Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Logo Design Program Or A Professional – Make Your Decision Very Wisely!

Thanks to many logo design programs, now we can create our own business icons without having to spend so much money on professionals. Not only are they easy to use, but they are cheap and save time too.

But if you take an expert designer’s opinion about these softwares, they don’t share the same thoughts as many of us. They think that using a logo design program is foolish, and business owners must hire professionals for logo making.
You know what? They might be right!

These softwares are a good option but not for
everyone. Let’s see how you can decide whether you must use software or hire an expert.

What is your budget?

If you have the kind of money that it takes to hire an expert designer, then you must definitely go for it! A designer has years of experience and practice and understands the elements of brand mark making better than you. He can guide you with the choice of colors and fonts. If you can afford a designer then you must!

But, if you are starting a new business then definitely you will not have so much money to invest in a designing agency. You will require saving every penny and investing only in very important areas of business. If this is the case, then you can try using software.

Do you require complicated brand guidelines?

When you see a large company spending a large amount of money on a brand mark design, you might think that he’s crazy! The truth is, designers don’t charge only for the design but also for guidelines and marketing strategies. They guide you with how to apply the brand mark in the most beneficial way. If you are a small company, then definitely you would not require to waste money on this. You could simply make a simple DIY brand mark.
Is your business related to arts or photography?

If your business is related to arts, and your customers are photographers or artists then you will have to hire a professional. Because these type of customers usually pay a lot of attention on the presentation of a company. If your appearance is impressive, they might want to work with you.

Have you ever tried using a designing application?
If you have a designing background and you think that you can create an outstanding brand mark for your company then there is no need to hire a professional. But if you have never designed a logo before and you don’t have the skills and creativity of art, then you must spend some money and hire a professional.

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