Thursday, January 12, 2012

Elements That Contribute in the Share of a Food Logo’s Success

Out of all the kinds of brand mark designs, making food logos related to eating items is the most interesting task. You can twist and turn an ingredient or a spice in so many ways to illustrate a quality or something. There are so many images and symbols you could choose from to incorporate in your design. It just requires some creativity. If you draw a spice or a fruit in pencil, and twist and turn the image, it comes out to be something really interesting.

The advantage that we have here is that the niche of eatables gives us various different fun types of brand marks to create. For example, if you are drawing a brand mark for a restaurant, your task becomes so well defined that you can concentrate on a given area of the niche. With innovative and creative thinking you can use the negative space to say positive things about your business.

If you must have noticed, that cooking and eating is not only passion now, it has become some kind of art, skills, and creativity. Cooking is also a challenge, and it requires great skills and creativity to develop great taste and the appearance that appeals. There are a hundred ways of serving a single dish. The serving and garnishing can be simple or really extravagant. Depending on all these things, if you are creating a brand mark for a company or a restaurant, it must be very lively and colorful.

Let’s take an example of a pet food logo. There are so many options for you. You could either use the illustration of a dog, a bowl filled with dog food, or a dog feeding in his food bowl. You could also use the face of a happy dog. People who keep pets love them so much that they always want to see them happy and satisfied. Therefore, in your pictorial illustration if you use the face of a happy pet, the customer will be enticed to buy thinking that may be his pet will be very happy if it eats this.

There are certain elements that contribute in the share of a brand marks success.
The first is the name of the brand. The name should be very attractive, easy to pronounce and easy to remember. It should not be very lengthy, and should relate to the type of dishes or the environment.

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