Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Salient Features of Kid’s Logo design

Kids are keen learners. They learn through visuals, symbols or images. But they do not give attention to all kinds of images or symbols, so one should know what kids like to have and what interacts them. Logo designers classify children as a separate class of humanity and develop inventive logo designs for this class. Salient features of kid’s logo design are shown below:
Kid’s Logo Design Need to be Inventive

Logo design for children must be something which excites them. Seeing anything new pleases the child, therefore the logo design for kids must be creative enough.
Kid’s Logo Design Must be Colours Oriented
Children play with colours; therefore the logo design for children must have lively colours to gain their attention towards it.
Kids Responds to Logo Design Images

Images of cartoon characters, animations or icons help children to understand about a certain logo design, so logo designers bring an exciting touch in logo for kids.

Logo Design Needs to Look Original

If the logo design brings original idea to a child; then it communicates with children passionately.

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