Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do You Know What Is A Blog, And The Difference Between A Blog And A Web Site?

If you don’t know the difference between a website and a blog, or cannot explain it to anyone when asked; you aren’t the only one. Many entrepreneurs don’t know the exact difference between regular website design and blogs and this is why I came up with this piece of writing.

I am myself a web developer/blogger for so many years (not exactly a blogger some years back as there was no concept of blogging at all) and I always had this problem of updating the data base or information on an existing website whether it is the price changes of products or services, new product versions info or business updates. The biggest problem in web site updating is that you have to put the updates on the existing pages by editing the pages or either uploading new pages by an FTP program or a web uploader tool. It was quite a mess for all the web designers out there till the concept of Blogging came in, then; everything got changed in an instance.

A blog, previously known as a web log or an online diary was launched in early 90s but wasn’t much known until 2007. In the early blogging times the blogs weren’t free to use and therefore only few businesses attained blogs for their promotions, also for the fact that there were only fewer options and tools for blogging those days which didn’t allow marketers or business persons to fulfill their business needs. In 2007 Google launched the all new “BLOGGER” ( which had so many cool and handy features along with the great news that it had become FREE!!! Although the company that made blogger “free to use” in February 2003 was Pyra Labs (Pyra Lab was the company that actually launched blogger On August 23, 1999 but it wasn’t in the shape how the blogger is in right now). When it got transferred on Google servers people rush towards it as Google was considered one of the most trustworthy companies on the World Wide Web, entrepreneurs decided to make blogger a part of their business instantly.

Today, Blogging is a part of every business, and every person who wants to show something to the world, whether it’s his passion or his achievements, blogging has become a vital part in our lives. Blogging has made our tasks easier then the complicated web site designs where posting comments, votes and updates were really difficult. Now we can easily communicate with people on blogs and add all of the things that we could add on web sites by web designing like images, JAVA scripts, HTML coding and more in a lot easier way.

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