Monday, January 25, 2010

Describing Logo Design and Logo Designing in a Simple Way

As a student of new media marketing, I am required to write essays covering all areas of marketing separately. Having been assigned a new topic, I was wondering how to describe logo design and logo designing on a dusky November morning. Although it is not rocket science do a write up on the subject of logo designing but it seemed that words were not matching thoughts at that time. Suddenly, while having black coffee in small sips, I recalled a story from my childhood days and bingo, there it was. Thinking of that story gave me the idea and I went on to write the following words.

A logo design may rightfully be defined as a picture of a person or institution. It reveals the identity of the subject it represents. In today’s world of capitalistic approach, a logo design is utilised as a means for promoting one’s image as well as deriving commercial advantages.

Logo designing can be described as an expressive form of modern art. It is just like a painting or portrait of a person. In the early days, having personal portraits made by painter artists was a fashion in high society. In modern times, having an impressive affordable logo design is more rewarding fashionable for individuals and companies.

This is a world of specialisation and almost every form of work has now become an exclusive field of occupation. Likewise professional logo designing is now considered to be a valuable vocation. All commercial concerns or even non profit organisations now turn to expert logo design service providers for their requirements of logo design.

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  1. As we can see from the likes of ‘Gucci’ or other high end designers, the logo or identity and what it communicates is almost more important than the clothing itself.

  2. I really like the original logo. I like the bold blue color in the background. It adds color to your blog.