categories, they will just ask you what type of business you have or what are your products and that’s it! They will tell you to throw off the worries about your logo, and to sit back till they successfully complete and send you the logo.

As soon as you get your logo designed, It is crucial to show it to one of your friends or colleagues to learn their opinion about the logo whether they like it or not. While good logo design services provide you great logo designs, there are many companies that provide bad services too. So it is really important to check the credibility of the particular logo design company before handing over your logo project to them as your logo means a lot to you and your company.

Thus, it’s all about attaining a good logo design service in order to give a business the worth it deserves.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to track down the best logo design company?

Would doing a quick search online make you unveil the best logo design company? Of course, it won’t. You see thousands of logo design services right in front of you. Although, they are providing you logo design services but those services won’t matter much if they can’t make a creative logo for your business. Therefore, you have to sort out the best! How? Through desperate research i.e. all you have to do is to figure out 5 things out of the company logo design. They are:

1. Whether the logo design company is operating under the supervision of logo designing professionals and possesses sound reputation across the globe.

2. Seek out former clients of the logo design firm you have chosen so that you can get to know how clients have experienced their logo designs.

3. Money back guarantee should be offered on a company logo design as good logo design company professionals have full faith and trust within their abilities

4. Is the logo design service providing you a quality design at a price that meets your logo standards?

5. Do designers understand how you want your custom logo to appear amongst competitors?
Once, you figure out preceding features in a company logo design, you should wait no longer.

Since a good logo design company won’t wait for you as there are millions of customers willing to avail their services, so, it’s you who has to take a step forward for your company logo design.

Conclusion: Frankly speaking, an efficient logo design company isn’t just a duck soup to find; therefore, it needs loads of efforts from your side to choose the first-rate logo design service out of too many.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What keeps your Web Banner Alive?

Is web banner meaningful to advertise the business? Of course web banner serve as a great tool for any business to advertise products or services. But all web banners aren’t eye catchy as each banner isn’t designed by the professionals. Pro fessional banners posses some characteristic elements and advertise the business in style. Those elements which keep the web banner alive include:

1. Banner Punch Line: Web banner design punch line should be small and catchy to make your prospect interact with it and pick something out of banner design phrase.

2. Supportive Text: Text supporting the web banner should be used in contrast with the punch line. It should be informative and practical to make net surfer smile at your banner.

3. Relevant Content: Web banner should contain the relevant content to your business or service. E.g. if you sale electronic products online; then your banner should contain information regarding electronic products or a picture of an electronic item.

4. Brand Promotion: If your banner is just an advertisement to promote your business; then you must display your logo with the web URL to promote business online.

5. Call to Action: It really works for a banner. Statistics show clichés really works well for a banner; therefore it should be displayed in a way that user interact with it.

6. Banner’s File Size: Keeping the banners file size minimal make them easier to optimize.

7. Animated Banners: Animated banners should run for at least 10 seconds but they should display in a way that user make some meaning out of the animations. Animated banners are 30% more effective than static banners but these large size files can’t be optimized easily. It’s a better option to use flash animations rather GIF animations for a web banner.

8. Where to use the blue underlined texts? If you know that web banner would be displayed on a web page with white background, and then you should create a banner with blue underlined text, preferably not anti-aliased, written in common fonts such Verdana. The banner thus "merges" into the web page looks like a part of the content. It’s tricky but beneficial for the web banner.

Conclusion: It’s wiser to use 6-10 banners at a time to run add campaign of your business successfully and they shouldn’t be blurred. Banner design with a sharp line art influences the user.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Salient Features of Kid’s Logo design

Kids are keen learners. They learn through visuals, symbols or images. But they do not give attention to all kinds of images or symbols, so one should know what kids like to have and what interacts them. Logo designers classify children as a separate class of humanity and develop inventive logo designs for this class. Salient features of kid’s logo design are shown below:
Kid’s Logo Design Need to be Inventive

Logo design for children must be something which excites them. Seeing anything new pleases the child, therefore the logo design for kids must be creative enough.
Kid’s Logo Design Must be Colours Oriented
Children play with colours; therefore the logo design for children must have lively colours to gain their attention towards it.
Kids Responds to Logo Design Images

Images of cartoon characters, animations or icons help children to understand about a certain logo design, so logo designers bring an exciting touch in logo for kids.

Logo Design Needs to Look Original

If the logo design brings original idea to a child; then it communicates with children passionately.

Monday, January 25, 2010

All About Business Logo Design

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly growing commercial world, having a competent small business logo design is not just an option. As a matter of fact, it has become extremely necessary for brands to be able to deliver their message through cleverly made logo designs  in unison with other publicity tactics.

The most effective small business logo design is the one that has a balance in quality, size, colour and purpose. The making of a logo design rests upon concerted efforts of the professional logo designer and the client. An effective logo always works as a very important feature of a company’s brand image.

The key decision makers involved in the planning of a logo design must have a unified approach towards winning their targets. Together, they will be able to communicate their decisions to the professional logo designers and get maximum results from them.

Following the input from the key players who make crucial decisions relating to the strategy and planning for a business or brand is highly recommended to logo designers. After getting done with the discussion phase, start at the root of the job instantly.

While making a small business logo design, the logo designer should carefully decide upon the shape of the logo. All design technicalities need to be taken into account including shape, size, colour and the script according to the client’s requirements. The logo design should work as the moniker of a brand’s identity. An ideal small business logo design a one that is attractive as well as memorable for all those who view it.

If the logo designer follows these simple rules, there is no doubt that another remarkable small business logo design would soon be in the making.

This article has been written by a senior design consultant at Logo Design Consultant, a custom logo design company also providing the web site design service, low cost banner, business brochure and cheap stationary design

Describing Logo Design and Logo Designing in a Simple Way

As a student of new media marketing, I am required to write essays covering all areas of marketing separately. Having been assigned a new topic, I was wondering how to describe logo design and logo designing on a dusky November morning. Although it is not rocket science do a write up on the subject of logo designing but it seemed that words were not matching thoughts at that time. Suddenly, while having black coffee in small sips, I recalled a story from my childhood days and bingo, there it was. Thinking of that story gave me the idea and I went on to write the following words.

A logo design may rightfully be defined as a picture of a person or institution. It reveals the identity of the subject it represents. In today’s world of capitalistic approach, a logo design is utilised as a means for promoting one’s image as well as deriving commercial advantages.

Logo designing can be described as an expressive form of modern art. It is just like a painting or portrait of a person. In the early days, having personal portraits made by painter artists was a fashion in high society. In modern times, having an impressive affordable logo design is more rewarding fashionable for individuals and companies.

This is a world of specialisation and almost every form of work has now become an exclusive field of occupation. Likewise professional logo designing is now considered to be a valuable vocation. All commercial concerns or even non profit organisations now turn to expert logo design service providers for their requirements of logo design.

This article has been written by a senior design consultant at Logo Design Consultant, a custom logo design company also providing web design service, cheap banner design, business brochure design and custom business cards.

Small Business Logo Design In a Nutshell

It is not true that a small business logo design does not carry the weight that the logo of a big famous company does. In fact a small business logo design holds the same measure of importance as any other type of company’s logo design. Moreover, it is compulsory for owners as well as professional logo designers to understand that a small business logo design has the same kind of role to play as a large business logo does.

Following are the main elements of a small business logo design described in a nutshell. It is an earnest effort to create awareness among young entrepreneurs and those who design logo for a living.

  • When you take your start to small business logo design, you should be aware of the intrinsic qualities of that business. You cannot design logo for a company which you do not know everything about.

  • Know the heart of the business and the true nature of the product or service that you design logo for. It becomes even more important in case of a small business logo design.

  • Do not put too small a price on creativity and artfulness of a small business logo design. Be crafty and imaginative whenever you design logo for a client.

  • Give special importance to design properties of the small business logo design. You should design logo with all technical details in mind including graphics, scalability, positioning of pieces, text and graphic alignment etcetera.

  • Be very specific with colours whilst you design logo. Keep noted that it is the proper and clever use of colours that determines the level of attraction in a small business logo design.

This article has been written by a senior design consultant at Logo Design Consultant, a custom logo design company also providing the services of web design and hosting, corporate brochure, website banner design and custom stationary.

Do You Know the Importance of a Logo Design?

“Excuse me sir, do you know the importance of a logo design”?

This is a very important question for business owners and brand managers, and the answer should not be a NO. It is very sad to see that people do not give the required weight to a small business logos design. People do not feel that a Professional logo design bears so much importance for their business that it should be put ahead all things related to marketing activities.

A Professional business logos design plays a very important role in branding. While strategising a product’s marketing campaign, marketers need to know that it is the added weight of the Professional logo design that provides the discerning edge to the promotion over its competitors’ canvassing.

If you need your advertising spree to succeed and your business to flourish, the one thing that you should care about besides other marketing techniques is your small business logos design . One of the main concepts of a business logos design is to present the company it is associated with in the best way as possible. The other major attribute is to play the role of a permanent attention grabber earning its fair share of recognition among the public.

This is a point to be remembered that the public is drawn towards attractive logos besides other prominent features of an advertising campaign. They are smart enough to understand the concept behind every logo design that they see. Sometimes a good run of advertising doesn’t get its reasonable share of publicity only because the logo design was not impressive. People would understand the concept of a business logos design  only if it is expressive as well as impressive.

Now how many of the readers would say YES to the question posed in the beginning of the article?

This article has been written by a senior design consultant at Logo Design Consultant, a custom logo design company also providing the web design solutions, brochure design service, custom banner design and stationery design.

Free Tips on Custom Logo Designs

First of all, we need to know the meaning of custom logo designs and what they actually stand for. Custom logo designs are a type of company monograms that are used as trademarks by commercial enterprises. These trademarks are exclusively made upon specific guidelines and for this reason; they are referred to as custom logo designs.

When you have decided to get a professional custom logo design for your firm, you should always have a clear picture of your business in mind. You should know that the features of your business influence the design of your logo. In addition to the business features, the product that you are selling has a great deal of bearing on the custom logo design. The third important factor involved in the making of a custom logo designs is the niche market that you are aiming at. The type of your potential customers is really important and produces a great deal of effect on the logo design. Rather to be more accurate, the most important issue for you to look at while going for a custom logo design is the type of your customers.

Like most reputable logos of other companies, your custom logo design should be made in such a manner that people recognise it as soon as they see it. They should know right away that it belongs to your company.

If you are putting your company’s name in your logo design, make sure it is composed in an attractive type style. Also keep in mind the size of your custom logo design; it should be scalable and not be oversized so that you can use it anywhere you want from your letterhead to your invoice.

The last piece of advice for you is to hire a top of the line professional logo design company so that you could get better services and options for your custom logo design.

This article has been written by a senior design consultant at Logo Design Consultant, a custom logo design company also providing the services of affordable website design, web banner design, business brochure and stationary design.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Do You Need Logo Design Help for Your Custom Logo Designs?

If you are in need of professional logo design help for your custom logo designs, you might first need to read this informative piece. It would definitely help you in solving your problems with custom logo designs for your business.


Custom logo designs as you might well know, are made to order proprietary signs which are used by business companies as an identification mark of their name or product. For every entrepreneur, it is very important to be aware of the fact that logos are an important means to portray your name or brand. Therefore, you should give your custom logo designs the importance that they require from you.


Primarily, you can get professional logo design help from logo design companies offering their services for a certain amount of money. These logo design companies may vary in the quality of their services and the prices they charge. You have to be very thoughtful in choosing the right company for your custom logo designs. The size of your business and your budgetary limitations play an important part in deciding to choose a logo design company.

In a different perspective, if you do not wish to obtain paid logo design help, it is advisable that you look for an alternative. This is where complimentary logo design help comes into the picture. This type of logo design help is normally provided by either your business associates or your friends. In case you are a sole proprietor or a very small business entrepreneur, you might as well go for free logo design help on your custom logo designs. By looking around in your surroundings, you might just be able to find someone who could lend a hand to you for making your custom logo designs.