Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to track down the best logo design company?

Would doing a quick search online make you unveil the best logo design company? Of course, it won’t. You see thousands of logo design services right in front of you. Although, they are providing you logo design services but those services won’t matter much if they can’t make a creative logo for your business. Therefore, you have to sort out the best! How? Through desperate research i.e. all you have to do is to figure out 5 things out of the company logo design. They are:

1. Whether the logo design company is operating under the supervision of logo designing professionals and possesses sound reputation across the globe.

2. Seek out former clients of the logo design firm you have chosen so that you can get to know how clients have experienced their logo designs.

3. Money back guarantee should be offered on a company logo design as good logo design company professionals have full faith and trust within their abilities

4. Is the logo design service providing you a quality design at a price that meets your logo standards?

5. Do designers understand how you want your custom logo to appear amongst competitors?
Once, you figure out preceding features in a company logo design, you should wait no longer.

Since a good logo design company won’t wait for you as there are millions of customers willing to avail their services, so, it’s you who has to take a step forward for your company logo design.

Conclusion: Frankly speaking, an efficient logo design company isn’t just a duck soup to find; therefore, it needs loads of efforts from your side to choose the first-rate logo design service out of too many.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What keeps your Web Banner Alive?

Is web banner meaningful to advertise the business? Of course web banner serve as a great tool for any business to advertise products or services. But all web banners aren’t eye catchy as each banner isn’t designed by the professionals. Pro fessional banners posses some characteristic elements and advertise the business in style. Those elements which keep the web banner alive include:

1. Banner Punch Line: Web banner design punch line should be small and catchy to make your prospect interact with it and pick something out of banner design phrase.

2. Supportive Text: Text supporting the web banner should be used in contrast with the punch line. It should be informative and practical to make net surfer smile at your banner.

3. Relevant Content: Web banner should contain the relevant content to your business or service. E.g. if you sale electronic products online; then your banner should contain information regarding electronic products or a picture of an electronic item.

4. Brand Promotion: If your banner is just an advertisement to promote your business; then you must display your logo with the web URL to promote business online.

5. Call to Action: It really works for a banner. Statistics show clichés really works well for a banner; therefore it should be displayed in a way that user interact with it.

6. Banner’s File Size: Keeping the banners file size minimal make them easier to optimize.

7. Animated Banners: Animated banners should run for at least 10 seconds but they should display in a way that user make some meaning out of the animations. Animated banners are 30% more effective than static banners but these large size files can’t be optimized easily. It’s a better option to use flash animations rather GIF animations for a web banner.

8. Where to use the blue underlined texts? If you know that web banner would be displayed on a web page with white background, and then you should create a banner with blue underlined text, preferably not anti-aliased, written in common fonts such Verdana. The banner thus "merges" into the web page looks like a part of the content. It’s tricky but beneficial for the web banner.

Conclusion: It’s wiser to use 6-10 banners at a time to run add campaign of your business successfully and they shouldn’t be blurred. Banner design with a sharp line art influences the user.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Salient Features of Kid’s Logo design

Kids are keen learners. They learn through visuals, symbols or images. But they do not give attention to all kinds of images or symbols, so one should know what kids like to have and what interacts them. Logo designers classify children as a separate class of humanity and develop inventive logo designs for this class. Salient features of kid’s logo design are shown below:
Kid’s Logo Design Need to be Inventive

Logo design for children must be something which excites them. Seeing anything new pleases the child, therefore the logo design for kids must be creative enough.
Kid’s Logo Design Must be Colours Oriented
Children play with colours; therefore the logo design for children must have lively colours to gain their attention towards it.
Kids Responds to Logo Design Images

Images of cartoon characters, animations or icons help children to understand about a certain logo design, so logo designers bring an exciting touch in logo for kids.

Logo Design Needs to Look Original

If the logo design brings original idea to a child; then it communicates with children passionately.