Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Lance Logo Designer – Are They Blessing Or A Curse For Business Owners?

What makes a logo designer the best? How about finding the best graphic designer? Is freelancer a better option than a graphic design company?

The debate goes on and one of freelance graphic designing because with many advantages, there are disadvantages as well. You cannot ignore these facts so if you are start up business owner and want one corporate identity for your business but running out of your official money than free lance logo designer will come as a blessing for you.

But is he really a blessing, you ask?

1-He is not there with you:

Can you reach out to him when needed? No!

There is no way you can tell where he is and what he is doing with your money and logo. On the other hand, a professional graphic design company is there all the time to provide support if their clients need.

2-He can run away any moment:

The biggest downside of getting things done online is that you have to pay your hard won bucks beforehand receiving a product. This lowers the overall credibility of online shopping and also of freelance graphic designers.

3-No guarantee:

Who’s going to take his guarantee? You are paying him blindfolded with no idea what will happen next. Therefore, the best way to deal with it is to see if they have a sturdy online presence or not.

4-He can be an amateur:

As indicated earlier, nobody can guarantee him therefore; one cannot say that if he is an amateur or an expert. You cannot see him and meet face-to-face which can increases the chances of online fraud.

5-They don’t offer packages:

You approached him and he told you the amount you are going to pay of the corporate identity. That’s it! You don’t get a chance to select a package as per you own business and budget requirements.

6-No customer support:

A professional graphic design service will be there for you 24/7, therefore the customer support will be commendable. On the other hand, free lance logo designers would most probably be sleeping at night and so won’t give you proper customer support.

7-Not registered:

Some of the freelance graphic designers are no doubt registered and working professionally but majority of them are not. Here, the question arises whose going to take their responsibility, you?

Therefore, you cannot just go and hire a free lance graphic designer without getting the knowledge about them and if you do that you will be destroying your own self and business with your hand hands.

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