Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Evaluate Logo Design Prices Against The Packages Offered?

Finally, you think the corporate identity package you are selecting is the finest offer you have got because it is facilitating you with so many features. Is that so?

When grazing through the logo design prices to get the future brand mark identity for a business, it becomes understandably important to evaluate the overall package a graphic design company is offering.
You must, therefore, evaluate the prices set, against the packages a graphic design company is offering you before finalizing them. Reasons to offer them in a package are obviously to satisfy potential customers and are be derived after careful examination of customer’s interest. There is a single evaluation criterion for a customer to ensure the fulfillment of his logo requirements is budget!
You can do this very easily but first you must know what these offerings generally have for you.

1-Free offers:

Freebies are offered to facilitate a customer for using his newly made brand mark identity. It could contain, tagline, eBooks, fax cover sheets etc. These freebies are made after in depth analysis of a customer’s demand.


These are the byproducts in case you haven’t got the word. Spin-offs generally includes stationery design, banner design etc. A business owner definitely requires the byproducts which might come with a great cost when outsourced separately. A package is, therefore, an easy solution to get what you want in addition to the corporate identity.

3-Thought process:

Ordinary graphic designer will not conduct that special thought process before drawing up a corporate identity; hence, the overall design process will take maximum ten minutes and you corporate identity will be ready in no time. On the other hand, a logo design packages will offer a considerable amount of time invested by professional graphic designers to ensure the best corporate identity for your company to be used for years.

4-Unlimited revisions:

Big graphic design companies usually offers unlimited revisions on a logo design for their valuable clients so that they get what they want in the end. It is a technique to allure clients to enhance their positive reputation in the market. This add-on reinforces viral marketing to their target audience which is done by the client himself.

5-Money back guarantee:

Oftentimes there are hidden charges in these packages but not all of them are the same. There are companies who offer hundred percent money back guarantee that satisfies a customer that their corporate identity is in the safe hands. The biggest advantages of these companies with offering packages are that they are so perfect in their work that refund never happens.

Hence, you need to look out for the preceding features in the deals offered by professional graphic design companies.

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