Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top Three Types Of Business Logo Designs Currently Rolling In The Market

With such a drastic increase in logos demand, there are so many types of brand mark identities today that have emerged and their price and packages changes with the types. May be this is why; there is a commendable growth noted in graphic design industry in last two decades.

Nobody can therefore underestimate the importance of a brand mark for a business. Let us discuss from other perspective. What would have happened if you never had a unique name or a face that you have today? Simple, nobody would be able to recognize no one!

This is the reason, it has become crucial to have business logo designs to bang for the buck for your business. Getting back to the subject matter of our discussion, we will put forth three major types of corporate identities that are being extremely used by corporate.

1-Descriptive designs:

Descriptive means in details. Thus, this kind of brand mark identity tends to exhibit every positive property of a company with the help of a pertinent image or the first name of a business. There are no long notes involved in these corporate identities; rather these are more specific in delivering the whole concept of a company. It is a form which can be difficult to play with for even an expert graphic designer because its narrow and specific but still looks descriptive so as to render what the product, service or company is all about. Good for small business branding.

2-Symbolic designs:

Symbolic also known as abstract logos are a non-figurative and non-literal brand mark identities. They are more into playing with the minds of the viewers for they never depict the direct association with product, service or company. Thus, we can say that it is a more diversified type of communication most suitable for huge firms with great line of products. An ideal example for a symbolic or abstract design concept is ever tempting yet confusing Nike’s Swoosh.

3-Typographic designs:

Typographic desigin concepts seek to understand the relationship between a company and its name which is then artfully represented in its brand mark. Huge firms that are more into reflecting a simpler design concept generally uses this type for their corporate identities. These are also called as logo types. An ideal example of logo types would be of Ford Motor Company’s corporate business identity which can be effectively used in its logo for the name itself shows the whole concept of the organization. Various conglomerates also prefer using the initials of their company name so as to ensure a long standing reputation. GE brand mark would be an ideal example of typographic design logo web.

Hence, you can find other types as well if search well but the preceding ones are frequently preferred in graphic design industry.

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