Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ingredients That Are Required For Perfect Logo Design Gallery

Nobody can ever underestimate the power of marketing a product, company or service. A gallery exhibition is one of such types where a company show case their best work in public. Similarly, a logo design gallery is used by professional graphic designers or services who want to exhibit their best work.

A gallery page is one of the hundred pages in a graphic design website which should comprise of all the required ingredients that will attract the viewer’s attention. Following are some of the ingredients that should be in such a page to make it look more alluring and eye-catching.

A great Headline:

Nothing can be more attention grabbing than a headline. Thus, you can make it as alluring as possible but make sure you are not using terms that look irrelevant to the subject matter. For example; Logo design sample portfolio could be the most relevant headline but our best work to show the best side of us would be totally impertinent.

Welcome Message:

Welcome message should be right after the headline to render a warm welcome for the visitors. You should tell them that you care but make sure you are not overdoing it, therefore, you can use sentence like “Welcome to our logo design sample page”

A little introduction:

After the welcome line, you should introduce the page and tell the readers what they will find in the later part of it. For example; below is our best logo design example approved by our team of best graphic designers.


Being immodest here will work. You can tell them some good things about the uploaded samples, your company and the graphic designer’s expertise. Promote Yourself!

Its time to provide samples:

You should provide the best logo design samples of yours in an organized way with proper description of each. So that a reader finds it interesting to read, remember, everyone likes to read something new and unique.

Order details:

They might be convinced by now after looking on the logo design samples you have provided on the website. Its time to render them with alluring logo design packages so that they can easily choose any one of them. This is the most important feature of the web page apart from the samples.

Other remaining ingredients are all related to the technical stuffs like footer pages including site map, home etc. You should therefore follow the above told format to get the best results from your web page. It is also wise to visit different graphic design websites to get an idea on how to develop a sample’s page.

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