Friday, May 28, 2010

twEEt-to-grEEt-business-success ;-)

Twitter has become one of the top social networking applications of the current era. Twitter is basically a micro blogging technology that allows users to quickly update their status, usually containing a very limited number of characters but for business owners it can work like a genie of the lamp that can make your all business wishes come true. How, I will explain below.

1. Twitter allows you to introduce your business on the internet to billions and trillions of people.

2. Twitter allows you to post updates about your business or products in one click.

3. Twitter allows unlimited number of people to become your “follower” and see each of your business or personal update.

4. Twitter is an interactive application that allows people to reply back to each of your post.

5. Last, but the greatest thing about twitter; IT’S FREE!

So after getting familiar with Twitter’s great benefits you want to join twitter right! So, here’s how you quickly setup an account on twitter in 5 steps;
1. Choose a name: create the account name by your company’s name to make it easier for people to find you.

2. Create a profile: put down all the information related to your product or services in the profile section.

3. Add an Icon/Avatar: add your company’s logo to in the icon box.

4. Link to your official website: give your official website’s link in the URL section so people can be redirected to your official page.

5. Follow: follow people with similar interests and media personalities to explore more and be more notable.

You are all settled up! Now, all you need to do is to start tweeting to give greeting to the arriving business success.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Read This And Hire The Ideal Logo Design Service For Your Company

I have never seen anyone denying the fact that a business logo is one of the most unavoidable assets of any company’s business branding. A logo design is something that provides you such unique features that help your business to achieve the ultimate goals of your dreams. In the present time, getting a logo design is really easy, but to get a nice and cost effective one is indeed the hardest thing to achieve.

As there are so many logo and graphics designers available in the graphic design market, it has become difficult to trust on one and there is only one way to hire a logo designer, and that is by using your instincts. Your instincts are something which won’t let you down, because this is a situation where you can’t trust on anybody just if anybody tells you to believe him that he is the best, right! This is where your inner instincts come to play.

Even so there should be couple of things that you can’t leave on your instincts and which should be analyzed by working on them. What you need to do from your side before hiring a logo designer is explained below:

• As a first step; you have to look at the portfolio section on the designer’s website you wish to hire. There, you will get a chance to look at their art work, which will help you in judging their expertise.

• As a second step; you should communicate with the designer at least twice. This will give you an idea of how they deal their clients and if they give you the importance you deserve; the logo design service got a major point there!

• As a 3rd and final step; Have a final detailed conversation about price and packaging and turnaround time, then if you feel satisfied, Hire them.

I am sure after reading this piece of writing, finding the right logo design service won’t be a problem for you anymore.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rocking Logos of Rock Bands

Huge stages with Flash lights, Music instruments along with the rock band artists having funky guitars, freaky hair styles and cool tattoos; these were the things that drove me crazy when I was a kid. I still remember the first concert I attended. I stood for 6 hours in the middle of the crowd without a single moment of tiredness, watching my favorite rockstars rocking the stage. It was a great time, but one of the things that made those rock bands as great they are, were their rock band logos.

Rock band logos represent the rock bands in the best way that you get the real feeling of that band’s genre and each and every time you look at those logos you find yourself lost in the magic of those bands. This is what a rock band logo can do for a rock band. Just look at the logos of Alter bride, Metallica, Greenday, Linkin Park, 3 doors down and AC/DC they are the best examples of rock logos that depict the hardcore music element in them, which is the core of rock logos.

When you search for rock band logos, you won’t get any useful information about the rock band logo ideas and techniques but all you will get is the different rock band logo’s images. Why you can’t find enough info? Well, there are many reasons for that. First off, there are no set rules for designing a rock band logo, as they can be made with any type font, images, or colors. A rock band logo can be made with abstract designs, 3D type fonts or freaky images; in fact you can do anything that you want with your rock logo; and I believe that’s the best thing about rock logos.

There is a misconception; that all the rock bands or music band’s logos must have music instruments in them, which is obviously wrong. As I mentioned earlier, there is no set rules in music logos and one can come up with a total bizarre logo theme that hasn’t been tried before. However, if we talk about the most used elements in rock band logos we would mention; shades of Silver and red colors, free style type fonts, distorted images, skulls, electric guitars and angel wings. If we talk about making sure the success of a rock logo, it would only be the “uniqueness” that would lead the rock band logo to the ultimate peaks of success.

 Read more about the world's top 10 rock band logos. Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Logo Design Process Of A Coffee Shop

I love logo designing, and love to express my feelings and experiences through graphical elements and logos. Being aware of the fact that the curiosity to know “how the logos are made” is in many people, I come up with “logo design process” articles. In these articles I show how I and my company design different logos by using different methods and tools. This time, it’s the turn of a coffee shop logo design. So let’s begin:

Getting Started:

First I started off with a new document in my logo design software by setting the width to 2.4167 (inches), Height to 1.2778 (inches) and resolution to 250 (Pixels/Inches). I set the document name to logo_design_process. (Figure.0)

Step 1:
By picking the pen tool from the tool box, I drew a double lined coffee mug outline. (Figure.1)

Step 2:
I selected the Gradient tool to fill up the mug’s outline. Selected shades of gray and clicked in the white area between the mug outlines. (Figure.2)

Step 3:
After filling the color in the border, came the coffee substance part. First I drew that by the pen tool then filled it with brown color with a white shiny glass effect on the left side of the mug. (Figure.3)

Step 4:
Now, I created the smoke coming out of the coffee mug and filled it with brown shade. (Figure.4)

Step 5:
As a next step I picked up the text tool and by selecting a font I typed the first part of the coffee company name. (Figure.5)

Step 6:
Selected a different font and continued with typing the coffee company name with their slogan beneath. (Figure.6)

Step 7:
Added the most important part of a logo; the background. I again chose a brown shade for this part as it seemed concordant to me. (Figure.7)

Finally, Flatten down all the layers and saved the file in Jpeg format.

This is how I made the Coffee shop logo, which was one the simplest logos I have made and this is the reason why I chose this one to show you in the logo design process. If you liked it, please drop your comments below.