Thursday, May 5, 2011

Five Points That Will Turn You against The Word, “FREE”

Have you just launched your new e-business and now want a logo for your corporate website?

You told this to your friend and he suggested you to get your brand mark identity with the help of free logo creator software. You got very excited with the idea of getting it for free. If this story resembles yours then you need to read this article carefully before you make any final decision.
It can be very fruitful for you on short term basis but in a long run, you will have to face the fire. Let’s shed some light on the negative aspect of free logo creator software.

1-You can’t claim the rights:
You cannot claim the rights and you know that. Just like the way you cannot claim right of the dress design which is now copied by your friend, you cannot claim the rights of the logo made with the help of clipart.

2-It is free now but can cost you high in a long run:

As indicated earlier, you can get it free of cost but what can you do with a brand mark identity created with a pre-fabricated clipart designs. If you are so much in love with clipart then get them free of cost from Microsoft word or PowerPoint.

3-They are obsolete and old:

Who knows when the clipart images were last updated? You might be using three years old images that might be used by thousands of startup business owners now. So you are not only using old and obsolete images but that are used by thousands of other business owners. Ask yourself; is this a good bargain for your business?

4-Zilch creativity:

Its not a human who could use creative ideas but is a program that cannot do anything on its own. You have to instruct it to deliver you a logo. It has no mind of its own so how on earth, it will be able to deliver you some creative ideas.

5-They are not legal:

They are not legal because why any developer or company would serve you for something free. They are doing business and so they want profit out of it. For this, they restrict the features and time trails so that you can force them to buy in the end. Many advertisements come as well with it so that they can make business out of it.

Therefore, they above five points that can be detrimental for your corporate identity are enough to convince you that getting a brand mark from free logo generator are a very bad idea.

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