Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Discussion of the Important Factors of a Successful Car Logo

How would you explain a car logo, what terms would you apply to describe it? Would you refer to the pictorial representation on your tee front or the sticker on your automobile? Consider what your answer would be, but keep in mind that these emblems or the design only does not make up for the success your brand identity would get. There are many other things that are involved, namely, the strategies of marketing that you have devised, the experience of the artist who is de4signing your brand mark, the message that your brand mark is going to convey, the illustrative image, and the promised quality. All these terms make up for the success of a single brand identity. It is not an easy task to design a company identity.

Through your brand mark, you are promising your clients that you will provide them the best service and the best quality product. There are various ways by which you can represent your company through visual presentation. There are various clever tactics that you will have to apply in order to get success in your objective.

Every automobile company has a brand mark and some have become more popular than others. Many have never been redesigned since the time they were made, and other car logos have been modified to keep up with latest designs and trends. The most important factor of successful designing is that the design should be very simple, yet sophisticated and elegant. It should have a unique style that is characteristic to it, and the quality of standing out in the crowd.

Most people, even if they are not familiar with the real design of an automobile brand mar, they are familiar to the brand identity mark of the automobile, which is also termed as a “marquee”. The automobile marquee that is almost certainly known finest all over the world is the Ford symbol which has not been altered much for over 100 years now and is merely a stylized edition of the Ford name. This brand mark has all the qualities of a successful brand name. Its design was so perfect that it never required remodeling and is still considered the top brand mark design of all times. Its design never got outdated, only a few newer versions of the design have been invented with little changes than the original design.

This design is an exemplary design for all the new artists who can follow the simplicity rules that this design has followed.

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