Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Should You Use Psd Or Bmp File Format For You New Brand Mark Identity?

Do you know which file type should be used for which kind of file? What is the best way to find out the answer to this question?

Well, there are hundreds of file formats that are being used by common people and professional graphic designers but most of the time, due to lack of information, one ends up on file formats that is totally unsuitable for the file a person is using.

Basic purpose of a file format is to get it recognized and read by a particular browser, software or application. There are so many qualities and features of these file formats like JPEG can offer more than 16 million color pallets while other cannot.

We are thus going to discuss two file formats and best suitable instances to use them.


Logo PSD is an acronym for Photoshop document which are often used by professional graphic designers. Files thaLinkt are raster based have lots of layers and different channels created on Photoshop often get saved in this file format. Photoshop is one of the easiest graphic design software that is used by many graphic designers and often people who don’t want to spend their hard won cash on a small brand mark identity. This file format supports almost every image modes including bitmap, RGB, LAB, duotone etc. Photoshop can be a great option if one wants to convert PSD files to TIFF, BMP, PNG etc. PSD is very much suitable for logo designing.


Logo bmp is a bitmap file which is of course known to everyone. It is basically pixel based files. It cannot be an alternative of PSD although Photoshop does support BMP files. You cannot create a logo design on BMP file format because of the fewer features it offers. Bitmap only affirm RGB colors and 1, 4, 8 and 24 bits per channel that is of course very less as compared to the other file formats.

Therefore, bitmap files are only suitable for the pc buttons and icons that are obviously low end art ideas. Due to the low channel support, many of the graphic designers often discard the idea of using Bitmap to create logo design files.

Therefore, bitmap can be only suitable for regular computer users and not the trained graphic designers.

Hence, if you are a graphic designer and want to come up with a brand mark identity then you must seek out knowledge and guidance about different software and their file formats so that you can easily craft a corporate identity. Same advice is for the business owners who want to get their corporate identity.

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