Friday, April 29, 2011

Important Information about Logo Design File Formats

There are many file formats that are currently used by the graphic designers but sometimes due to the lack of information, business owners’ gets confused about the files that are delivered by the graphic designers in different formats. Thus, it is recommended to first understand what they are all about in addition to the logo design information.

As I see it, the most commonly used file formats by the contemporary graphic designers are Logo.eps and logo.gif. Let us discuss these two common file formats in details:

EPS File Format:

EPS is an acronym for encapsulated post script. This file format is the hot favorite of the graphic designers as they are very much compatible with commercial printing. It is often used to transfer image files from vector to any other application. That said; logo.eps is one of the hot favorites of present day graphic designers for the level of scalability it renders. Other advantages that it brings in for a designer is that it can be used in every kind of graphic design software such as; Corel draw, adobe, macromedia freehand etc. EPS file also renders a preview picture of the content in order to provide on screen display which is again loved by the designers.

GIF File Format:

GIF is an acronym for graphic interchange format that is another most commonly used file format in the world. JPEG and GIF are the two most commonly used file format by common computer users. Due to the low resolution it offers, it is frequently used for various web applications and for email purposes. This is why, almost every browser supports GIF file format for its worldwide acknowledgment. Due to such a high usability, graphic designers like using it a lot and often draw a brand mark identity on this file format so that the user doesn’t find it difficult to use.

Furthermore, it also offers compression scheme to keep the size of the file minimum. Logo gif is a very simple file format that keeps everything simple and easy whether it’s the size, shape or color, therefore, it gets suited to every kind of design software, browser, image file etc. You won’t believe it that the colors are limited to only 8 bits that includes only 256 colors.

There are many file formats apart from EPS or GIF such as JPEG, TIF, PDF etc that are widely used and supported by many graphic design software and designers themselves. Therefore, ones must get all the knowledge in the world before going to get your future brand mark identity.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Extract Interesting Ideas From Logo Design Samples?

Just Google it and you will find thousands of logo design samples online but the question here is what the basic purpose of these samples is? Some people who think they can design their brand mark identity on their own search for these corporate identity examples to extract ideas from.

This is why; they often end up on copied brand mark identity which is of course very bad. To get inspired is a good thing but to use the whole idea as it is will be quite unethical. Anyhow, there are many professional graphic design services which provide various corporate identity samples on their company’s website to show the level of work they are doing.

Its kind of a portfolio which shows the expertise of the graphic designers, so you cannot use them as your company’s corporate identity at all. Apart from this, you can get some ideas out of them if you really want to do it on your own. For example; you can use the style and creativity they have used in their logos.

Who doesn’t know about the Pepsi logo design, you can effectively use the color combination they have used in their brand mark identity. I mean, nobody can sue you on this!

This is how the ideas are extracted as there is nothing original in this world. Everything is derived from anything. Therefore, you can use these ideas to get your own brand recognition device in the end that will surely speak.

As indicated earlier, logo design sample is the best way to get ideas from. It is not a hard and fast rule to get ideas only from these samples available over the graphic design company’s website. The preceding Pepsi logo idea would benefit you a lot if you are searching for an interesting color combination.

Furthermore, you can search for other less known corporate identity samples to dig ideas from. Just search for logo design in the search box of Google Images to find out millions and trillions of logo designs. You can mix two or more than two brand mark identities to get a new one as well but for this, you will have to be very careful for if your brand mark matches any other logo in anyways, it will destroy your company’ s reputation in the end.

Therefore, getting an idea and copying the whole idea are two different things which you need to think on before you decide to get your corporate identity designed by yourself.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why To Check Logo Design Portfolio Before Getting Your Corporate Identity?

A logo design portfolio is a representative of a graphic designer’s best work. It’s a kind of curriculum vitae or credentials that a graphic designer has to present if he is in a search for work. Being a business owner you know how much it is important to have a brand recognition device that sets your business or product apart from your competitors.

A drastic boost in the graphic design industry is a proof of how business owners are becoming aware of the profound importance of a corporate identity. It has also boosted the importance of evaluating the overall services and reputation of a graphic design company you are planning to hire. One of the best ways to evaluate them is on the basis of their logo design portfolio.

What is a portfolio?

It is a compilation of the best work done by a professional person in order to present his level of expertise. Therefore, for a graphic designer, it is the sole thing to demonstrate how creative, professional and genius he can be in his work.
Why logo design portfolio is important to get a corporate identity?

What do you do when you want to get a ready-made party dress? You want to take the least risk and therefore, you step into the famous boutique. Why? It is because you think they are credible!

Similarly when you want to get a unique corporate identity for your business, you directly head towards a company that has a big name in the market, that is credible, that is trustworthy and above all experienced.

The portfolio will thus provide you with a glimpse of their expertise in terms of design concepts. You can analyze, scan and evaluate them to get a whiff of what you can expect out of them. Logo design examples can be the best way to examine if they can draw a corporate identity for you business or not. Moreover, you can also search for logos that are related to your business to find out if they have ever designed a brand mark relevant to your company type. This way you can trust them and hire them to get your brand recognition device.

If you are a graphic designer and want to get some interesting ideas than you can hunt for interesting samples over the internet and see how much they help you to come up with a perfect brand mark identity that will take your company, product or service on the top.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ingredients That Are Required For Perfect Logo Design Gallery

Nobody can ever underestimate the power of marketing a product, company or service. A gallery exhibition is one of such types where a company show case their best work in public. Similarly, a logo design gallery is used by professional graphic designers or services who want to exhibit their best work.

A gallery page is one of the hundred pages in a graphic design website which should comprise of all the required ingredients that will attract the viewer’s attention. Following are some of the ingredients that should be in such a page to make it look more alluring and eye-catching.

A great Headline:

Nothing can be more attention grabbing than a headline. Thus, you can make it as alluring as possible but make sure you are not using terms that look irrelevant to the subject matter. For example; Logo design sample portfolio could be the most relevant headline but our best work to show the best side of us would be totally impertinent.

Welcome Message:

Welcome message should be right after the headline to render a warm welcome for the visitors. You should tell them that you care but make sure you are not overdoing it, therefore, you can use sentence like “Welcome to our logo design sample page”

A little introduction:

After the welcome line, you should introduce the page and tell the readers what they will find in the later part of it. For example; below is our best logo design example approved by our team of best graphic designers.


Being immodest here will work. You can tell them some good things about the uploaded samples, your company and the graphic designer’s expertise. Promote Yourself!

Its time to provide samples:

You should provide the best logo design samples of yours in an organized way with proper description of each. So that a reader finds it interesting to read, remember, everyone likes to read something new and unique.

Order details:

They might be convinced by now after looking on the logo design samples you have provided on the website. Its time to render them with alluring logo design packages so that they can easily choose any one of them. This is the most important feature of the web page apart from the samples.

Other remaining ingredients are all related to the technical stuffs like footer pages including site map, home etc. You should therefore follow the above told format to get the best results from your web page. It is also wise to visit different graphic design websites to get an idea on how to develop a sample’s page.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eight Simple And Easy Steps Of A Complete Logo Design Process

A logo design is not an overnight project; it requires intense research work and designing process which can take weeks. Here, you will be presented with a step by step guide for a successful logo design process.

Step # 1:

Formulating and defining the problem:

If you are a graphic designer, then you must ask your clients this question and if you are business owner then you must seek the answers before you finally head towards your graphic designer.

These questions might be:

1-What is your company’s USP?
2-What are the keywords that might best describe your brand mark identity?
3-What is your company’s background or history?

The graphic designer can also provide you with a creative brief to fill out the answers to the preceding questions.

Step # 2:

Research work

When a graphic designer has all the information in his hands, he will start conducting research work so that he can end up on the brand mark identity as per the client’s requirements. Usually, the core part of the research work is about company, its background and its competitors to start the logo design process.

Step # 3:

Developing ideas

Third step is about taking ideas, inspirations and developing concept for the design process. Here, a graphic designer will search extensively to get some ideas. We can call this a brainstorming stage.

Step # 4:


Paper sketching is the first thing a creative and expert graphic designer will do. He will put all the ideas that were rolling in his mind on the paper. This way, a graphic designer’s brain gets moving in the right direction.

Step # 5:

Digital work

Once the idea is finalized, its time to implement it digitally. Whatever software you are using, you can use it to come up with your brand mark identity. Design the whole concept of logo on the software you are using.

Step # 6:


You should present you work to the client that will be your initial draft. You have done well if the client is impressed with your work, otherwise, he may ask for some modifications as well. This way you will get your client’s feedback as well. Now, things must be very clear to you.

Step # 7:


If you are asked to change the design, this step will be implemented. Here you will do the modifications as per the client’s requirements.

Step # 8:

Final revision

Final revision will take place when the client is fully satisfied with the logo design you have culminated. It is a stage where you will create minor changes and polish the design features to make it look ready.

Hence, you can complete your brand mark identity in just eight steps.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Evaluate Logo Design Prices Against The Packages Offered?

Finally, you think the corporate identity package you are selecting is the finest offer you have got because it is facilitating you with so many features. Is that so?

When grazing through the logo design prices to get the future brand mark identity for a business, it becomes understandably important to evaluate the overall package a graphic design company is offering.
You must, therefore, evaluate the prices set, against the packages a graphic design company is offering you before finalizing them. Reasons to offer them in a package are obviously to satisfy potential customers and are be derived after careful examination of customer’s interest. There is a single evaluation criterion for a customer to ensure the fulfillment of his logo requirements is budget!
You can do this very easily but first you must know what these offerings generally have for you.

1-Free offers:

Freebies are offered to facilitate a customer for using his newly made brand mark identity. It could contain, tagline, eBooks, fax cover sheets etc. These freebies are made after in depth analysis of a customer’s demand.


These are the byproducts in case you haven’t got the word. Spin-offs generally includes stationery design, banner design etc. A business owner definitely requires the byproducts which might come with a great cost when outsourced separately. A package is, therefore, an easy solution to get what you want in addition to the corporate identity.

3-Thought process:

Ordinary graphic designer will not conduct that special thought process before drawing up a corporate identity; hence, the overall design process will take maximum ten minutes and you corporate identity will be ready in no time. On the other hand, a logo design packages will offer a considerable amount of time invested by professional graphic designers to ensure the best corporate identity for your company to be used for years.

4-Unlimited revisions:

Big graphic design companies usually offers unlimited revisions on a logo design for their valuable clients so that they get what they want in the end. It is a technique to allure clients to enhance their positive reputation in the market. This add-on reinforces viral marketing to their target audience which is done by the client himself.

5-Money back guarantee:

Oftentimes there are hidden charges in these packages but not all of them are the same. There are companies who offer hundred percent money back guarantee that satisfies a customer that their corporate identity is in the safe hands. The biggest advantages of these companies with offering packages are that they are so perfect in their work that refund never happens.

Hence, you need to look out for the preceding features in the deals offered by professional graphic design companies.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Are The Factors That Influences On The Logo Design Price And Package?

Everybody knows that price varies with the quality of a product. You must have seen a product that is expensive shows quality but a cheap product may not serve you with the same quality as such.

“The costs of poor quality are tangible; they will cost you customers and money, and ultimately affect the success of your business”

Therefore, if you want to buy something that is of quality and caliber then you must take your brand mark seriously and invest a good amount of money in it otherwise you may get the corporate identity of your dreams.

Logo design price and packages vary with company to company which has to be considered when one is going to get his corporate identity from a graphic design company. As mentioned earlier, a poor quality product can bring in lots of problems in future which may cost you much more than the high prices of high ending logo design.

But that are long run disasters which may not be visible at the time of brand mark identity creation. This is how; these are often overlooked by business peoples in spite of the fact that a person in a business is always shrewd and clever. Anyhow, there are many factors that directly influence the cost of a corporate identity designing.

Factors influencing the prices of a corporate brand identity:

1-Your brand identity requirements:

You must have something in your mind about your future brand mark identity. As mentioned earlier, a high quality comes with a high cost, at least these days where everybody wants to make money. Therefore, the quality of a business identity affects a lot on the pricing strategy.

2-The type of logo:

There are so many types of corporate identity which are designed in different ways which also affects the project pricing. You may also be asked about what type you would prefer by a professional graphic designer.

3-Big graphic design company:

These days, the name costs. Like big brands you pay a huge amount of money. Similarly, you have to pay for the name here as well. Big graphic design companies, often comes with a costly logo design package. There can be many reasons for this such as; to maintain the name, to show their high-reputation, many brains working on the same project.

4-Doing it by yourself:

If you are trying to do it by yourself then it won’t cost you anything but at the same time, you cannot create something that is of top quality because you are not a trained as a graphic designer. As indicated in the preceding phrase, a low quality product comes with a tangible cost. So, be ready to face the consequences.
Hence, you can now decide which way to go!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How To Buy Logo Online From A Reputable Graphic Design Company?

When you feel sick, what do you do? You pay a visit to a doctor!

But some people often believe on self medication which eventually destroys their health in a long run. Similarly, when a corporate identity is designed by an amateur, it destroys the overall corporate image in a matter of seconds.

Its sounds perfectly plausible when a business owner say that how on earth this little piece of graphical representation can affect the reputation of their business. That happens when one doesn’t know the importance of a logo design. Therefore, they are of the view that logo design costs should be nothing.

A poorly designed logo is an indication of poor products, services and companies but still, people often underestimate the importance of a brand mark identity for their business and this is why, they try to do it themselves.

A brand mark identity is something that will represent your business to the world and will communicate the whole idea of your company to the target audience. Not only that, it will build a unique persona of a company to the world with swift and grace. This is why; there are so many graphic design companies out there in the market charging so much for just a small piece of graphical representation.

Now, we should talk about how to buy logo online?

There are two types of graphic design companies:

1-Online companies
2-Physically located companies

We will talk about how to buy a brand mark identity online with ease:
First off, it is very important to know, what the top-notch online professional graphic design companies are. For this, you need to conduct a brief research work. All you have to do is to Google custom logo design and you will be presented with hundreds of top graphic designers and companies in town.

You just have to select the one which best suits your requirements that might be:

1-Does it come under your specified budget?
2-If it is a reputable graphic design company

This is how, you can easily decide if the company deserved to be hired or not. There are many other factors that may help you decide if you can go for the company or not but the preceding ones can be the best selection criteria. For your help, we can provide you with other factors as well, like:

1-You can decide on the basis of your friends recommendations
2-You can check various forums to get information about the company you are considering.
3-You can check their past records before you buy logo online from them.
4-For how long they have been in this business?

Hence, you can consider the above told ideas before finalizing the graphic design company to get your future brand mark.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is It Difficult To Get A Reasonable And Affordable Logo Design Today?

Who wants to spend his hard won money on products that are risky? The answer is very simple; no one wants to waste his investment. Its natural to be over conscious on product purchase especially in a situation where every single penny counts.

Affordable logo design is therefore an issue for the companies who want to get great brand recognition device for their company. Getting a corporate identity affordably is a great challenge for a business owner especially the small ones for they have a limited budget. Logo design cost varies from company to company. Some cost an arm and a leg while some are dirt cheap!

The difficulty arises when a business owner wishes for a high ending brand mark identity but with a low cost. No doubt its very difficult but not impossible!


You know how much money you can spend on your corporate identity; therefore, you will select a company on the basis of your budget. Here, we will tell you how you can get the best results by spending as little money as possible. The only thing you have to do is to find a company that is reputable and has a high worth in the market. Next thing to check will be different price and packages the company is offering.

Price and packaging is depending on the schemata a graphic design company has devised for itself. You will have to search for those companies who offer great price and packages that will suit your pocket. Offering a number of price and packages is a sign of experience, repute, understanding and professionalism.
Therefore, the first goal of yours is complete that is to hire a good company to get your corporate identity.

Next goal is the affordability which will be solved when you will select the best suitable package out of the list. This is how you will get the best service on low-cost brand mark identity. Logo design cost is no doubt an issue but by using a little common sense you will be able to get the best corporate identity out of the best professional graphic design in town.

Final words:

Before you go for a graphic designer, you must:

1-Decide what are your requirements related to the corporate brand identity.
2-How much money you can invest in your future brand mark?
3-Make sure the graphic design service you are going for is reputable and experienced.
4-Make sure you have a clear idea of your future corporate company identity in your mind.

Hence, once you know what you want and how much you can spend on it and from where you can get it then you will get the best corporate identity very easily.

Monday, April 18, 2011

How To Find The Right Graphic Designer Company To Buy Logo From?

When you want to buy something, you get to the best shop to get the best product. It is because nobody wants to waste his or her money and when a product is expensive, a buyer becomes more careful. Similarly, you should think twice before going to buy logo design for your business.

Getting a brand identity is no way a bad thing but investing your money on such brand mark which are of no quality then this can be a problem for you. So what should you do to get a high ending brand mark identity?

The answer is very simple; you must hire a professional graphic design service to get your future brand mark. There are certain criteria on how to select a professional service so that you get a perfect brand recognition device in the end.

1-Look out for a company who serves online as well. This way you will be able to get the services of those companies as well that are not physically located in your area.

2-If you have decided that you will search for the company online then its time to select any one of them but before that you should make a list of the companies you have searched for.

3-The list is in your hands. Search for how long they have been working in this industry. The longer the history, the better would be the results.

4-Its time to check the affordability. You know how much you can invest in your logo so, based on this criterion; you must get rid of those names that are not under your reach.

5-Have they uploaded their portfolio on their website? If yes, then go through it and see the quality of work they have been doing. It will be an advantage if you find a logo related to your business. This will give a good idea about the level of work they can do for you.

6-I hope you have very few companies left in your hands. You will now visit their website one by one and see which company is offering money back guarantee and unlimited revisions after you buy logos from them. This is how; you can give them a try without any hesitation for you can ask them anytime for the refund if in case you don’t like the work.

Hence, by following the preceding guidelines you can easily search for a professional graphic design company that is suitable for your business logo requirements in every sense. Furthermore, you must also seek knowledge about various aspects of logo designing to handle things more efficiently.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Custom Logo Designs Are The Best Option For Business Branding?

Once there was a time when nobody ever bothered to get a logo design to enhance their business reputation and visibility but now things have changed their face. Today, you will find thousands of graphic design companies working online fully fledged and making money like anything. This is the valid proof of how people are into marketing their business by getting their custom logo designs.

You will generally encounter two categories of logo design over the internet:

1-Quality brand marks
2-Bad quality brand marks

I am sure; nobody would like to go with the second one. So, the question here is how to get a good quality logo design. As mentioned earlier, custom logo design is the best option for today’s business men if they want to get something that is professional, creative and eye catching.

Because of so many options available, sometime these business men tend to neglect the importance of a brand mark identity for their company. As a result, their overall business image is sent down the drain. These options are very alluring because they are relatively cheap and sometimes free as well. This is why; people are more attracted to them as compared to the professional ones but all that glitters is not gold, therefore, they pay the price in the end.

Lets take an example of free logo design software available on internet that are almost free of cost. They are actually nothing but a mere combination of pre-defined templates that comes with different styles and designs whenever a user tries a new one. Doesn’t he know that the so called free maker he is using might be used by his competitor as well? Next time when he sees a corporate identity similar to his own, could he claim the logo rights?

He would never be able to do that for he doesn’t have the rights. Therefore, you will end up on a very low quality website logo design that will only create problems for you in a long run. On the other hand, if you will go to a professional graphic design service then you may not get such a low quality corporate identity. In fact, you will get a professionally designed brand mark identity on an affordable rate.

There are thousands of graphic design companies out there out of which some might not be that good but at least they would be better than free makers that posses nothing but various clipart designs combined together that are presented to the user in different dimensions every time he or she ask for it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Who Is Behind The World’s Leading Logo Design Corporate Identities

Do you know who has designed Nike’s Swoosh and ever confusing golden arches of MacDonald’s?


Nobody knows that, the only thing they know is that they are unprecedented brand mark identities of the world. Anyhow, I can inform you about the hands which are behind the high crowned corporate identities of the world which have made their mark on the world with all the swift and grace.

But before that, you must know how many types of corporate identities are there in the world of graphic design business.

1-Custom Logo design
2-DIY logo designs

There is a significant difference between them for one is extracted from a professional graphic designer while the other one is drawn by a person who doesn’t have any idea about graphics. A professional has an eye for art, trained, creative and expert to understand the intricacies involved in graphic designing. On the other hand, DIY that is a do it yourselfer so called graphic designer just want to prove his talent over the others. Secondly, he thinks why to spend his hard won money on such a small piece of graphical representation so why not try his own hands on it.

1-Its not a school drawing:

If you have won many schools drawing competition then it doesn’t mean you can easily come up with a perfect brand recognition device in minutes. What do you do when your ceiling fan or washing machine gets broken down? You give a call to a repairman, obviously! So when you have to get a corporate identity then is it not fair enough to hire a professional for it.

2-What professionals are for?

If everyone starts messing with their problems then why on earth these professionals are for? Why they are especially trained to do a certain task? I think you have got my point.

3-It’s a brand mark:

Is it not the sole reason to invest your hard won cash on your logo design which will be your future brand mark identity? Keep this in mind that it is not a mere colorful pictorial representation but it’s a wholesome concept of your company which then turns into a brand like Nike, Macdonald or Prada etc. So can you draw such an important thing on your own? Think about it.

So what do you think, what is the catch here?

The catch here is that everybody should concentrates on his line of business.

DIY is no doubt a very alluring option especially for a startup business owners for they are not very interested in investing a single buck in this marketing strategy but still no one can neglect the long term negative effects that might come with do it yourself corporate identities.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top Three Types Of Business Logo Designs Currently Rolling In The Market

With such a drastic increase in logos demand, there are so many types of brand mark identities today that have emerged and their price and packages changes with the types. May be this is why; there is a commendable growth noted in graphic design industry in last two decades.

Nobody can therefore underestimate the importance of a brand mark for a business. Let us discuss from other perspective. What would have happened if you never had a unique name or a face that you have today? Simple, nobody would be able to recognize no one!

This is the reason, it has become crucial to have business logo designs to bang for the buck for your business. Getting back to the subject matter of our discussion, we will put forth three major types of corporate identities that are being extremely used by corporate.

1-Descriptive designs:

Descriptive means in details. Thus, this kind of brand mark identity tends to exhibit every positive property of a company with the help of a pertinent image or the first name of a business. There are no long notes involved in these corporate identities; rather these are more specific in delivering the whole concept of a company. It is a form which can be difficult to play with for even an expert graphic designer because its narrow and specific but still looks descriptive so as to render what the product, service or company is all about. Good for small business branding.

2-Symbolic designs:

Symbolic also known as abstract logos are a non-figurative and non-literal brand mark identities. They are more into playing with the minds of the viewers for they never depict the direct association with product, service or company. Thus, we can say that it is a more diversified type of communication most suitable for huge firms with great line of products. An ideal example for a symbolic or abstract design concept is ever tempting yet confusing Nike’s Swoosh.

3-Typographic designs:

Typographic desigin concepts seek to understand the relationship between a company and its name which is then artfully represented in its brand mark. Huge firms that are more into reflecting a simpler design concept generally uses this type for their corporate identities. These are also called as logo types. An ideal example of logo types would be of Ford Motor Company’s corporate business identity which can be effectively used in its logo for the name itself shows the whole concept of the organization. Various conglomerates also prefer using the initials of their company name so as to ensure a long standing reputation. GE brand mark would be an ideal example of typographic design logo web.

Hence, you can find other types as well if search well but the preceding ones are frequently preferred in graphic design industry.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buying Company Logo Designs – Is it A Good Deal For Clever Business Man Like You?

Every year, tabloids reports of the huge amount of cash spent on corporate logos demonstrating the degree of domination it is experiencing over the modern-day marketing trends.

What is it with these big brands? Are they a fool, lacking common sense or they like exhibiting their power or monopoly on the market?


Are they having a good deal?

It is important to understand the importance of company logo designs before we reach out to any conclusion pertaining to the above questions.

It is a brand mark identity of a business which is often misconstrued by those flagrant tabloids. There is an image of every business or company whether it’s a home based sewing business or IBM. The image could be good or bad but it will have it no matter what. In short, we can say that a corporate identity is an image through which a company is perceived.

All the components through which a company is recognized are described by a corporate identity. It is a company’s individuality that set it apart from the rest. This is what a business identity is all about, now we will seek to understand why big brands like investing a heap amount of money in them?

An image of a company has to be positive if a business wants to attract customers towards itself and here a corporate identity plays a major role. The image of a company is further polished to be presented in front of the target audience. Two genres of companies are inclined towards getting a brand mark:

1- Small businesses

2- Multinational firms

By and large, small business owners believe that primary effect, a term coined by psychologists for the first impression should be well. This primary effect is very important if one wants to leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the customers.

On the other hand, multinational firms think through the lens of a more clever business person. They believe in buying a carefully designed face rather than just a small piece of graphical representation. It thus becomes a brand, an identity, recognition like never before. This is why reason, they never hesitate in investing huge amount of money for they have enough at stake to come up with a properly done corporate logo designs.

Thus, Prada, Gucci, Armani etc. haven’t bought a logo but a face that is distinguishable, distinctive, and recognizable by any individual. A face that is culminated after such an extensive amount of hard work from the beginning to the final delivery will obviously call for a great deal of investment as well.

I hope that you have got the long awaited answer to your questions.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time To Find Out If Your Business Needs A Company Logo Design Or Not

Your sales have fall flattened and you are going in circles to find a way out?
You are in the middle of the road and you cannot move forward or start again from the word go?

If you are facing the preceding symptoms than its high time that you take your firm to a specialist, a marketing specialist indeed!

A company whether good or bad highly depends on effective marketing strategies so if you are encountering any problems regarding sales-revenue than look what you have been doing in the arena of marketing.

It’s a company logo design that not only acts as a marketing but advertising medium as well. A company on the verge of disaster should seek knowledge and guidance about getting a perfect brand recognition device for its business otherwise no one can save the ship from drowning. People often lowball the importance of a brand mark identity for they believe that if huge marketing campaigns got failed then how come this little piece of graphical representation can do wonders for our business.

Anybody can say that because they are talking on reasons and logical grounds but the magic of a logo design begins where logic ends. You will find this reason extremely plausible when you will be confronting with the heap of benefits it will pull in for your business. Besides the preceding symptoms, there are other alarms which may ask you to get a unique insignia for your company at once:

1-Your business is in the red:

This reason can give anybody a heart attack. A man who has invested his life in his company will wonder; how he will act when his sales get flattened drastically. He may therefore seek out smart ways to get himself out of debt. Here, a brand identity plays a major role. Well, ideal is to get it in the beginning but it is better to be late than sorry.

2-You are lost in the crowd:

Recent economic downturn has injected the idea of running one’s own business rather getting oneself in to non-guaranteeing job oppurtunities. Therefore, when there are loads of companies working in the same field, it becomes necessary for a business owner to implement marketing strategies that may set his company apart from the rest.

3-You have a brand aspiration:

Who doesn’t want his company to be a brand? Everyone does! This is why; a corporate logo design is created to turn a product or company in to distinctive brand in the world.

Therefore, you must get your unique business identity before the preceding problems takes surface and destroy the overall reputation of your company slowly and gradually.

The Importance Of Creating Small Business Logo Design Identity For Start-Ups

Have you just tipped your toes in the world of business?

You are new to this world and don’t know what should you do to make your business a cash cow?

If you are going through the same symptoms then you have definitely reached at the right place. Michael Gerber once said,” Why is it that with all the information available today on how to be successful in small business, so few people really are?”

This is what every small business owner asks, who, in spite of the considerable amount of time spent in the corporate world fails to establish their unique name among the huge crowd of competitors. As far as I see it, ineffective marketing efforts are the most plausible explanation for sinking of the ship which includes business logo design as well.

These brand mark identities are of special significance especially for small business owners for they have very less to invest. They are in a perpetual struggle to establish their company and to turn it into a cash cow. This is why; these brand mark identities are often underrated with a view to be invested later when things are better.

A brand mark identity is the answer to the preceding question posed by Michael Gerber. Small business fails mostly because of low quality logo design. It has invariably been thrown on the back seat of importance in spite of the fact that it helps in improving face value of the business.

It helps in:

1- Meliorating the online presence of a business big time.
2- Confronting and presenting the business in the corporate world.
3- Constructing a lost lasting impression of a company
4- Saving face of a business.

Being a small business owner, you can avail the preceding benefits through your brand mark identity very effectively only if you take it seriously. Rome was not built in one day and so your brand cannot as well but it will if you make it your marketing priority.

Small business logo design is just like a plant, you have to sow the seeds, water it and patiently see it growing in months. A plant can take months to grow, so why not your corporate identity. It is not an overnight phenomenon so you need to give it sometime as well just like the way you give to your plants.

Hence, if you are a small business owner or have just entered into the corporate world, you must get your brand mark identity as soon as possible to implant a unique business corporate identity into the minds of the target audience.