Friday, December 2, 2011

A Brain Storming Tutorial Exercise to Make Your Own Logo Design

If you are an amateur designer, and if you are anything like I was when I freshly started in this career, then you would definitely need tutorials to guide you correctly. When you start to make your own logo design, either you are doing it for your own company or you are designing for somebody else, you will be under a lot of pressure. To cut down the pressure, it is suggested that you divide the task into several small exercises. This will decrease the pressure of work and give you more time to concentrate on any one aspect of the symbol.

I am sharing one brand mark tutorial exercise which would change the way you brain storm on your business icon and it will end up looking professionally made.

1. Think of a word or a character that relates to your business:

This first point is about coming up with a word that is relating to your business or your company. The word can be a quality, character, element, etc. This will become the foundation of your brain storming process. If you have come up with the word, then you can proceed with the next step.

2. Using mind mapping, project new ideas relating to the word:

You can begin with simply writing the word in the middle of a paper and then start linking words that come to your mind. What I used to do to make my own logo design, I used to write the word in a cloud and then link other clouds to it with relating ideas, thus forming a branching network like structure. For example if the word is water, then the relating words might be drops, moisture, clouds, rain, pond, wet leaves, rainbow, etc. If you are not good at brain storming, then you can use software for min mapping. There are several applications and techniques available now.
3. Next, sketch a basic image of your word:

Draw the first image of the word that comes to your mind. It will be basic and imperfect. But right now perfectionism is not necessary. Draw the simplest image that you can relate to your word.

4. Develop your business image:

You are just doing this exercise to come up with ideas for your logo. Experiment with different shapes, colors, and fonts. You can even try connecting your words with the images. If you are creative, you will successfully link your image with the text so that it looks like one effect is pouring into the next one.

In this way you can come up with many different ideas and images. At the end of this exercise you can select the image, or idea, that you think is the best and relates most to your business. This technique of commencing your drawing broadens your mind and opens the door for creativity for you.

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