Thursday, October 27, 2011

Animal Logo BMX – A Logo That You Can Never Easily Forget!

“I told Whiteboy the idea and he drew up the Griffin Brand mark. There was never a doubt from day one that we would use that brand mark and name to represent us.”

- Ralph Sinisi

Branded racing bike riding has been a great success since their first debut in the 1970s. The desire to ride bikes in free style and perform amazing bike stunts has invaded our computer screens in the form of online games, available for free on the net.

With this reputation, the brand needed a brand mark to represent itself to the world in a more dramatic way. For that they required a brand mark that will dazzle the world with its looks. They wanted a strong and bold presentation of themselves. So, after a lot of brainstorming they settled on an animal logo BMX - an eagle with horns!

They wanted something that will represent all the qualities of their brand and of the bikes as well. They wanted depict strength, speed, and innovation! So, an eagle with horns seemed as the best idea. It was actually a mixture. A mixture of an eagle and a bull, I guess. But, it did the trick!

The brand mark was so popular that it was worn as tattoos, and on t-shirts! It gave the riders more value and a sense of priority. It played well, very well. This figure was used to describe anything crazy related with the riders and racers.

The brand mark described everything from wildness to speed. These were the qualities common of all the riders and racers of the branded bikes. The wild animal logo of an eagle with horns made them look cooler. So, they started wearing them on tee fronts. These bikes got a lot of promotion and publication because of the brand mark. This means that the creature brand mark performed very well and was an instant success.

The eagle portrayed speed, and the bull’s horns were meant to portray aggression and strength. The purpose of the brand mark was to make the riders feel that they will feel like an eagle soaring in the sky as soon as they mount the bike and ride it. This is why it was also used in big races. The brand mark increased the familiarity of the brand and gave it a name of its own, a name that cannot be forgotten very easily.

The brand didn’t need to remake their brand mark because it was imprinted in the minds of the customers and they loved it.

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