Sunday, May 22, 2011

8 Simple Steps OF Designing The Perfect And Worthwhile Logo Design Website

Are you new to the logo designing business and trying to design your own website?

What are the main constitutes that a good logo design website should have to make it look professional and appealing?

For a logo design firm that has online presence, it is very important to design it just the right way so that it is attractive, informative and reflects a positive image of your business. When a potential customer visits your website, he should be able to trust your business easily.

So; how to create the perfect website for your logo design business?

Here are the following things that a good logo design website must have:

Overview of the company:

Even a one pager on the background of the company; its vision and values will make it easier for the customer to know you. Remember, the customer trusts you with its brand’s value and he will not give you business unless he feels that he can trust you. Through this page, show your customer what a compassionate, innovative yet professional company you are.

Sample portfolio:

Give a wide range of some of the projects that you’ve worked on in the past or are working on. Make sure you put only the best samples and that the portfolio caters to a wide range of different fields of business. This will give the customer a clear view of your innovative side.

A good range of logo design packages:

Make sure that the packages you offer cater to a wide range of companies, from the smallest to the largest. That way you are increasing your target market. Start the lowest package with competitive prices and features and then work your way up.

A customer testimonial/feedback area:

Are you confident enough in your work? Then, keep this as an open forum for the customers to post their feedback. Trust me; this is the first section that a potential client will want to visit if he is interested in doing business with you.

Easy contact details:

Providing just a simple email address is not enough. If you really want to capture a client, then why not give a 24/7 toll free number as well so that the customer can reach you whenever he wants. You can also provide an online query or complain form to make the contact process easier. Also commit to your turnaround time to acknowledging the customers query or complaint; how efficiently you get back to the customer with a solution will make or break the deal. Most of the clients judge a logo design firm with how well they treat the clients on their first contact. So better take care of that part.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the usual queries that a potential client may ask you? Why not list them down with answers to make the customers and your life easier. This saves time on both the parts.

And easy guideline to how the whole logo designing process works:

You can provide a step by step process here as to how the logo designing process works; from the creative brief to the final delivery and payment process. This helps avoid confusion for the client later.

And of course terms and conditions to protect your business:

Mention the privacy policy, the copy right issues and warranties here. This is one of the most important parts of the website as clearing mentioning the terms and conditions will help you avoid potential legal issues in the future.

Hence, if your logo design website has these constitute, then it is catering to the masses. And that increases the logo design company’s chances to get a potential customer.

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