Monday, April 25, 2011

Eight Simple And Easy Steps Of A Complete Logo Design Process

A logo design is not an overnight project; it requires intense research work and designing process which can take weeks. Here, you will be presented with a step by step guide for a successful logo design process.

Step # 1:

Formulating and defining the problem:

If you are a graphic designer, then you must ask your clients this question and if you are business owner then you must seek the answers before you finally head towards your graphic designer.

These questions might be:

1-What is your company’s USP?
2-What are the keywords that might best describe your brand mark identity?
3-What is your company’s background or history?

The graphic designer can also provide you with a creative brief to fill out the answers to the preceding questions.

Step # 2:

Research work

When a graphic designer has all the information in his hands, he will start conducting research work so that he can end up on the brand mark identity as per the client’s requirements. Usually, the core part of the research work is about company, its background and its competitors to start the logo design process.

Step # 3:

Developing ideas

Third step is about taking ideas, inspirations and developing concept for the design process. Here, a graphic designer will search extensively to get some ideas. We can call this a brainstorming stage.

Step # 4:


Paper sketching is the first thing a creative and expert graphic designer will do. He will put all the ideas that were rolling in his mind on the paper. This way, a graphic designer’s brain gets moving in the right direction.

Step # 5:

Digital work

Once the idea is finalized, its time to implement it digitally. Whatever software you are using, you can use it to come up with your brand mark identity. Design the whole concept of logo on the software you are using.

Step # 6:


You should present you work to the client that will be your initial draft. You have done well if the client is impressed with your work, otherwise, he may ask for some modifications as well. This way you will get your client’s feedback as well. Now, things must be very clear to you.

Step # 7:


If you are asked to change the design, this step will be implemented. Here you will do the modifications as per the client’s requirements.

Step # 8:

Final revision

Final revision will take place when the client is fully satisfied with the logo design you have culminated. It is a stage where you will create minor changes and polish the design features to make it look ready.

Hence, you can complete your brand mark identity in just eight steps.

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