Friday, June 3, 2011

Four Must Use Ideas To Come Up With The Creative Logo Design

Do you want to create the best logo design?

You don’t have enough money in your pocket and your business needs a unique identity so that you can at least make some money out of it. What should you do now?

First off, see how much you can spend on this corporate identity for even if you try thousand times, you cannot come up with a brand mark the way professional can do. Now, the thing that you should do is to check your pocket, there are thousands of online graphic design companies that are not only affordable but good as well. Even if they are not good, you can deliver them creative ideas to be used in the corporate identity.

Lets discuss some ideas that you can use in your corporate identity:

1-Use of negative space:

Negative space is an effective use of white space. Graphic designer use it to create immensely creative and unique ideas. Oftentimes, logos are only made of white and black color so interestingly that one cannot take his eyes of it.
But not everyone can make a good use of white color for it requires extra amount of expertise and genius to use it. Therefore, make sure that the graphic design service or designer you are going knows a good use of it.

2-Use of 3D images:

3D is in. You can make a good use of 3D effects and images if you really want to leave a good touch to it. Today most of the graphic designer is using this technique to make a simple logo look more attractive and unique. A survey has shown that a normal eye looks for a longer time of 3D image then an ordinary logo image.

3-Use of shadows:

Shadows make a creative logo design look more interesting and alluring. You can simply use the initials of your company name or its full name with a shadow in the background to give a more sophisticated touch to it. That way, you will not only show the seriousness of your business but how decent and sophisticated you are.

4-Hidden messages:

You can use various techniques to show hidden messages so that a viewer spends a considerable time to solve the puzzle. This will memorize the logo in his minds and that will be good thing for your brand. You can not only play around with shapes but numbers as well. Search on Google to dig out various ideas for using hidden messages.

Therefore, the more you will search, the more you will get ideas to draw your future brand recognition device.

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