Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Features a Free Logo Design Program Must Have To Facilitate Designing

Free logo design program makes it easier for you to create your own brand mark. Now there are a number of free softwares that can create brand marks of various shapes, sizes and colors. But, if you want to squash the software for all the benefits, then it must have the right tools for designing.

Following is the list of TOOLS that designing software MUST have:

Application Integration:

The software must be able to build all the images and icons in vector format.

No matter which format you create your brand mark in. it must be easily convertible to vector, so that later on you don’t face scaling problems.
Various file formats:

You are going to use your business icon at various places. So the image should be available in all the required formats, example jpg.

Special Effects:

All applications provide with special effects. Before downloading or using an application online, first read the specific features of the software to make sure that it contains all the tools that you require for your icon.

Special effects are a very great tool to make your icon look smart. You can add many effects depending on the type of brand mark you are making.


These have equal impact as the graphics. These also come in various different and fancy forms. Your application might give you some options, but you can also download new ones from the net.

Template and collections of symbols:

Many types of best logo design program provide with free templates you can work on. You can modify the readymade icons and change them according to your taste and requirements. This will save a lot of time that might have otherwise gone in thinking of something new. But you must make sure that the design that you created from the template must be unique and there must be no resemblance to any other company icon.

Scanner Support:

This is particularly handy if you are not comfortable with drawing on the computer. You can draw your design on a paper and scan it to use in the application.

These designing softwares require a lot of free space and power – one of the disadvantages of these applications. Your personal computer must be able to support the software and supply enough hard disk space for its storage and performance.

These softwares are only recommended if you have some designing background and have some knowledge and skills for brand mark designing.

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