Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Create Your Own Logo Design with the Help of a Professional

All businesses, either new or old, must have an emblem representing them. This symbol or icon of the company provides a pictorial representation for the customers and clients. If you scan the companies around you, you will notice many chic logos. It has become a necessity in the modern age for businesses.

New businesses always have to face challenges posed by experienced business men who have been ruling the market since a long time. Only with a perfect picture and professional illustration, you can think of competing with the older companies that have been in the market for years. This is the only way of attracting customers and clients your way, in spite of the killing competition.

It is always recommendable to hire a professional to design your brand mark image. This is because though you may be able to make your logo design your own way, your art cannot match the standard of an expert. There are several important points that cannot be forgotten while designing a brand mark.
The most important contribution that a logo makes is that it attracts consideration and leaves a good and long lasting impression on all types of customers. If the brand mark is impressive, a buyer might consider meeting you. So, to accomplish you goal of making an emblem, you have to work efficiently with the designer and perform some research. The easiest way to begin with is going through some readymade designs and considering every option that you come across.

While designing your own logo design with the expert, you have to keep in mind that the emblem is not only going to appear on the stationary and business cards, but also on everything else that is related to the company. That includes uniforms of the workers, company vehicles, letter heads, and etcetera. Therefore, your emblem must be of vector format so that it does not lose its resolution, after scaling, where ever it is applied.

The emblem should maintain the simplicity so that is easy for the customers to remember and recall it. The color and font should be appropriate and relevant to your business type. Apart from being unique, the font should be easily readable. Hence, to make a logo that is remembered for ages you need an experienced and skilled designer. Get a designer that surprises you and your competitors with an outstanding design, a design that is so attractive and impressive that no one can miss noticing it!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Find Distinctive and Attractive Styles for Making Your Online Logo Design

Brand mark, in my point of view, will always remain the most important component if you want to promote your company and your brand. This also goes for those companies which mostly run on the web, are web-based. The boom in technology has increased the competition in advertising industry. Therefore, if you want your business to survive, you have got to get a professional looking and unique logo design online.

If your business is running mainly on the web, then it is all the more difficult to create an appropriate brand mark. This is because a lot of factors come in to consideration in this case. Scalability of the design is the most important factor that cannot ignored. As your business mainly runs online, your target audience consists mainly of those customers who use internet. Therefore, your brand mark must be attractive so that it lures many users towards your page.

Brand marks, that are applied on the web pages, come in very interesting styles. Following are some of the examples of styles of online logo design:

Badge styles:

Badge shaped brand marks are very popular in business industry on the web. There is a quality that is common to almost all badge styled brand mark, and that is that they resemble the play button. Most of the web pages are created to engage the customers by offering such products that require customers’ attention. For such kind of web pages, this style for brand mark is very compelling.

Speech bubbles:

Besides the many social networking sites available on the net, the internet universe has also maintained the importance and popularity of countless chatting applications and forums. And of course, the purpose of this kind of entertainment is to allow the customers, or users, to interact with each other without any trouble. Hence, the speech bubble type of brand marks is very popular among such sites. This is because these represent communication and relate well to the business.

Simple font:

Nothing can beat a brand mark design that is original and simple. Unique is another aspect of a popular brand mark that cannot be ignored. For this reason, to attain ultimate uniqueness, some web companies come up with new writing styles that become their signature and resemble no other. These new fonts become the distinct characteristic that relates to only that web company. The famous examples are Facebook and Yahoo.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Features a Free Logo Design Program Must Have To Facilitate Designing

Free logo design program makes it easier for you to create your own brand mark. Now there are a number of free softwares that can create brand marks of various shapes, sizes and colors. But, if you want to squash the software for all the benefits, then it must have the right tools for designing.

Following is the list of TOOLS that designing software MUST have:

Application Integration:

The software must be able to build all the images and icons in vector format.

No matter which format you create your brand mark in. it must be easily convertible to vector, so that later on you don’t face scaling problems.
Various file formats:

You are going to use your business icon at various places. So the image should be available in all the required formats, example jpg.

Special Effects:

All applications provide with special effects. Before downloading or using an application online, first read the specific features of the software to make sure that it contains all the tools that you require for your icon.

Special effects are a very great tool to make your icon look smart. You can add many effects depending on the type of brand mark you are making.


These have equal impact as the graphics. These also come in various different and fancy forms. Your application might give you some options, but you can also download new ones from the net.

Template and collections of symbols:

Many types of best logo design program provide with free templates you can work on. You can modify the readymade icons and change them according to your taste and requirements. This will save a lot of time that might have otherwise gone in thinking of something new. But you must make sure that the design that you created from the template must be unique and there must be no resemblance to any other company icon.

Scanner Support:

This is particularly handy if you are not comfortable with drawing on the computer. You can draw your design on a paper and scan it to use in the application.

These designing softwares require a lot of free space and power – one of the disadvantages of these applications. Your personal computer must be able to support the software and supply enough hard disk space for its storage and performance.

These softwares are only recommended if you have some designing background and have some knowledge and skills for brand mark designing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Logo Design Program Or A Professional – Make Your Decision Very Wisely!

Thanks to many logo design programs, now we can create our own business icons without having to spend so much money on professionals. Not only are they easy to use, but they are cheap and save time too.

But if you take an expert designer’s opinion about these softwares, they don’t share the same thoughts as many of us. They think that using a logo design program is foolish, and business owners must hire professionals for logo making.
You know what? They might be right!

These softwares are a good option but not for
everyone. Let’s see how you can decide whether you must use software or hire an expert.

What is your budget?

If you have the kind of money that it takes to hire an expert designer, then you must definitely go for it! A designer has years of experience and practice and understands the elements of brand mark making better than you. He can guide you with the choice of colors and fonts. If you can afford a designer then you must!

But, if you are starting a new business then definitely you will not have so much money to invest in a designing agency. You will require saving every penny and investing only in very important areas of business. If this is the case, then you can try using software.

Do you require complicated brand guidelines?

When you see a large company spending a large amount of money on a brand mark design, you might think that he’s crazy! The truth is, designers don’t charge only for the design but also for guidelines and marketing strategies. They guide you with how to apply the brand mark in the most beneficial way. If you are a small company, then definitely you would not require to waste money on this. You could simply make a simple DIY brand mark.
Is your business related to arts or photography?

If your business is related to arts, and your customers are photographers or artists then you will have to hire a professional. Because these type of customers usually pay a lot of attention on the presentation of a company. If your appearance is impressive, they might want to work with you.

Have you ever tried using a designing application?
If you have a designing background and you think that you can create an outstanding brand mark for your company then there is no need to hire a professional. But if you have never designed a logo before and you don’t have the skills and creativity of art, then you must spend some money and hire a professional.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Keep Your Customers Loyal To Your Brand by Successful Logo Branding

Brand mark is the face of a company or an organization. This, most important fact mentioned in the logo branding guidelines, is mostly ignored by most of the fresh designers. It is the main representation of your brand and company’s identity. If a designer understands this concept and accepts the importance of a brand mark, only then it will be able to make a brand mark that will perform its duty at its very best.

Logo branding is not an easy task, and requires intensive research. Either a designer is a freelancer or working as a part of an advertising company, he has to do a lot of research on the company and its business to make a brand mark that succeeds in accomplishing its goals of attracting more customers and retaining the old ones.

For a successful logo branding design it is necessary that the name of the organization is also a successful one. The name should be strong and recognizable without requiring any captions. It should be able to support itself, even without the help of the brand mark. A successful name and a successful brand mark are the two main factors that decide the number of customers that a company is going to get.

A brand mark not only attracts customers but also helps them in opening up, expressing themselves more openly. It builds trust in them, communicating with them in such a way that a bond is created between the organization and the customers. It attaches the customers to the brand by an invisible, but strong, string.

While designing a brand mark a designer must take special care that it is unique and does not resembles somebody else’s logo. If this happens, this would create confusion in the minds of the consumers between two brands. You will not deny the fact that you do not forget a beautiful face for a very long time. This is the effect that a brand mark should have on the consumers. They should be able to remember it for a very long time. They should be able to recall it very easily.

The purpose of a brand mark is to build a strong relationship between the consumers, or clients, and the organization. It is a representation of the brand and its quality. The customers will decide, by looking at the brand mark, whether they can trust you or not. Therefore, the design should relate to your business and must be able to communicate with the customers properly.