Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Extract Interesting Ideas From Logo Design Samples?

Just Google it and you will find thousands of logo design samples online but the question here is what the basic purpose of these samples is? Some people who think they can design their brand mark identity on their own search for these corporate identity examples to extract ideas from.

This is why; they often end up on copied brand mark identity which is of course very bad. To get inspired is a good thing but to use the whole idea as it is will be quite unethical. Anyhow, there are many professional graphic design services which provide various corporate identity samples on their company’s website to show the level of work they are doing.

Its kind of a portfolio which shows the expertise of the graphic designers, so you cannot use them as your company’s corporate identity at all. Apart from this, you can get some ideas out of them if you really want to do it on your own. For example; you can use the style and creativity they have used in their logos.

Who doesn’t know about the Pepsi logo design, you can effectively use the color combination they have used in their brand mark identity. I mean, nobody can sue you on this!

This is how the ideas are extracted as there is nothing original in this world. Everything is derived from anything. Therefore, you can use these ideas to get your own brand recognition device in the end that will surely speak.

As indicated earlier, logo design sample is the best way to get ideas from. It is not a hard and fast rule to get ideas only from these samples available over the graphic design company’s website. The preceding Pepsi logo idea would benefit you a lot if you are searching for an interesting color combination.

Furthermore, you can search for other less known corporate identity samples to dig ideas from. Just search for logo design in the search box of Google Images to find out millions and trillions of logo designs. You can mix two or more than two brand mark identities to get a new one as well but for this, you will have to be very careful for if your brand mark matches any other logo in anyways, it will destroy your company’ s reputation in the end.

Therefore, getting an idea and copying the whole idea are two different things which you need to think on before you decide to get your corporate identity designed by yourself.

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