Monday, May 2, 2011

Eight Important Features That You Should Know About Logo Jpg File Format

Every person who knows a little about computer usage will be familiar with JPEG or JPG file format. Due to its user-friendliness, this file format is not only supported by every single computer user but also big and professional names in graphic design industry.

The reason is that their clients can easily get access to their logo designs. Logo jpg is an acronym for joint photographic expert group which has created the standard and maintained it in spite of so many kinds of file formats being used today. Still nobody can underestimate the power of this particular file format.
It offers the following basic facilities to its users which gives it an edge over the other file formats.

1-JPEG supports more than 16.7 million colors that are enough for any user to get a picture perfect image. Basically, this file format was introduced to cater photographic images.

2-It is capable of storing 24 bits-per-pixel which is again enough to ensure a great quality picture.

3-It can be the best option to compress full color or grey-scale images especially graphic images.

4-JPEG is very unique from the aspect that it compresses the images based on human eye requirements.

5-It offers large compression ratios which are very good for transferring the files easily.

6-You may be not required to edit the pictures before printing which is again the best quality of logo jpeg.

7-It is one of the most common file formats that are being used. Therefore, it is supported by almost every graphic design software, web applications and browsers which makes it even easier for people to use it.

8-Only joint photographic expert group can offer three different file formats and that are:

Baseline( Standard):

This file format is recognized and supported by almost every web browser


Better compression with properly optimized colors renders this file format an edge over the others.


This file format creates a file that is gradually displayed as the downloading continues. Therefore, it looks as if the image is downloading much faster than the other file format versions.

There are some disadvantages as well that this little file extension brings with it such as lossy compression in which some form of original data is discarded.
Therefore, it is essential that one knows his or own requirements and decide the file extension on the basis of them so that he doesn’t face any problem in the end. It is said that JPEG file formats are best suitable for photographic images while other file formats like GIF would be more suitable for images involving sharp curves.

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