Monday, May 3, 2010

Logo Design Process Of A Coffee Shop

I love logo designing, and love to express my feelings and experiences through graphical elements and logos. Being aware of the fact that the curiosity to know “how the logos are made” is in many people, I come up with “logo design process” articles. In these articles I show how I and my company design different logos by using different methods and tools. This time, it’s the turn of a coffee shop logo design. So let’s begin:

Getting Started:

First I started off with a new document in my logo design software by setting the width to 2.4167 (inches), Height to 1.2778 (inches) and resolution to 250 (Pixels/Inches). I set the document name to logo_design_process. (Figure.0)

Step 1:
By picking the pen tool from the tool box, I drew a double lined coffee mug outline. (Figure.1)

Step 2:
I selected the Gradient tool to fill up the mug’s outline. Selected shades of gray and clicked in the white area between the mug outlines. (Figure.2)

Step 3:
After filling the color in the border, came the coffee substance part. First I drew that by the pen tool then filled it with brown color with a white shiny glass effect on the left side of the mug. (Figure.3)

Step 4:
Now, I created the smoke coming out of the coffee mug and filled it with brown shade. (Figure.4)

Step 5:
As a next step I picked up the text tool and by selecting a font I typed the first part of the coffee company name. (Figure.5)

Step 6:
Selected a different font and continued with typing the coffee company name with their slogan beneath. (Figure.6)

Step 7:
Added the most important part of a logo; the background. I again chose a brown shade for this part as it seemed concordant to me. (Figure.7)

Finally, Flatten down all the layers and saved the file in Jpeg format.

This is how I made the Coffee shop logo, which was one the simplest logos I have made and this is the reason why I chose this one to show you in the logo design process. If you liked it, please drop your comments below.

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