Saturday, April 17, 2010

Use My Body As Your Logo!

You have heard about banner, TV and paper advertisements, but there’s a minor chance that you know about the kind of advertisement I am going to tell you. It’s the body advertisement AKA live advertisement!

In this kind of advertisement a person gives you an offer to put your logo on any of his/her body part (of his/her choice) on a particular cost with a certain time limit contract to keep that logo intact on his/her body. Yes, I know it sounds insane but it’s damn real and you got to believe it and if you don’t, check this video out:

Still don’t believe? Check out this website: As a matter of fact this is not the only site but there are many sites dedicated to this thing which you can find by looking up on Google. Even these kind of crazy auctions are available on eBay! If you search on eBay, you will definitely find one, or many crazy nuts selling the opportunity to put your logo on some visible part of their body in the form of a “henna tattoo” for up to a three month time span. Prices can vary around $1000-$50,000; based on the person and the part of the body, as a forehead will cost you more than the back of a hand.

Last night, I found an auction on eBay which goes like this;

“Hi, my name is Daniel and I can place your company’s logo, personal logo or slogan on my forehead with a henna tattoo for 2 months. With this auction, also there is a guarantee that I will spend at least 2 hours in public view per day, and distribute flyers & business cards to anyone who asks about the artwork. No swear word or morally objectionable material will be acceptable. Tattoo colors are limited to black, reds, browns, yellows and oranges.”

You read that? Wasn’t it crazy? Well if you ask me I’ll say HELL YES! It was crazy. Now, if we talk about the benefits and detriments which can be encountered by this “new advertisement era”, there would be many. But as I see it, there are more disadvantages than the gains. When we can put our ads on TV and banners then why should we go for a thing like this? Where TV or banner advertisement can get the fast reaction of people, body advertisements can be a total loss deal as mostly people ignore guys and girls with strange fashion styles and therefore they would take this “live advertisement” as an another weird fashion. As I believe nobody would ask them what the heck that logo is doing on your neck or hand or forehead, as no one likes to get involved into any kind of trouble to ask someone about his weirdness and get knocked down on the spot. What do you think? Is it a foolish advertisement technique or a wise and successful futuristic deal!

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