Friday, May 6, 2011

Harsh Realities About Do It Yourself Free Logo Creator!

The right path has always been bumpy and full of hurdles while wrong path always attracts people towards itself. That’s the beauty of a wrong path but in the end, the person has to face the fire eventually. So why not take the bumpy road, which is of course the right one!

Similarly when one wants to get his/her brand mark identity, especially the one who just tipped his toes in the business world, he will always go for the wrong path – the free logo creator!

What’s logo creator all about?

Its nothing but a software that has a load of clipart compositions which are presented to the user again and again in different forms. Chances are that you may encounter the same designs as well. Google free logo maker and you may bump into various so called free flash driven websites.

You may love the option, “FREE” but that’s just a link bait idea. It has nothing to do with the real cost of it. So in the end, you will be required to pay 39$, 59$ or even 99$ to own the software. Is it a good idea to throw your future brand recognition device down the drain by paying a handsome amount?

Do you know?

Your competitor might be using it as well which may end up on a similar corporate identities. If he is a stingy hoarder of the possessions then he is sure to be using free logo software and who knows how many business owners are using it. Won’t it be funny, one day you come across hundreds of similar looking logos in the market.

That said; free is just the link bait idea. It has nothing to do with the actual price. You may actually pay the price of it in the end. For real, you are paying a price to get clipart composition which you can get for free. Think about it!

You can’t claim the rights! You won’t get the rights of your logo design, thus, you cannot sue any company for stealing your idea just like the way Apple does every once in a while. That makes sense as well for it is no way your idea, my dear!

If the idea of free logo creator online was so great, there wouldn’t have been any graphic design institutes in town. There would be no signs of professional graphic designers but that’s not the case today. Just Google it and you will find thousands of custom logo design companies offering different price and packages.

The bottom-line:

The final catch here is to understand what are the implications of getting a brand mark identity that is way too superior to anything for free? Can your corporate image be for free?

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