Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Best Use of Car Logo Images in Brand Mark Designing

Before beginning your design, as an artist, you should first consider what would be the possible applications of the brand mark. And then you should make up your mind about the design, its format, its features, and size. As the brand mark that you are designing is for an automobile, so you should first understand all the features that are characteristic to that particular brand or company. The common features that are distinctive of a vehicle are speed, luxury, comfort, and similar. Now a day’s people want to expensive and luxurious autos just for the sake of upgrading their status symbol. So your design should also look classy in that sense, that it matches the standard of the gleaming beautiful vehicle.

The kind of vehicle you drive speaks a lot about your character, standard of living and tastes. Transport vehicles are not just a mean of transportation any more but are also a class differentiator that distinguishes the rich from the middle class and the poor.

But how do these automobile companies set themselves apart in the industry, given there are so many manufacturers.

Their car logo images design makes all the difference for them.

Automobile manufacturers spend many hours and days brain storming for the appropriate vehicle brand mark icon that illustrates their company in all the ways. There are many ways of making your brand mark design one of the best. You will have to select an icon that perfectly illustrates the qualities and features of your automobile. You can use any type of an icon; it can be an animal, for example. And if you cannot come up with a proper icon then you can use the textual style of making a brand mark. You can simply make use of your brand title, or if the name is too big, you could use its initials.

Several car logos pictures have used complicated designs to symbolize their product which says volumes to you, speaking everything relating to the automobile brand. For instance the Alpha Romeo emblem illustrates the city of Milano’s, court of arms and the Ferrari emblem is an illustration and an honor to the well known Italian air force pilot who sacrificed his life for the country in World War I. Many manufacturers have also applied animal illustrations like a bull or a big cat to relate with animal qualities to their brand. Their brand icons depict power; strength and poise through the fauna that they have selected to represent their brand.

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