Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Is The Cost Of Hiring Business Logo Designers?

Budget is the only thing that matters when one go out on shopping. Similarly, you have to keep in mind your budget as well when you are shopping for a corporate identity. People often believe that if they won’t store millions dollars for a corporate identity, they won’t get a good return.

That is not the case actually!

You can get an amazing brand mark identity even in 10 bucks because it depends on the sheer creativity that a graphic designer posses. If I say that you have to be lucky to get a standout brand mark identity then I wouldn’t be wrong.

Business logo designers or services may charge you differently which may be in accordance with their market reputation. Lets examine them according
Large agencies:

They may charge in between $ 25,000 to $50, 000 just for a logo design. Can you believe it? You must have fallen off from your chair but let me inform you that there are many reasons of charging higher than you expect. The reasons may be:

1-Big market reputation
2-Big graphic designer team working behind the scenes which means many creative minds working on the same project that will obviously result into a great brand mark identity.
3-Unlimited revisions are one of the best policies that big logo design agencies are providing these days. As they are charging much, client has every right to change the design as per their own requirements.
Mid size agencies:

They are especially aimed at catering small businesses, therefore, business owners who doesn’t have that much money in their pocket always go with this option. They can charge somewhere in between $59 to $1000. The best thing about them is that they offer various logo design packages to provide convenience for their clients. They can select whatever package they find suitable for their business logo requirements. Most of the times, big companies also approach them to get their big brand marks because of the convenience they renders.
Small companies:

You can expect a single graphic designer working on more than two or three projects at a time. That way, chances are very few of getting a unique corporate identity not only because of a single graphic designer working on this project but also due to his divided attention on different projects. These companies don’t mind taking many projects at a time, no matter, if they have resources or not to deal with the situation. Small company logo designers or services can start off with minimum $ 10, cheap isn’t it?

Thereby, you can now decide on your own which way to go!

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