Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rocking Logos of Rock Bands

Huge stages with Flash lights, Music instruments along with the rock band artists having funky guitars, freaky hair styles and cool tattoos; these were the things that drove me crazy when I was a kid. I still remember the first concert I attended. I stood for 6 hours in the middle of the crowd without a single moment of tiredness, watching my favorite rockstars rocking the stage. It was a great time, but one of the things that made those rock bands as great they are, were their rock band logos.

Rock band logos represent the rock bands in the best way that you get the real feeling of that band’s genre and each and every time you look at those logos you find yourself lost in the magic of those bands. This is what a rock band logo can do for a rock band. Just look at the logos of Alter bride, Metallica, Greenday, Linkin Park, 3 doors down and AC/DC they are the best examples of rock logos that depict the hardcore music element in them, which is the core of rock logos.

When you search for rock band logos, you won’t get any useful information about the rock band logo ideas and techniques but all you will get is the different rock band logo’s images. Why you can’t find enough info? Well, there are many reasons for that. First off, there are no set rules for designing a rock band logo, as they can be made with any type font, images, or colors. A rock band logo can be made with abstract designs, 3D type fonts or freaky images; in fact you can do anything that you want with your rock logo; and I believe that’s the best thing about rock logos.

There is a misconception; that all the rock bands or music band’s logos must have music instruments in them, which is obviously wrong. As I mentioned earlier, there is no set rules in music logos and one can come up with a total bizarre logo theme that hasn’t been tried before. However, if we talk about the most used elements in rock band logos we would mention; shades of Silver and red colors, free style type fonts, distorted images, skulls, electric guitars and angel wings. If we talk about making sure the success of a rock logo, it would only be the “uniqueness” that would lead the rock band logo to the ultimate peaks of success.

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