Thursday, January 5, 2012

Food Logo Design – Simple and Artistic Ways of Using Food Elements

Building brand image is the most important task when you are starting a new company. And the most important element or brand marketing is the brand mark, or emblem. And a business without a brand mark is like an expressionless face. Every business niche has its own brand mark design style, and the purpose of this is to create awareness of the company’s objectives, and their services or products.

The type of business we are concerned about is the eatables business. If you are doing a business that is related to eatables, either a restaurant or a grocery shop, you might want a food logo that represents you in the market. It is always suggested that when you are using images and symbols in the brand mark design, you must always use symbols that are relating to the business type – eatables here. It is very amusing to see how delicately designers use forks and knives in the design. This tendency has become very common now. Different artists from different parts of the world try to portray their culture in the design, for instance, the use of chop sticks is more common in China than anywhere else. This symbol became a representative of specifically Chinese eatables. Even for the general public, chopsticks mean that Chinese eatable is being talked about.

When making a business icon, we usually try to use such symbols which are relating to the particular business. Hence, when designing an emblem we commonly use symbols that are related to eatables, such as a knife, fork, noodles, leaves, etc. Just the elements used in the design vary, but the purpose of making it remains the same. In the eatables industry, you will notice a trend in the brand marks. With variations in gradients, elements and symbols, and colors, an artist can make so many unique designs.

There are at least hundred hotels and restaurants in a city. There are types of restaurants too, like fast eatables, traditional eatables, or international flavor. If you are designing a food logo design, you must take a lot of care that your elements should relate to the type of business, and the image you are using, if any, must also represent the objective and message of the restaurant.
The important features of a good restaurant are mainly, taste, serving time, quality of waiting services, and the type of eatables. These aspects should be seen in the brand mark of an eatables relating business.

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