Saturday, April 3, 2010

So Many Look-Alike Logos Exist, But Those Silly Designers Keep Cloning!!!

Once again, Here I am to expose the biggest logo rip offs in the history of professional logo designing. Today is the turn of a logo which is…well…I am sorry; today is the turn of diverse logos that resemble each other in higher extents. I am talking about the logos of Quark, Alcone, Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers, Sterling brands, Designers network, Akademiks, Midas, Moen, Dream weaver and many more. The major and most famous ones are the logos of Quark, Alcone, Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers.

It’s funny when designers copy someone else’s logo designs and claim their work to be “ORIGINAL”, hah, what a lame joke. May be the audience is fool or those designers are just too smart. Lets first look at what Glen turpin, the corporate communications director of Quark says in a press release;

“Our new logo is radically different from our old logo, that’s why it’s the perfect symbol for the new Quark. Our company has changed dramatically. Like our new logo, once people catch a glimpse of who we are today and where we’re going, we’ll be impossible to ignore.”

What in the blue hell is she talking about??? She calls quark logo “different”? She calls it a “perfect symbol”? God! Somebody ask her if she had her eyes closed when her designer came to her with the Quark logo that she thinks it’s something “different”. But yeah, somewhere I do agree with her quote that because of Quark’s logo she and her team will be impossible to ignore. Look; we are talking about it! In a good way or bad, it’s a different story.

Same goes with the other designers who made all those lookalike logos such as Sterling brands, Designers network, Akademiks, Midas and more. Take a glimpse at some of those lookalikes;





The biggest similarity between all of these logos is the letter “a” in lower case which is typed in Bauhaus 93 font (some says it’s in the veer girl font). This letter “a” is the base of all these logos with little bit of alterations in the type font and symbolisms (which definitely can’t spare those copycat designers).

It’s nearly impossible to figure out who copied who, as there are so many logos with the same designing. All we can do is to be careful when we get our logo designed by a professional logo designer. And keep our fingers crossed until the designer comes up with the logo. Who knows if the logo designer comes up with the NIKE logo claiming that it’s his own “unique” artwork!

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