Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Effective Survival Strategy of Fast Food Logos in the Market

You must have seen many fast food logos around your residential area. Have you ever noticed something very common in every brand mark? The feature that is common to those entire brand marks is thee color combination, it is usually red, yellow, orange, or green. According to a theory based on research, it is said that colors trigger certain feelings and emotions. The colors mentioned formerly are responsible for triggering hunger and a desire to eat. Therefore, these colors are commonly used in brand marks related to fast food. Because these restaurants usually prefer that their guests spend more at their eating items, and leave quickly. These colors make an individual feel warm and comfortable, as compared to the colors blue, black, or purple. Moreover, these colors not only represent coldness, but are also associated with eatables that have either become stale or are toxic. You must have noticed the clever color combinations that most of the famous and well known brand marks have usually used, because they know how to trigger the behavior they want from their customers.

International food logos design for flourishing trademarks don’t revolutionize a great deal, but they do modify with time just to make them better than before. But they don’t change the entire design, just a little modification. The main purpose of creating a brand mark is to increase familiarity of the brand in places where people don’t know much about your product, or a neighborhood where your product has not reached yet. It is a type of advertising, a marketing strategy which has not failed the most popular brands.

Let’s take an example of the most popular brand that we all are familiar with: The Mc Donald’s. Like it or whether you agree or not, the golden arches of McDonalds are one of the most familiar trademarks among the older and younger generations. The society they represent is one of immediate indulgence and valuable time, of readily available items that are cheap to buy and easy to eat. Many researchers have focused on the influences of these grubs on our consumption, but their brand marks and names are such a permeating part of our lives that you can be sure that they influence our thinking and feelings too.

Brand mark, therefore, plays a very important part for every organization, either old or new. And if you want to survive the competition and survive in the market you’ve got to have an attractive brand mark.

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