Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buying Company Logo Designs – Is it A Good Deal For Clever Business Man Like You?

Every year, tabloids reports of the huge amount of cash spent on corporate logos demonstrating the degree of domination it is experiencing over the modern-day marketing trends.

What is it with these big brands? Are they a fool, lacking common sense or they like exhibiting their power or monopoly on the market?


Are they having a good deal?

It is important to understand the importance of company logo designs before we reach out to any conclusion pertaining to the above questions.

It is a brand mark identity of a business which is often misconstrued by those flagrant tabloids. There is an image of every business or company whether it’s a home based sewing business or IBM. The image could be good or bad but it will have it no matter what. In short, we can say that a corporate identity is an image through which a company is perceived.

All the components through which a company is recognized are described by a corporate identity. It is a company’s individuality that set it apart from the rest. This is what a business identity is all about, now we will seek to understand why big brands like investing a heap amount of money in them?

An image of a company has to be positive if a business wants to attract customers towards itself and here a corporate identity plays a major role. The image of a company is further polished to be presented in front of the target audience. Two genres of companies are inclined towards getting a brand mark:

1- Small businesses

2- Multinational firms

By and large, small business owners believe that primary effect, a term coined by psychologists for the first impression should be well. This primary effect is very important if one wants to leave a long lasting impression on the minds of the customers.

On the other hand, multinational firms think through the lens of a more clever business person. They believe in buying a carefully designed face rather than just a small piece of graphical representation. It thus becomes a brand, an identity, recognition like never before. This is why reason, they never hesitate in investing huge amount of money for they have enough at stake to come up with a properly done corporate logo designs.

Thus, Prada, Gucci, Armani etc. haven’t bought a logo but a face that is distinguishable, distinctive, and recognizable by any individual. A face that is culminated after such an extensive amount of hard work from the beginning to the final delivery will obviously call for a great deal of investment as well.

I hope that you have got the long awaited answer to your questions.

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