Friday, April 15, 2011

Who Is Behind The World’s Leading Logo Design Corporate Identities

Do you know who has designed Nike’s Swoosh and ever confusing golden arches of MacDonald’s?


Nobody knows that, the only thing they know is that they are unprecedented brand mark identities of the world. Anyhow, I can inform you about the hands which are behind the high crowned corporate identities of the world which have made their mark on the world with all the swift and grace.

But before that, you must know how many types of corporate identities are there in the world of graphic design business.

1-Custom Logo design
2-DIY logo designs

There is a significant difference between them for one is extracted from a professional graphic designer while the other one is drawn by a person who doesn’t have any idea about graphics. A professional has an eye for art, trained, creative and expert to understand the intricacies involved in graphic designing. On the other hand, DIY that is a do it yourselfer so called graphic designer just want to prove his talent over the others. Secondly, he thinks why to spend his hard won money on such a small piece of graphical representation so why not try his own hands on it.

1-Its not a school drawing:

If you have won many schools drawing competition then it doesn’t mean you can easily come up with a perfect brand recognition device in minutes. What do you do when your ceiling fan or washing machine gets broken down? You give a call to a repairman, obviously! So when you have to get a corporate identity then is it not fair enough to hire a professional for it.

2-What professionals are for?

If everyone starts messing with their problems then why on earth these professionals are for? Why they are especially trained to do a certain task? I think you have got my point.

3-It’s a brand mark:

Is it not the sole reason to invest your hard won cash on your logo design which will be your future brand mark identity? Keep this in mind that it is not a mere colorful pictorial representation but it’s a wholesome concept of your company which then turns into a brand like Nike, Macdonald or Prada etc. So can you draw such an important thing on your own? Think about it.

So what do you think, what is the catch here?

The catch here is that everybody should concentrates on his line of business.

DIY is no doubt a very alluring option especially for a startup business owners for they are not very interested in investing a single buck in this marketing strategy but still no one can neglect the long term negative effects that might come with do it yourself corporate identities.

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