Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Characteristics of an Extraordinary Logo Design

If a picture says thousand words all by itself then the company’s professional logo design is the most important thing which bolds out the first impression on the consumer and in the market.

Before any knowledge of the company has been acquired, perceptions have already been formulated based off of the logo. Look at this logo design for example.

• What things might come to storming brain?
• What pros did you assume: clean, moderate, tech-savvy, conventional, boring?
• What type of company do you think would use this logo?
• You likely wouldn’t assume this logo for a restaurant, but you might assume it as automobile company logo design.

What makes a good logo?

It’s quite difficult to screen out what really makes a great logo design but certainly there are some common characteristics which that all the best logos design share. Let’s have a glance over some famous logo designs.

What Characteristics are Making Them 
Outstanding and Extraordinary?

Colors Sweetness

The majority of company logos design consists of but a single color, typically a primary color. Some may have two colors, but rarely do you see more than two colors. This makes it easy to attach an emotion to a logo. Together the eyes and brain produce a cognitive and emotional response to each color. Because of this, colors themselves take on meanings.

Simplicity Defines Elegance

“If you can’t explain the idea in one sentence over the telephone, it won’t work.” - Lou Danziger.
You will notice in the above logos design there’s nothing overly fancy, no gradients or drop-shadows, just clean and simple lines. This helps to make the logo easy to recall on demand and pick it out from the many other logos you are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Design for Multiple Media in Mind

One thing remains constant - change. The constant evolution of media and information delivery systems of today’s times means that a company logo design will likely take on more than one form of medium in its lifespan. This allows for the logo to be easily placed on billboards, on business cards, on black and white fax copies, mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and all the rest.

Logo Durability

A logo should be able to convey its message over a prolonged period of time and it must be able to adapt to cultural changes. It might be exciting to design a logo that is influenced by a trendy typeface, but it will become outdated and need to be replaced in later years.

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