Friday, April 29, 2011

Important Information about Logo Design File Formats

There are many file formats that are currently used by the graphic designers but sometimes due to the lack of information, business owners’ gets confused about the files that are delivered by the graphic designers in different formats. Thus, it is recommended to first understand what they are all about in addition to the logo design information.

As I see it, the most commonly used file formats by the contemporary graphic designers are Logo.eps and logo.gif. Let us discuss these two common file formats in details:

EPS File Format:

EPS is an acronym for encapsulated post script. This file format is the hot favorite of the graphic designers as they are very much compatible with commercial printing. It is often used to transfer image files from vector to any other application. That said; logo.eps is one of the hot favorites of present day graphic designers for the level of scalability it renders. Other advantages that it brings in for a designer is that it can be used in every kind of graphic design software such as; Corel draw, adobe, macromedia freehand etc. EPS file also renders a preview picture of the content in order to provide on screen display which is again loved by the designers.

GIF File Format:

GIF is an acronym for graphic interchange format that is another most commonly used file format in the world. JPEG and GIF are the two most commonly used file format by common computer users. Due to the low resolution it offers, it is frequently used for various web applications and for email purposes. This is why, almost every browser supports GIF file format for its worldwide acknowledgment. Due to such a high usability, graphic designers like using it a lot and often draw a brand mark identity on this file format so that the user doesn’t find it difficult to use.

Furthermore, it also offers compression scheme to keep the size of the file minimum. Logo gif is a very simple file format that keeps everything simple and easy whether it’s the size, shape or color, therefore, it gets suited to every kind of design software, browser, image file etc. You won’t believe it that the colors are limited to only 8 bits that includes only 256 colors.

There are many file formats apart from EPS or GIF such as JPEG, TIF, PDF etc that are widely used and supported by many graphic design software and designers themselves. Therefore, ones must get all the knowledge in the world before going to get your future brand mark identity.

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