Friday, November 25, 2011

Find Distinctive and Attractive Styles for Making Your Online Logo Design

Brand mark, in my point of view, will always remain the most important component if you want to promote your company and your brand. This also goes for those companies which mostly run on the web, are web-based. The boom in technology has increased the competition in advertising industry. Therefore, if you want your business to survive, you have got to get a professional looking and unique logo design online.

If your business is running mainly on the web, then it is all the more difficult to create an appropriate brand mark. This is because a lot of factors come in to consideration in this case. Scalability of the design is the most important factor that cannot ignored. As your business mainly runs online, your target audience consists mainly of those customers who use internet. Therefore, your brand mark must be attractive so that it lures many users towards your page.

Brand marks, that are applied on the web pages, come in very interesting styles. Following are some of the examples of styles of online logo design:

Badge styles:

Badge shaped brand marks are very popular in business industry on the web. There is a quality that is common to almost all badge styled brand mark, and that is that they resemble the play button. Most of the web pages are created to engage the customers by offering such products that require customers’ attention. For such kind of web pages, this style for brand mark is very compelling.

Speech bubbles:

Besides the many social networking sites available on the net, the internet universe has also maintained the importance and popularity of countless chatting applications and forums. And of course, the purpose of this kind of entertainment is to allow the customers, or users, to interact with each other without any trouble. Hence, the speech bubble type of brand marks is very popular among such sites. This is because these represent communication and relate well to the business.

Simple font:

Nothing can beat a brand mark design that is original and simple. Unique is another aspect of a popular brand mark that cannot be ignored. For this reason, to attain ultimate uniqueness, some web companies come up with new writing styles that become their signature and resemble no other. These new fonts become the distinct characteristic that relates to only that web company. The famous examples are Facebook and Yahoo.

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