Sunday, October 30, 2011

Famous Animal Logos – Reaching the Ultimate Height of Creativity and Innovation

It is not new, that people use creature names or illustrations for themselves or others. You might have heard of these phrases all your life: ‘strong as an ox’, ‘tall as a giraffe’, ‘big as a bear’, ‘quick as a cat’, or ‘clever as a fox’.

Today, this usage continues, mostly in the field of designs. We, humans, have a habit of using mammal representations to portray different characteristics of each other. This usage has given us full advantage in the world of business as well. At first, I was confused. I thought how can we use animals in our business identities, something so serious? But then when I concentrated on its advantages, I realized it actually was a great idea.

I have seen many using the image of an elephant in many famous animal logos. This image in the business icon illustrates strength and hugeness, and also reliability. Similarly, many car companies use images of a horse, or leopards to symbolize speed and liveliness.

You cannot use just any type of icon with any type of business. It is very important that the illustration should associate appropriately with the type of business. If your business is relating to water, or is of aquatic nature, then you can use aquatic mammals. Such mammals that have the qualities similar to that of your company, like swiftness and growth.

I can name a hundred best animal logos that are very popular on the web world, and that use animals as a part of their symbol. Some of them are as follows: MSN (uses a multicolor butterfly), Lacoste (uses a crocodile), Jaguar and Puma (use a leopard), Swarovski (uses a swan), WWF (uses a panda), Twitter (uses a blue bird), Spiderman (uses a spider), Playboy (uses a rabbit), Red Bull (uses two bulls), and Bacardi (uses a bat).

As you can see for yourself that the above mentioned icons are some of the most popular that are recognized all over the world. The illustrations used in them are illustrating different characteristics of the business. For example, the multi colored butterfly is for telling the customer or user that he will get a wide range of options here.

Other than the illustration, there are more important things one should consider. These are the font type, font size, color of the font, format of the image, etc. All these factors are important parts of a great design.

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