Friday, May 28, 2010

twEEt-to-grEEt-business-success ;-)

Twitter has become one of the top social networking applications of the current era. Twitter is basically a micro blogging technology that allows users to quickly update their status, usually containing a very limited number of characters but for business owners it can work like a genie of the lamp that can make your all business wishes come true. How, I will explain below.

1. Twitter allows you to introduce your business on the internet to billions and trillions of people.

2. Twitter allows you to post updates about your business or products in one click.

3. Twitter allows unlimited number of people to become your “follower” and see each of your business or personal update.

4. Twitter is an interactive application that allows people to reply back to each of your post.

5. Last, but the greatest thing about twitter; IT’S FREE!

So after getting familiar with Twitter’s great benefits you want to join twitter right! So, here’s how you quickly setup an account on twitter in 5 steps;
1. Choose a name: create the account name by your company’s name to make it easier for people to find you.

2. Create a profile: put down all the information related to your product or services in the profile section.

3. Add an Icon/Avatar: add your company’s logo to in the icon box.

4. Link to your official website: give your official website’s link in the URL section so people can be redirected to your official page.

5. Follow: follow people with similar interests and media personalities to explore more and be more notable.

You are all settled up! Now, all you need to do is to start tweeting to give greeting to the arriving business success.

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