Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Social Networking Websites – The Victims of Spam You Should Be Aware Of? (Part 1)

One way or other, the social media websites have neither proven to be friendly nor unfriendly for online users. There is no single social media website in the world that is free of spamming. Spamming has flooded the online world of social websites and now has become one of the most fundamental problems that every social network needs to resolve. Here are the 10 most famous social websites that are victims of spamming which you should be aware of:

1. Spam vs Facebook:

Who is not aware of Facebook? But the website is most primarily targeted by hackers and scammers. Here is the list of Facebook spam that you should know about:

• IQ Quiz on Facebook contains advertisements that hold spam, once you click an advertisement; you are shifted towards a site that may ask you to answer 10 questions that are relatively easier to answer. Once you answer these questions, you are asked to enter your phone number; if you entered your phone number correctly; then $10 bill per week will be added directly to your phone bill through this scam.

• Sometimes, you may receive an instant message from one of your international friend who tells you that he/she has been robbed and doesn’t have a wallet, so, need money. Use your common sense how in the world your friend is being able to access you on Facebook. Can’t he access via phone to inform you? This type of scam is created by international fraudsters who hack your friend’s account.

• A fishing scam is another threat to Facebook. A hacker is the one responsible for this kind of spam who stole user’s account and send spam messages like” Check out this funny video” by redirecting the user to the fake Facebook login page.

• KOOBFACE worm is another gift of Facebook which is in fact a virus. You would receive a message in your Facebook account which will contain a link that may lead you to the video where you are being asked to upgrade the flash player by downloading the file. Once you’ve downloaded and install the file, you are retrieved back to Facebook and similar messages are sent to your friends by the virus, “KOOBFACE worm”.

To be continued…

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