Thursday, December 29, 2011

Car Logos and Names –Types of Brand Marks and Their Description

An automobile brand title is a symbolic representation of the features of the automobile. Today, the automobile market is swarmed up with various different car logos and names. How are these helpful in the industry? They help in differentiating your brand from the others, and give you an identification of your own. In some instances, brand logos are used more often than the titles. This is mainly because brand marks reflect the personalities of the owner and characteristic features of the product. If you really want to appeal your target audience, and bring in more potential customers, than you have to put in a lot of brain storming in to the project. Generally speaking, there are three basic forms of automobile brand marks – symbolic, textual, and combination.

In symbolic brand marks, especially designed symbols or icons are applied to the brand mark. There is not text, only a pictorial illustration of the features of the brand. The illustration could be anything, it could be an abstract art of some sort, an image of an animal, or whatever is suitable to the brand title. But the condition is that the image or illustration should relate to the features of the vehicle. Because there won’t be any text to describe the meaning of the illustration and its concept, so this job is to be done by the image alone. Popular examples that are using symbolic illustrations are Citroen, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, and Subaru.

In textual style brand marks, either the whole title is used or a part of the title is used as a brand mark. Usually, in this type of brand marks, what really matters is the font. The typeface of the brand mark should be very clear and easy to understand. The reader must not squint in order to read the text, and must immediately relate to the brand title. Smart car logo designs prefer using only the initials, while others prefer whole titles. Initials are more preferable when the brand has a large title. Popular examples of textual brand marks are Fiat, Mazda, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet.

Combinations of symbols and text are also very common in the industry. Many brands use a symbolic representation with their titles or initials. When both the symbol and the text are applied together in a brand mark design, it is called a combination emblem. Popular brands using this type of brand marking are Audi, Alpha Romeo, Skoda, Lamborghini, Lotus, Rover, and BMW.

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